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Making music more accessible than ever before. Learn, Play, Create. Don't just play guitar, PLAY MUSIC!
Christopher Heille
Minneapolis, Minnesota
United States
4 Team Members


“The surprisingly small and light JamStik is, in short, one of the coolest things I’ve seen at CES TODAY.” -John Biggs, Techcrunch.com

“JamStik modernizes guitar-playing for the smartphone age.” -Josephine Yang, The Daily Californian

“The JamStik is cool-as-hell... Turn your iPad into a real instrument.” -John Brownlee, Cultofmac.com

"Whether you are a guitar novice or an expert, the JamStik is designed to give you feedback in real-time. A guitar teacher has always been a crutch for people to learn and improve, but now you can ditch that cost!" -The Crowdfund Mafia


We love music.
We love guitars.

There's something about picking up a guitar and playing that favorite riff or getting lost in the notes of a chord, whether in front of an audience or by yourself in an empty room...

Playing guitar and making music is one of the best experiences in life.


Why does learning guitar have to be such a frustrating experience?

The weeks of practicing things that don't sound like music, the "how do I tune this thing?" The nervous student syndrome in front of a tutor for 30 minutes a week, the scribbled notes on scraps of paper, the cryptic symbols in lesson books, the online and/or "interactive" systems that make corrections after you've already played the wrong notes… That's what we set out to fix. 
Your guitar instructor is probably really smart, but they're not on-call to help you remember that C7 and Cmaj7 are two different chords at 10:30 on a Thursday night. You need a "guitar" that can see what your hands are doing and connects to an app that can not only show you finger positions but can also tell you when you're out of position before you pick the note!  

The JamStik can do that!

What's a JamStik? The JamStik is a portable digital guitar that connects to your iPad or iPhone! We use light to scan your fingers as you press REAL STRINGS to REAL FRETS and use REAL PICKING technique to play, then send that information over to your device in real time to take some of the frustration out of learning to play and put some fun back in! 
Aside from being called "the coolest thing at CES 2013" and heralded as one of PopSci.com's Top 10 Inventions of 2013, the JamStik also works with a whole world of iOS CoreMIDI apps that are already available in the iTunes App Store. Awesome apps like Apple's GarageBand, Moog's Animoog, Korg's iPolysix & iMS-20, Arctic Synth, Sunrizer, the list goes on and on. If it does CoreMIDI, JamStik can control it!
Jamstik Popular Science
Here at Zivix we have created the JamTutor app excusively included with the JamStik that gets you going on the guitar basics and gets you ready to face the bigger world of guitar instruction resources online. JamTutor works as a virtual tutor to confirm or correct your fingering in real time. We also have JamMix - a hybrid guitar/DJ app that can get you started making music anytime, regardless of your skill set. 
Jamstik   JamstikJamstik

Before we forget to mention: 

  • JamStik is 15" long - fits in backpacks, carry-ons, briefcases, courier-bags
  • JamStik's strings don't require tuning - no more "is this in tune or not?" mysteries
  • JamStik makes very little ambient noise - you can practice and play without disturbing others!
  • Rechargable Li-Ion internal battery
All of this means your guitar experiences aren't limited to the traditional obstacles faced by guitar players - anywhere, any time you turn on your iPad you can connect your JamStik and learn, create, explore!
Jamstik   Jamstik

I already have guitars I love, I already know
how to play, others have tried to do what you're claiming to do…

That's awesome! We have guitars we love too, some of us here at Zivix play guitar professionally - and JamStik is still one of our favorite guitar tools! Why? Because there are many places where you have to spend time that a guitar doesn't fit - long van rides to gigs, Seat 8B on a 737, hotel rooms, we could go on and on. What used to be wasted time can now be musically constructive time! 
But the main reason we love the JamStik is - IT WORKS! The technique you use to play your Tele or Les Paul translates back to the JamStik - simple instinctive guitar technique like STRING BENDS - you can do on a JamStik! This is not some goofy membrane/switch/divided-fret device - it's REAL STRINGS, REAL FRETS, for your REAL PLAYING! 
Just in case the whole "MIDI" word threw you for a loop, just remember - this is NOT your uncle's MIDI'd guitar. JamStik works CRAZY FAST to turn what your hands are playing into MIDI so all of the cool options your keyboard playing buddies have had for decades are finally at your disposal too!
Jamstik   Jamstik

The third biggest question we get asked about JamStik is: "are you crowd funding?"

We've loved what other tech developers have been able to do as a result of inviting potential supporters and end users into the process ahead of release, we are hoping for that similar collaborative experience. So here's your chance to join in JamStik's development with us. Here's what we need to do: 

  • Convert our prototype to production-ready models, additional prototype's, final tooling, manufacturing set-up and get all the regulatory approvals (Yes, the engineers that do this stuff don't work for favors. We asked already!).
  • Place our first production orders (we've had overwhelming appeal with so many people, but we need to know how many to make!).
  • Finish making awesome companion apps & spread the word.

And if you’re international, we want your help too… Guitars and music are a global experience, and we will get you JamStiks! We still have a lot to figure out in regards to rights and countries, but it can be done. Look what we've accomplished already! 

Keep in mind, any backers of our Indiegogo project ($175 and up) will receive their Jamstik BEFORE they are available in stores!

Show the world, through your numbers, that you're out there.




