Java Based Secure Messenger

Bringing back a sense of security, one step at a time! Conversations are private. Let's leave it that way!
Chris Denczek
Orlando, Florida
United States
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Public Beta Build Attached! (Under the "Gallary" tab)

Video coming soon!

What We're Doing!

Simple! We're writing a groundbreaking messenger, written in Java! We've been working on it for about 3 months, and I think it's time to let the cat out of the bag. 

We currently support text based chat, with HTML formatting, allowing for emotes! Our text chat also has commands available to the host, and other users. This includes, whispering, kicking, banning, opening/closing access to the chat, and many others.

We're currently developing VoIP functionality, allowing for voice chat, and possibly video chat in the near future!

If our goal is met, this program, and all other software we write during this year, will be FREE. We will also make it OPEN SOURCE!

Why such a high goal?

Myself and my main developer need to be able to make enough income to program FULL TIME. We will be cutting corners with our own expenses, and putting as much as possible into the programming assets. We plan to make our goal, mixed with any other private investments/donations, and advertising income, all go towards a year, if not more, of straight development. This will include more programs than simply our messenger, however, we will be primarely focused on it. 

What's so "Groundbreaking" about it?

We're focused at security, portability, and accessibility. Our program implements high encryption and security standards to ensure that your conversations will remain private, between you, and those involved. Our program is lightweight, and currently, condensed into one runable file, that you can use on ANY computer operating system that supports Java 7. This includes Windows, Mac, Linux, CentOS, and others. Running the program is very simple, and depending on your choice of settings, will be quick to get a conversation going. We're also making this possible on your phone, on Android. In the future, we will also be making this available on iOS as well!

In addition to all of those features, our program should ALWAYS work. Let's say, 5 years from now, we abandon it, and stop updating. It'll still work just fine. We don't rely on a huge 3rd party server, like all other messengers. If Microsoft want's to get rid of Skype, they will. And nobody can use it anymore. Nothing would stop the functionality of our program. And in addition. nothing is logging your information. We even give YOU the option to host a large scale server on your own! We have MANY different planned methods of allowing conversations to take place, with OR without port forwarding. 

What about the hard facts/specs?

Our program is written in Java, and will run on any operating system with Java 7 installed. 

Our text chat is using TCP protocol, and is encrypted with a handful of settings at the host's discretion. 

Our encryption is composed of an initial hashed RSA key-pass, with the lengths of 1024, 2048, and 4096 bits. (Soon to be removing 1024 due to some magic tech stuff)

Once the initial connection is made, messages are encrypted with AES encryption, (128, or 256 bit), with CBC, and IV. This is virtually impossible to crack, and is unique per session, based on your previous settings, and is randomly generated. 

Once a message is being sent, it will then be "salted", which is a fancy way of saying, we're making your message even HARDER to decrypt. We allow a custom number of iterations of this "salting".

What about upcoming features?

Currently, we're developing VoIP funtionallity, using speex audio encoding. Speex is very lightweight, and will ensure a high quality conversation, while keeping bandwidth to a minimum!

Other products that use Speex include TeamSpeak, and Google's mobile app on iOS.

We plan to encrypt this feature as well, ensuring there's nobody on the other end listening in on you!

We are also considering adding Video Chat and Screen Sharing, if people want it as much as we think they will. Again, with encryption. 

We will be doing secure file sending/sharing, with, yes, you guessed it. Encryption!

In addition to just simple user features, we do need to make sure that you can talk with people. We will be releasing a Dedicated Server build for those who want to make large hangouts, allowing for channels, ranks, and larger amounts of people. We will also be releasing a "Hub" like program that will be similar to the Dedicated Server build, but will be purely for allowing you to communicate with others connected to the same "Hub" without any form of port forwarding. This will simply be used for relaying messages, and for seeing who is currently online in any of the "Hubs" you're connected to. 

What's your motive for this?

As young programmers, we strive to make a career out of programs like this. We love what we're doing, and we hope to be able to do it for a living. Being young, you won't get much recognition unless you make something amazing. 

We were working with networking, and writing a simple messenger for our own personal use, to strive away from Skype's high demand on our CPU, RAM, and bandwidth. A few days into it, Edward Snowden started leaking  information on the NSA's snooping, and we thought this would be a great direction to steer our program. People have been upset for years about companies snooping in on their personal data, and using/selling it for greedy corporate purposes. The NSA was just the straw that broke the camel's back, and many were outraged. 

Now, we want to bring back a sense of privacy when it comes to your conversations. 

Who are you trying to appeal to?

We're trying to appeal to a wide range of users. We've got everywhere from the tech savvy user, to the casual user. Those who are tech savvy and want to keep their data secure, or have a few secrets can easily utilize our program to keep their information safe. 

On the other hand, we've got a great scenario that applies to anyone. You're using public WiFi, and you don't want anyone snooping in on your conversations. People are able to intercept data being sent over the air (or even on a public wired network) and read all of it. With our program, your data will get to it's destination safe, and all the pesky hacker would be able to see, is a bunch of useless random data, that would take many many lifetimes to get into (approx 77 Trillion Years according to security specialists). 

What's this funding going to go towards?

Any funding we receive will be used for the following things:
-Product Licensing
-Product Advertising
-Product Testing
-Backend Servers (Updates and Public Relay Hubs)
-iOS/Android Development
-Graphic/Web Development and Design
-Feeding The Devs! (We want to do this FULL TIME. We need to eat! We're human)
-Any Additional Development Assets (Hardware/Services)

We plan for this money to keep us above the water, working on this program for the 1 year. A lot can happen in one year, and we hope to have most, if not all of our planned features implemented!

You said you were young. How can we trust the quality of your work?

Yes, I'm 18, and my main developer is 17. We both have years of experience with programming. 

I've been programming in a multitude of languages since I was 11. My father is a Windows programmer, specializing in multimedia, and he was the reason I got into programming. I've worked in .Net, C#, HTML, php, AJAX, and more. Plus, the most recent language, Java. 

Outside of programming, I've worked with video and audio for quite some time. I'm certified in Photoshop, by Adobe. As is my main developer. 

And aside from our experience, we take pride in our work. We strive to be the best! We would be ashamed to release a program that was faulty, or didn't live up to it's expectations. 

Disclaimer: I do not in any way own Java, or it's icon, property of Oracle. The images used are not owned by myself, and are purely to convey the fact that we are using Java as our programming language. 

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