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Jar Juicer is a citrus juicer that works with any wide-mouth mason jar! BPA-Free, Dishwasher Safe, Patent Pending, and will be Made in Detroit, Michigan, USA!
Jar Juicer
Detroit, Michigan
United States
2 Team Members


Jar Juicer 

  - As seen in: 


The Juicer for a Jar! 

Jar Juicer works with any wide-mouth mason / canning jar. Simply remove the lid, and replace the inner disc with Jar Juicer. Use the threaded band to secure it in place, and you are ready to start juicing!


Two-sided Design

Jar Juicer features a two-sided design, allowing you to juice with one side, then flip it over to drink or pour out of the other, making it ideal for juicing at home or on the go!

Jar Juicer has been engineered to avoid spillage while juicing. It's perfect for most small to mid-sized oranges, and also works great for smaller citrus fruits like lemons or limes! 

Additional Features:

  • BPA-Free
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Made in Detroit, Michigan, USA
  • Patent Pending


A citrus juicer for a mason jar just makes sense!

(well, it doesn't just make sense... it also makes juice, of course, but you know what we mean)

Here's why: 

1 - Mason jars offer a stable juicing experience. Securing Jar Juicer in place with the threaded lid band of the mason jar allows one hand to hold the jar and the other hand to press the orange.

2 - Mason jars have measurement lines built right into them. Juicing with Jar Juicer allows you to see exactly how much juice you've squeezed.

3 - Mason jars are great for storing fresh juice, and are the storage container of choice for the juicing community. Jar Juicer allows you to juice directly into your storage container.

4 - Many people regularly drink out of mason jars. Jar Juicer allows you to juice directly into the glass that you will use to drink out of. 

5 - Mason jars are durable and portable, making them great for taking beverages on the go. Jar Juicer allows you to turn oranges into juice, just about anywhere.  

Backer Perks

Our Funding Goal

Our goal for this campaign is $5,000. 

This is the absolute minimum that we still need to raise in order to make Jar Juicer a reality. Any additional funds raised will be extremely beneficial to ensuring a smooth and efficient backer fulfillment process, and the ongoing development of our business beyond the campaign.

We have elected a "Flexible" funding campaign because if we fall short of the funding goal, we plan to assess all reasonable options for alternatively raising the balance needed. If we are unable to secure the total funds required for production and fulfillment, we promise to return all campaign proceeds to our backers.

Use of Funds

  • Fabrication of Production Molds
  • Test Run of Jar Juicers for Quality Assurance 
  • Production Run of Jar Juicers
  • Product Packaging 
  • Shipping / Fulfillment


Squeezed in Detroit!

Jar Juicer is a product of Detroit, Michigan.  As proud supporters of our city and state, we have tried to remain as local as possible throughout the development process.  We intend to further this commitment by partnering with a Detroit-based injection-molded plastics company for all of our production needs. 

Here's a list of the people and companies that have helped bring Jar Juicer to this point:

   Brian - Inventor & Chief Jar Juicer  : /briankcurtis

   Doug - Inventive Products LLC : Product / CAD Design : inventive-products.com

   Larry - ProtoJet : Rapid Prototyping : protojet.com

   Gary - Do All Plastic Inc : Production : doallplastic.com

   Joe - 4Front Manufacturing : Development / Production Consultant : 4frontmfg.com

   Chris - Falkowski PLLC : Patent Attorney : falkowskipllc.com

   Paul - PS Designs : Photography / Design Consultant : designsbyps.com

   Bamboo Detroit : Jar Juicer HQ : bamboodetroit.com


The Jar Juicer Story

Let's just say, I have a thing for mason jars...  (yes, juicy pun intended)

My introduction to the mason jar came via my grandmother, an avid canner. From salsas to pickles, and just about everything in-between, seldom is a visit to grandma's house that doesn't involve something being served out of a jar. While not a canner myself, for years I have found various uses for mason jars, mostly as containers for things like loose change, pens / pencils, miscellaneous hardware, puppy food, etc. 

When planning a wedding with a woman who shared my appreciation for jars, as you can imagine, we found all sorts of ways to incorporate one or two (okay, more like one or two hundred...). 

To this day, my preferred jar use is for beverages. There is just something about a wide-mouth mason jar that makes for the perfect vessel to hold a drink, whether it's coffee, tea, soda, an adult beverage, or even a plain glass of water. For this reason, we've got a cabinet full of them. 

A couple years ago, my wife and I purchased a big fancy industrial-style juicer. While great for liquefying all sorts of fruits and vegetables into delicious concoctions, we found the results were not quite the same when it came to orange juice. Since there is nothing quite like a glass of fresh hand-squeezed orange juice, we went out and bought a citrus juicer and all was well again.  

Now, it might make for a good story to say that Jar Juicer was conceived while drinking that first jar of orange juice we made, but this is simply not the case. Looking back, it's remarkable to think of how many times I drank orange juice out of a jar prior to coming up with the idea.  In fact, the Jar Juicer light bulb went off, not over a jar of juice, but while sitting in my office at work (in fairness, I do keep a mason jar on my desk).  

When the idea hit me, my immediate inclination was to simply go online and buy a juicer for a jar, as I assumed someone had certainly thought of this before. To my surprise, I was wrong. My initial feeling was actually one of disappointment (I really wanted a Jar Juicer). That quickly changed, however, to one of opportunity, as I decided it was something I needed to pursue.  In the weeks and months that followed, the design took shape:

Project Status / Risk Disclosure

We have worked for the last several months to get as far along in the process as possible, in an effort to mitigate, as best as possible, the inherent risks associated with any business venture. We have dotted our "i"s and crossed our "t"s to ensure our ability to meet the expectations of our backers.

At this point, design and development of the product are complete, and we are very close to finalizing our product packaging plans. We have worked with our manufacturer to identify the exact materials needed and they are prepared to begin the production process as soon as we give the green light.

The only items that are not entirely under our control at this point are:

Capital - Our funding goal of $5,000 is the absolute minimum that we still need to raise in order to to pay for the necessary molds to be fabricated, and the first production run of Jar Juicers to be shot. If we fall short of our funding needs, we will assess all reasonable options for alternatively raising any remaining balance. 

If we are unable to secure the total funds required for production and fulfillment, we promise to return all campaign proceeds to our backers. 

Production / Fulfillment Timeline - We estimate backer fulfillment to be completed within 60 - 90 days of the completion of the campaign. The decision to produce Jar Juicer locally allows us much more involvement and oversight in the process. The ability to simply drive over to the manufacturing facility before, during, or after a production run ensures that we can quickly address any problems that arise. It also offers us much more control over the fulfillment timeline, as we do not have to worry about freight, customs, or other various issues that outsourcing production can often entail. That being said, unforeseen issues related to the molds, machinery, materials, etc., could occur that might have implications on the fulfillment timeline. 

We promise to provide our backers with ongoing updates regarding project status, any issues or delays we may encounter, and how we plan to overcome them.


We Need Your Help!

We have come quite a long way to get to this point, but our dream of bringing Jar Juicer to the world requires all the help we can get. Check out our social media pages and PLEASE Like, Add, Follow, Pin, and Share Jar Juicer with everyone you can!

Thank You!

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This campaign ended on April 18, 2014
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    Jar Juicing Kit

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    Jar Juicer - Family 3-Pack

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  • $96USD
    Jar Juicer - Retail Pack

    Become a Jar Juicer retail partner! Receive 24 Jar Juicers at a cost of just $3.50 each, ready to sell at our MSRP of $7.99! Rate includes $12 domestic shipping charge. Only available in the U.S.

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