Jalousier adds your blinds to the IoT

Clips onto existing venetians and automatically adjusts slats according to the weather, room temperature and lighting conditions. Wi-Fi and ZigBee connectivity.

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Jalousier will..

..wake you up in the morning naturally with the sunshine

..give your pets and plants enough sunshine or save them from overheating when you are at work

..tell you when to look outside

..open and close blinds itself keeping up your comfort level of temperature and light

..save your kids and pets from strangling in the loop of cords

..bring in more natural daylight in your home

..make you forget about adjusting blinds forever

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How to install

Installing Jalousier is as easy as 1-2-3 and includes a simple Wi-Fi set up. It also detaches easily. The portability of the unit makes it perfect for the renter’s market, as it moves when you move.

Jalousier dimensions are 6.6 X2.1 X 1.5 inch (170 X 53 X 40 mm). You can download a Paper Model of Jalousier here  and see how it matches your blinds and interior. 
You can  VIEW in 3D

See how it works 

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Meet the TEAM: Effort, enthusiasm and friendly faces.

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Since December, 2013 Jalousier has been a registered Limited Liability Company based in Bulgaria.

Our family team managed to get to this point where you find us now. We already got your attention and are ready to provide a finished product ready to go into production, not a DIY concept.

Where did the idea come from?

The idea came quite naturally. After living in a sunny apartment, we noticed there are many benefits to having an apartment with several windows. By relying on the Sun's rays to warm our apartment, we reduced our dependency on electric heat. Using the sun's natural light meant that we didn't need to use our switch lights as often. We were saving energy and money, but we were spending a great deal of time adjusting the 12 windows with 12 venetian blinds several times a day. It was a real hassle, so we took to the Internet to find a product to meet our needs. We learned that no such product existed... yet. That's when we realized there is a smart solution to our problem. And the Jalousier was born. 


First off, special thanks to people who are helping us bring Jalousier to life: Leo Marose (advice and marketing consulting), voice-over and proofreading professionals on fiverr.com.

Special thanks for everyone who showed an inspiring interest in Jalousier at this early stage!

We also wish to thank our parents because they believe in us.


For any inquiries, send us an email at hello@jalousier.com.  

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Ask us anything on Reddit: http://redd.it/1yc6e3


Q: How loud is the motor in DB? I don’t see(hear) anything the the videos to indicate this.

A: There is practically no noise, <40 Db. We will use the same motor as the one swinging slat in AC unit.

Q: I have only a few Venetian blinds. But mostly roller blinds with the simple cord that you just rotate. Is jalousier able to control those at all? Or just Venetians only?

A: We have developed Jalousier for venetians (evergeen type of blinds) only, as actually the idea was born when we got tired of adjusting 12 venetians in our apartment several times a day. We do have a design concept for roller blinds, as they are even simplier in operation. The software part will remain practically the same. So, we hope to develop Jalousier for roller blinds in the nearest future, mostly depending on how this campaign goes. 

Q: I’d recommend integrating some sort of solar panel, so that maybe you can use rechargeable batteries…which would then last longer.

A:Thank you for the reasonable recommendation! Actually we are now looking for a suitable solar panel to provide an potion of chargind rechargeable batteries with solar panel. We are working on this question, keep in touch!


1) Why should I care right now?

Be the first to get your Jalousier! Best price: Big discounts for early bids and you access to our entire solution for free!

Your input will make the project successful, because you'll be the driving force behind it!

2) When Jalousier will redeem its price?

In an average US household, Jalousier will save about 300 kW a year by adding 3 hours of natural daylight a day and 2 555 kW a year by simply turning your air conditioner off for 2 hours a day.  It gives at least $350 economy and redeems three Jalousier devices in less than a year.  Bigger households and office spaces will demonstrate bigger savings and repay more devices.


3) Will you develop Jalousier to work with other types of blinds?

We also have developed a concept for roller blinds. It will be our next project. Then we will focus on other types of blinds.

4) Which devices work with Jalousier?

Any Internet-enabled device can control Jalousier through our website by logging in to the Dashboard. iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad users can download our application through the iTunes App Store. Android users can download our application through the Google Play Store.

While we don’t currently offer dedicated apps for BlackBerry or Windows Phone, any smartphone can control Jalousier through our website.


5) When will my Jalousier ship?

Shipping for preordered Jalousier will begin in October, 2014 at the latest. We will try our best to deliver Jalousier ASAP.  As we approach that date, more specific shipping information will be available.

6) What comes in the box?

Jalousier, two types of hooks, manual and CordBox.


7) How many Jalousier devices do I need?

For one blind you need one device. We recommend installing Jalousier on every blind, at least on the sun-facing side.

8) How many Jalousier devices can I control at once?

You can easily control as many Jalousier devices as you need from a single account. Create groups and manage several devices simultaneously. From your mobile device or computer you can view all Jalousier s that you have access to, as well as view or change their settings and state.

9) How long does the battery last?

With six high-quality AA batteries, Jalousier will last for two months to half a year, depending on usage. Jalousier will send you a notification when its batteries are running low.

10) Is there an API planned?

Yes, more details will be available after the crowdfunding campaign ends. If you’d like to be notified about the release of the API, you can email us straight away and you’ll be the first to get all the cool technical details on how to connect the data from the Jalousier to your existing smart systems.

11) Can I get detailed technical specifications?

We haven’t finalized all the details yet, we’ll have more technical info available when we launch the production.

12) Do you have a distribution program?What are your plans for distribution via retail channels?

Our plan is to focus on B2C to start with and look into moving into B2B down the line.

Being a small company with a great idea, we decided to start with Crowdfunding. All retailers are welcome to back us during the campaign and pre-order large perks at a special price. All early-birds ready to fund us will get Jalousier first.  For bulk orders customization like different colors and logo placement will be available. If you’re interested in helping us get Jalousier into eager clients’ hands, email us.

13) How do you protect blinds from over-opening or over-closing?

Every time you install Jalousier and switch it on, it automatically determines its range of motion. This means over-opening and over-closing is avoided.

Any more questions? Ask away!

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