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     My name is Kasey Hayes and this is my son Jesse Hayes.  Jesses is a 6 year old 1st grader, he loves his kitten and family and attends Harborview Elementary in Huntington Beach, Ca. with his sister. Jesse was a preemie.  Right from birth this sweet little guy has had a rough start. In his first two years of life Jesse had several surgeries. He has been on several medications his entire life. Currently Jesse is in need of a Neuro Psychiatric evaluation to help his Neurologist understand and treat his Epilepsy and developmental regression. Neither our Insurance co nor any state funded program will cover this treatment. We are reaching out to our community for help. Any donation be it monetary or product, clothing, gift cert, etc. is appreciated (every bit counts even the smallest amounts). We are putting together a benefit concert where we will raffle off the products donated. This could be an opportunity for your business to really be a part of helping a child and also a tax right off for the end of the year. Please consider helping Jesse!!!!!The email provided is linked to a paypal account that has been set up for Jesse. You can make an anonymous donation! Please contact me Kasey Hayes @

714-423-1700 / kaseyh2011@hotmail.com for any questions!!!!!

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