“Portable Jamstik from Zivix feels like a real guitar, with strings, frets and MIDI output for connecting to iPad -- great for guitar lessons, practicing on a train, jamming with friends.” -Julie Jacobson, CE Pro

“Relax, elitist musicians. It’s a fun thing. Yes, great, you play guitar. Don’t be a *ick about it.” -Horace Shmorace, MTV Networks

“Considering the ubiquity of electric dance music today, JamStik is a good step toward keeping the guitar musically relevant.” -Andrew Carton, guitarist, Peekamoose Custom Guitars employee

“The revolutionary new JamStik prototype from Zivix is a digital guitar that is stealing the show at CES 2013… Jamstik feels like a real guitar with strings and frets…” -Julie Jacobson, CE Pro





Questions, Comments, Partnerships?

Android Support?

"While the Zivix apps (JamTutor and JamMix) are developed in cross-platform code, Android platform compatibility is driven by hardware and Android's prioritization of MIDI and audio. We love Android and our intent is to fully support Android devices with the same attention and detail we do for iOS, however the reality of devoting resources for developing on Android largely rests on the platform's ability to support audio and MIDI as a prioritized element of their core OS code.

As a MIDI device, JamStik will drive anything on Android as-is, connect it and go. The same for MIDI control in Windows - JamStik is agnostic in regards to platform on it's output.

At current, Windows support for the Zivix apps (JamTutor and JamMix) is also largely a product of hardware and OS limitations. We're working towards finding a Windows solution, but similar to the Android scenario outlined above it's a compromised affair."

Left Handed User Support?

"Currently we are working on solutions for left handed players, but it is a bit more complicated than just flipping strings. The strings of the JamStik are designed to sit in small cradles that allow the JamStik to detect the picking intent of the user. Through lots of testing, we feel it is optimal to create a specific left handed version of the Jamstik that will require more time to develop after we have shipped the right handed version.

All future updates regarding left handed Jamstik development will be posted on our indiegogo campaign. So make sure to follow or support us."

International Orders?

"PLEASE REMEMBER - This Indiegogo campaign is for US consumers only.

We will be expanding internationally later in 2014, and as soon as we are able to support/ship to/sell in your country/region, we will make the announcements here and on our jamstik.com website. Thanks again for your support!"


For any other questions please check out our full FAQ section, or drop us an email at info@zivix.net. Thanks for checking out the Jamstik! Please consider sharing our campaign and spreading your excitement using our various social media buttons.

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    $25 Coupon + FREE T-SHIRT + Founders Page + Updates! As a thank you for your $25 contribution we’ll send you a $25 COUPON towards the future purchase of a JamStik upon release; Redeemable at JamStik.com. PLUS get a FREE exclusive JamStik backer T-SHIRT, YOUR NAME posted on our Founders Page at JamStik.com, and exclusive updates. Join our Revolution.

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    $50 Coupon + FREE T-shirt + FREE Poster + FREE Sticker + Founders Page + Updates! Spend $50, receive a $50 COUPON towards the future purchase of a JamStik upon release; Redeemable at JamStik.com. PLUS we’ll send you a FREE backer T-SHIRT, 12.25 x 17.25 high-gloss founders POSTER, large JamStik STICKER, YOUR NAME posted on our Founders Page at JamStik.com, and exclusive updates.

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  • $250USD
    Sizzling 4th of July Offer!

    THIS WEEK ONLY! Save $50 and claim your JamStik plus get an exclusive Made in the USA founders Edition T-Shirt, special updates, and your name on the Founders Page at JamStik.com. Offer Ends 7-9-2013 (JamStik MSRP will be $299)

    36 claimed
    Estimated delivery: December 2013
  • $299USD
    Exclusive Package

    Own An Exclusive 1st Edition Numbered JamStik Includes the following bundled items: Extra Battery Custom JamStik insignia Pick's Exclusive Backers poster $100 Gift Certificate for that special someone applied to a future purchase of the JamStik, redeemable only from jamstik.com.

    63 out of 100 claimed
    Estimated delivery: December 2013
  • $449USD

    Own 2 JamStiks + 2 VIP Tickets! Includes 2 JAMSTIKS and the "PLATINUM" package plus 2 VIP TICKET’S to our OFFICIAL product RELEASE PARTY here in Minneapolis, Minnesota where we plan to rent out an exclusive venue downtown and JAM late in to the evening! This is your chance to meet the developers, hear behind the scenes stories and ideate on future plans!

    5 out of 25 claimed
    Estimated delivery: December 2013
  • $1,990USD

    Own 10 Exclusive Numbered Editions Includes a JAMSTIK and the "PLATINUM" package plus 9 ADDITIONAL JamStiks for a total of 10 JamStiks. Your generosity is greatly appreciated, YOU ROCK! Start a band or give the gift of music to someone special.

    3 claimed
    Estimated delivery: December 2013
  • $7,500USD

    Own a JamStik Prototype NOW + BETA Test! Includes the "VIP" package plus the infamous MR. TWISTY, our oldest working JamStik prototype still used for testing today. We’ll SEND you Mr. Twisty IMMEDIATELY after this campaign to not only get your hands on a JamStik 5 months before anyone else but also BETA TEST our JamStik companion apps and receive a DEVELOPER CREDIT as a part of our team.

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    Estimated delivery: July 2013
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