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on the indie path w the sophomore LP *update! CD goal has been met; VINYL goal as been pledged; pre-purchase the CD & say no to piracy! big love...soul size::

"hi" and welcome to mia indiegogo page! i'm a singer, songwriter, producer, sound designer, filmmaker, photograph taker, cupid hunter, soul size lover, pisces healer, prayer believer, and as of late?! a pre-school music teacher!

truth be told...piracy has changed things forever, so more than ever, Artists need true support. with the opportunity to pre-sell the new album, every one of you can get involved prior to the release, or as a permanent part of the project! e x c i t e d ! xx


feeling blessed to love what i do and do what i love (make records!) for a little over 12 years now. long short?! i fell in love with house music, produced, promoted & performed with DJs & Jazz horn players, released a couple indie compilations...then some serious people started hearing what i was doing and gave me the chance to make some serious music. grateful for those connections as they enabled me to release two editions of my first 'solo' album (via jaiveda productions)...but the indie climb, without funding is steep! 

so for the first time in 12 years, i'm asking for a hand, here. 


we want this to sound tight! • mastering $400

we want this to look slick! • design $300

we want this to last forever! • CD press $2000

we want to spread the word! • PR $300

we appreciate the work from indiegogo! • fees 10%+

*as you can see, this is the bare bones (sans studio) - so any funds over our goal are going back into the studio time this actually takes to accomplish, but of course...God willing, if it's enough we will press v i n y l (winK)

your donations all come with my soul size love & thanks, as well as the perks created to provide a personal or permanent involvement with this project...without them, i've always needed to be a relentless self promoter. it would be a gift to focus solely on the music & sharing it with you!


http://www.giantstep.net/index.php/2012/10/new-mix-jaidene-veda-album-teaser/ x


love & respect to long time collaborators, friends or fellow Artists. i want to do right by all of them for investing their time, talent and faith in me and my humble indie label for my sophomore album...a lyrical hero, URSULA RUCKER, as well as Osaze, Chris Brann, Kafele Bandele, Anthony Nicholson, Hosanna Sophia Littlebird, Rancido, Ejoe Wilson, Aandra, Jason B, Dennis & Joanne Baker, Saturna... (*also saving a few very special surprises for the album drop!)


i said this on the last record...it takes an army of eyes and ears to move and indie album, so i'm moved by every one of you...the amount of true support (and thankfully, critical acclaim!) surrounding "pisces pendulum" and both mini Europe tours, touched my heart and deeply inspires me to keep connected to those who make this thing real 

peep the music, reviews, and community we've already created!



"the album is original and dope. def thankful to have it." MR.V 

"Healing and The One is for me. will play for sure. Nice jazzy vibes" KENNY DOPE 

"Very buttery!" DJ SPINNA 

"Jaidene is smooth as butter" Daz-I-Kue, BUGZ IN THE ATTIC 

"Big fan, love everything Jaidene's done. She's a true talent." QUENTIN HARRIS 

"Jai's music is the perfect combination of sexy, dance, and bliss. Her music is so emotional. I love it." JOSH MILAN, HONEYCOMB 

"Great vocal. Like a modern Tracey Thorn. Magical...The voice of 2011 and beyond" KULA RECORDS, UK 

"Damn right...this is special...love this whole album" VINNY DA VINCI, House Afrika/Metro FM, SA 

"A phenomenal album showcasing Jaidene's unlimited talent & versatility..." MIKE FOSSATI, Spirit of House, Switzerland 

"Lovely, lovely, lovely… so many good tracks here. Will play various." RALF GUM - GOGO 


"Solid Project from beginning to end!!" DOC LINK, Liberate Recordings 

"ever heard a song that made you close your eyes and drift away in bliss then you’ve heard Jaidene Veda." MIAMI HOUSE MOVEMENT 

"Few voices have the power to captivate and stop you dead on the dance floor, but Jaidene Veda is one such shining light of vocal beauty." Richie Hartness, UNTITLED MUSIC, AUSTRALIA 

"this multitalented Artist & her warm and sensual voice follow the beats perfectly" DJ NOVA, GREECE 

"This is the CD of the year...If you can imagine Sade mixed with Lisa Shaw, but with her own creativity and tracks that are just off the chain... Also has a bit of Amel Larrieux too! Absolutely amazing! this is it. Jaidene Veda is THE TRUTH!" TAVTEL MEDIA 

"a magical journey that wonderfully carries you through an amazing spectrum of musical genres while having Jaidene's voice as the beacon that soulfully guides you from track to track." WORLD LOUNGE RADIO, MIAMI 

"on repeat - freaking amazing!!! Love the new directions the tracks have been taken to & I'm proud to be a part of this project with my rmx of 'If Only'. Great work Jai & everyone involved!!!" ELEONORA - STILNOVO (UK) 

"Loving Jaidene Veda" NICK POWER, Soul Kandi UK 

"From the 1st time I was introduced to Veda’s mesmerizing vocal I fell in love. This album is going on repeat..."Beat Agency, DENMARK 

"A fantastic collection of beautiful songs featuring one of the best female artists in house music." PAWN SHOP RECORDS, CANADA 

"Veda's voice is smooth and infectious! A natural and integral part of the music which soothes deepness and soul." DJ ALA, DIVE MUSIC

me the dreamer.

we know that not everyone is able to help financially...

  • but you can all help get the word out and make some noise!
  • use the Indiegogo share tools, or your preferred social media sites!

and if by chance this is our 'first meeting'...kindly tune in to mia cherished collaborations with Joaquin "Joe" Claussell, Josh Milan, Glenn Underground, Jimpster, Reelsoul, The Ananda Project and Ralf Gum...music i'm honoured be a part of...and i know they are Artists you may be more familiar with. we all start somewhere. thank you for joining the journey at whatever stage it is that we connect (future included...manifest!)  


and last but not least, for all the peeps who do know me, you know this started here at "home" where i danced, sang, and dreamed every Sunday, under the deepest mentor we have for all things house. DJ RICE. the magic story i wasn't able to share in my guerrilla documentary about the Pioneer behind our local scene, is that his son Tori, who Rice claims is absolutely my biggest fan (slept with the album under his pillow and once requested to be "me" for halloween...so i'm humbled, honoured and moved to tears to believe it) is truly? just loving his Father through me. and this full circle of inspiration is the exact fabric that brings every other part of this story together. "bring me music, bring me dancing, bring me SUNDAY, bring me life"


with love. soul size. xx

.j veda

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