IVYLISH: Premium Jewelry That Changes Lives

Premium handmade jewelry from the developing world to support artisans and provide orphans with vocational training. Join the Ivylish movement!

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Introducing the new LILY Collection!

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Angelfish: 2 successful referrals will get you a pair of IVYLISH earrings picked by our team!
Starfish: 5 successful referrals will get you a special gift from us. We will send you a few options to pick.
School of Fish: 33 successful referrals will get you a “choose your own adventure” trip. You can travel to Vietnam alongside our team next summer and meet the kids that we support OR choose a trip to NYC/ATL for a fashion show. We will organize these trips on your behalf (details in FAQ at the end of this page).

Dear friends, family, and supporters - we are thrilled that you are viewing our campaign. Your contribution will not only make our dreams come true, but it will also allow us to change the lives of others!

IVYLISH jewelry is much more than a beautiful accessory. Each piece of our organic buffalo horn jewelry is handcrafted with loved by our talented artisans in Vietnam, and every collection has a meaningful story behind it.


Your purchase of IVYLISH luxury jewelry helps support our non-profit partner organization, Kids Without Borders. Kids Without Borders provides children growing up in orphanages with education and vocational training, so that they can break out of the cycle of poverty when they exit the care system.

The first 4 collections of IVYLISH jewelry are inspired by the holy animals in Vietnamese mythology: Dragon, Phoenix, Turtle, and Lotus (our national flower). Our brand has 3 ethos: Aesthetics, Authenticity, and Sustainability.
Check out our Fall 2013 Collection HERE

Our exquisite designs come in radiant colors you are sure to love. Whether you're heading to the office or out with friends, our pieces will help you make a statement!

**Our earrings are also made for sensitive ears **

Note: After checking out, please let us know your selected ITEM ID (e.g.,: PHOENIX_L, LOTUS_A) here or email us at help@ivylish.com. Thank you! 
Check out our Fall 2013 Collection HERE
Earrings  Diameter: 2 inches, length (drop down): 3.5 inches
Bangles   Diameter: 2.36 or 2.52 inches (multiple options for your fit)
Necklaces  Dragon: D, E: 14 inches, F, G: 20 inches, H,I: 14 inches
                       Phoenix: F, G, H, I: 12 inches, I: 18 inches (adjustable) 
                       Lotus: F, G: 12 inches,  H, I: 14 inches
 here                        Turtle: E, D : 12 inches, F: inches: 18 inches
***We are trying our best to deliver our beautiful IVYLISH jewelry to you in time for Christmas. If you have any special request to reach the perfect day for your special occasion, please email us at help@ivylish.com and we promise we'd try our best to make that happen. :) Please fill in this form here  with your ITEM ID (we have put in your username. For new backers, please feel free to add in your username and your ITEM ID, we'll be filling in the rest of the info). Thank you very much! 

Premium Packaging
All jewelry comes in an elegant gift box with our certificate of authenticity.


We ethically source premium quality organic horns that come from Vietnam’s indigenous livestock, the water-buffalo. 


We contribute 10% of our profits to provide children with vocational training and scholarships.


We empower local, talented artisans to hand-craft products using otherwise wasted water-buffalo horns and provide them with access to the international market. 

Teach Me to Fish™
Our trademarked IVYLISH logo includes fish and hearts, which depict our mission: To change lives one child at a time. As the saying goes – Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. 

Our Story

 Every year thousands of Vietnamese children become orphans when parents pass away or can no longer afford to care for their children. These children are sent to live in orphanages, temples and churches. Currently there are 700,000 orphans in Vietnam. While many of these institutions provide good care and education, they can only do so much to prepare them for a life outside of the orphan system at age 18. 


Having spent much of our lives in Vietnam, we felt compelled to do something about this critical social issue.  We have worked tirelessly over the last 7 months to take IVYLISH from an exciting idea to a real business that will serve as part of the solution.  And Vietnam is just the beginning! Our diverse team will help us make inroads in other developing countries around the world.     


Have a question about IVYLISH ? Discuss project Ivylish at Crowdfundingforum.com!


How can I contact IVYLISH?
Please email us at help@ivylish.com

How do you source raw material?
We currently source high quality raw water-buffalo horn from Vietnam. Our artisans locate networks of local villagers who farm-raise water-buffalos. When water-buffalos are cultivated for meat or die of old age, villagers sell horns for additional income. Our artisans handpick the best pieces and put them through a 2 month treatment process to refine the horn. Using horn to make jewelry is a sustainable recycling solution!

