Jeffrey Baldwin Memorial

Honouring the memory of a vulnerable child who deserved so much more than what he got.

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Stretch Goal! We exceeded $25,000 which is an amazing amount of money to raise in less than 60 days. This also spanned the challenging Christmas holidays and a crippling Ice Storm in Toronto. Well done everybody! If we can get to $29,000 we will be able to cover the remaining costs such as transporting a 700 pound statue and renting equipment to lift it into place, plus pouring the cement pad the monument will rest on.   There is still lots of room on Jeffrey's monument to have your name immortalized in bronze!  

Jeffrey is the five-year-old Toronto boy who died of pneumonia, septic shock and starvation at the hand of his maternal grandparents, who had been named his guardians. When he died 2 months before he was to turn six, he was a mere 21 pounds — about as much as he weighed on his first birthday.

Locked in his unheated room for up to 14 hours a day, left to sit in his own waste, deprived of food, made to feel worthless as a human being. Jeffrey was so severely starved, that in the last few days of his short life he didn't have the strength to lift his own head.  His siblings were conditioned to call him "pig" and he was forced to drink from the toilet. The last night of his life, he could be heard weeping before his suffering came to a tragic end.

Dr. Stanley Zlotkin, a leading researcher in paediatric nutrition at Toronto's Sick Children's Hospital who examined Jeffrey's body, testified that he was shocked at Jeffrey's condition and stated Jeffrey's case was "worse than anything I have ever seen in my research, or work in Africa.”

When Jeffrey was a toddler, before he was taken from his parents, he was very energetic and loved Superman, jumping off chairs trying to fly. Our mission is to raise funds in order to erect a life size bronze memorial statue in the image of Jeffrey wearing his Superman costume. 

Jeffrey's statue will be constructed in a manner to allow children to interact with. This will in a sense, allow children to play with Jeffrey, a neglected, abused child that was prevented from having any friends to play with himself during his short life. Jeffrey was a vulnerable little boy who deserved so much more than what he got.  Our statue will honour Jeffrey, a boy who never had a chance to grow up.

This memorial will become a centrepiece tribute within Greenwood Park, Toronto.  It will be a symbol to everyone about how important it is to be diligent about reporting suspected instances of child abuse to prevent another needless death such as Jeffrey's.

We hope that many of you who are made aware of this important project will be able to provide some financial assistance. All donations, be they of small or large amounts, will assist us in our mission of erecting a Memorial statue to honour forgotten, neglected children whose tiny voices went unheard.

Artist rendition of what Jeffrey's statue will appear as. Both Jeffrey and the bench will be in bronze. The entire monument will weigh over 700 lbs!

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