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JAGTV will speak to Libertarian-minded Americans in the same way MTV satisfied music lovers, and Fox News provides for older, conservative Americans.
Jennifer Grossman
Malibu, California
United States
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What do MTV and Fox News have in common? Both were created for underserved audiences that wanted something new; both disrupted the cable industry, and both were widely successful. JAGTV draws elements from both, targets a similarly ignored – yet passionate and growing audience of libertarian-leaning and libertarian-curious viewers who today have almost no relevant cable broadcast products and extremely few, high quality outlets online.

JAGTV meets this market gap with cable broadcast of lifestyle, entertainment and current affairs programming that includes original content with both established media personalities and rising stars in popular formats (talk, comedy, music competition and reality).

JAGTV was born from a desire, and a commitment, to fill the gaping hole in today’s entertainment, lifestyle and news offerings by offering energetic, fun, and informative programming geared toward living freer lives, questioning cultural stereotypes, and challenging worn-out political paradigms. Our social media promotion involves  spreading our message and profile with bespoke viral artwork to provoke and engage our followers and soon-to-be audience across all platforms.

The current media monopoly benefits neither consumers nor the country. Young viewers are exposed to only one left-leaning political perspective, via programming such as The Daily Show with Jon StewartThe Colbert Report and Chelsea Lately. JAGTV will leverage such popular formats – without the knee-jerk conservatism of Fox News. In fact, JAGTV will differentiate from would-be competitors like The Blaze by building ground-up on a passionate constituency of libertarians – and by shifting away from the Fox News model to one geared more toward entertainment and lifestyle. 

With so many younger viewers getting news from comedy talk shows with entertainment value, we’ve emphasized entertainment as the through line unifying all JAGTV content. Programming includes talk/interview formats, both live and pre-produced, covering popular culture, current events and healthy lifestyle content, plus reality/competition.

The $150,000 sought in this round will fund activity in Phase One of a three-phase process to create a network that uses entertainment and comedy as a "Gateway Drug to Freedom."

These funds will help enable:

Further plot development: $10,000.

Big data research including focus groups to size the market for Libertarian content: $7,000.

Secure top cable veteran talent for evaluation of distribution and programming strategy: $45,000.

Support, staff, overhead and travel: $40,000.

Financial modeling: $33,000.

Social media advertising: $15,000.

Phase Two will include identification and vetting of distribution platform assets, hiring launch team, securing agreements with cable carriers, securing lease of studio infrastructure, investor road show, further pilot program development.

Phase Three will include purchase of existing network assets, full program development and hiring a full suite of production, advertising, technical, marketing and on-air talent. 


It's a challenge, but America's future is at stake.

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    JAGTV Button

    A JAGTV button of your choice. See banners on page two for options.

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  • $50USD

    Are you drinking the Cool Aid? We are! Quench your thirst for liberty and freedom with a refreshing bottle of CostCo flavored energy drink, rebranded as JAGTV Cool-Aid: Gateway Drug to Freedom. These bottles will be worth a fortune when JAGTV goes nationwide.

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  • $100USD

    Let your freedom-flag fly in a regally purple, JAGTV tank top or t-shirt with the JAGTV slogan: Gateway Drug to Freedom.

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  • $250USD

    JAGTV will be hosting a spectacular launch party at the stunning Malibu estate of Founder and CEO Jennifer Grosssman.

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  • $300USD

    Whether you're an atheist or Amish, as long as you'll get a kick out of these anarchy-embellished holiday ornaments, sure to spark interesting Yuletide conversation with the in-laws.

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    A Gadsen Flag yoga mat for you to tread on. Provides a firm foundation for the liberty-minded yogini.

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    Do you like the look and vibe of the JAGTV.com website? For $30,000 you will get your own customized website designed by Zac Damon (www.bambu3.com), internationally acclaimed web design and graphic artist.

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  • $50,000USD

    Want to be as politically witty as the Daily Show? As comforting as Oprah? As tuned in as MoneyWatch? Donate at this level and you can have your own show on JAGTV. As you like it, as long as you support the libertarian ideals of social liberty, fiscal conservatism and minimized government.

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  • $100,000USD

    Dinner party with Jeffrey Tucker - author of Beautiful Anarchy and editor of Laissez Faire Books.

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