James Newman's HOLY ROLLERS

A Short Film based on James Newman's critically acclaimed short story.
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  • $10USD
    Bless You

    A 'Thank You' on our official website and on our Facebook page. Your contribution is greatly appreciated. Consider it your tithing for the week!

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  • $25USD
    "Beasts of the Field"

    With this contribution level you will receive a 'Special Thanks' in the closing credits, a signed mini-movie poster (11x14), a link to a password-protected digital download of the film upon its festival release, and the aforementioned perk.

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  • $40USD
    Deliverance Ministry

    This contribution gets you a signed copy of the script, a 'Special Thanks' in the closing credits, a signed mini-movie poster (11x14), a link to a password-protected digital download of the film upon its festival release, and a 'Thank You' on our website/Facebook.

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  • $50USD
    New Age - the DVD package

    This contribution gets you an autographed limited-edition first fun of the DVD/Blu-Ray (your choice) of the film and an autographed Cast & crew photograph, along with all of the aforementioned perks.

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  • $75USD
    Garments of Faith

    Take those blasphemous rags off and throw on the official James Newman's HOLY ROLLERS t-shirt. You'll also receive an autographed copy of one of James Newman's novels (your choice), along with the aforementioned perks.

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  • $100USD
    Hundred-fold Blessing

    With this perk you will receive a very-limited-edition copy of HOLY ROLLERS: THE FILM EDITION, a book that contains both the original short story and the filming script. This book will also contain exclusive behind-the-scenes photos, a new preface by author/screenwriter James Newman, and a foreword by director Kevin Woods. This limited edition will be signed by the author and director.

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  • $150USD
    Five-fold Ministry

    You are an Associate Producer! With this credit you will get five (5) copies of the film on DVD/Blu-Ray (your choice), a prop from the film, plus all of the aforementioned perks.

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  • $250USD
    Evangelistic Crusade

    With this perk you will have a character named after you in an upcoming work from James Newman! Be forever immortalized in print as the inspiration for the character that bears your namesake! These are limited, so get 'em while you can! You will also be in the film (contributor must provide own transportation and lodging if necessary). You will receive all of the aforementioned perks as well.

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    Signs & Wonders

    Only two of these available. This gets you an opening and closing credit Executive Producer listing, all of the above perks, plus some extra special goodies reserved for our two Executive Producers! Trust us, it's worth it!

    2 out of 2 claimed

  • $1,000USD
    Eternal Companion

    You will receive 1 copy of every book James Newman publishes for life. This will include one edition of every chapbook, every novella, every novel released after the film wraps, for the author's lifetime (*excludes Lettered editions). Plus all of the aforementioned perks!

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