What happened to the animal?
Similar to other farm livestock such as birds, pigs, and fishes, water-buffalos are cultivated for meat after mature cycle of milk extraction. Their horns are bypass products that, if not sold, will be processed for use as organic fertilizer. The villagers often sell high quality horns to artisans for jewelry and musical instruments. The rest is used as fertilizer.

When will my Ivylish horn jewelry be delivered ?
This Winter/Early 2014! We know you can’t wait to dress up and down with your IVYLISH jewelry, so we are working hard to get them to you as soon as possible. We refuse to send you anything but the highest quality product!

Would the finished surface of our jewelry easily get scratched?
Buffalo horn is naturally scratch resistant. For additional protection, our jewelry comes in a soft velvet pouch for storage.

Will Ivylish Jewelry be available in retail stores? 
We are building partnerships with retailers and will keep you updated!

What percentage of donations goes to the charity? At least 10% of our profits will go to our charities.  

Where is the jewelry manufactured ?
Currently our jewelry is made in Vietnam. We hope to expand to include artisans from many developing countries, soon.

Is there a charge for international shipping?

There is no extra charge for our customers in the United States. There is an additional $9 fee to ship to international backers. We thank you again for your support. 


1. Water-buffalo horn is non-toxic, but our jewelry are made of materials that should not be ingested.  Pregnant women and parents especially should use caution when wearing our jewelry around small children.

2. Delays may occur. Our exciting journey is just beginning and with your help, we are working day and night to move fast. We would love to say exactly what date your Ivylish jewelry perks will ship, but honestly with all jewelry are handcrafted, not to mention import/export, custom regulatory requirements, are driven by variables that are often beyond our control. However, if you bought this as a Christmas gift, we will make sure to let your significant other know that his/her very special gift is on its way. 

3. Our fine horn lacquer jewelry might break, crack without proper storage. Every piece of your jewelry comes with a soft velvet pouch and handmade premium wooden paper boxes. Treat your jewelry with love and it will last forever. 

4. Finally, please click here to read Indiegogo's refund policy


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Sponsor: The House of Saigon  16-18-20 Thu Khoa Huan Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Photographer: Yen Photography

Diver, Traveller, Friendship Builder and Seeker of Challenges - Phuong Pheebs Nguyen (LinkedIn) is currently an MBA candidate at Harvard Business School. Prior to HBS, she was a consultant at McKinsey& Company, traveling across Asia to identify, structure and solve problems for multiple public and private organizations. A social entrepreneur in constant search of a sustainable business model to do good, she then worked as an Assistant Program Manager at Singapore International Foundation to help enable the youth to become changemakers-future social entrepreneurs. 

Father, Fashionista, Fitness Enthusiast and Semi-Pro Poker Player - Kevin Tung Nguyen (LinkedIn) is dedicating full time on building IVYLISH. He is a Junior Partner at Radius Online and was also in Vietnam last year leading Project Lana backed by IDG Ventures as a Project Manager. A digital marketing and e-commerce guru, Kevin helped engineer launches of 3 major fashion and education e-commerce sites and is still frequently assisting young startups with their business plans. 

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FAQ Giveaway Program

What is a successful referral ?
A successful referral means that the friends you have encouraged to get on our site make a pledge in the form of a contribution to our Indiegogo campaign (at least $50 perk), just like you did.

How will IVYLISH know that someone is my referral?
Indiegogo generates an unique link to Ivylish that you can use to send to your friends. When they make a purchase this way, the referral will be linked back to you.

When does this offer end ?
The referral promotion will end on December 14th. Until then, Let's spread the word!

How does “choose your own adventure” work?
We are delighted to offer you two options.

Option 1 is to join our team duringsummer 2014 for an amazing 7 days across Vietnam. We’ll be covering food and tour costs and happy to recommend youwith flight and accommodation options.

Option 2 is to attend one of the very exiting fashion shows next year. We’ll be happy to send you a pair of tickets-details to be sent closer to the date (e.g., Our Fashion show in Atlanta featuring Ivylish in Spring 2014, New York Couture Fashion Week Feb 14-16, 2014, or New York New Year's Eve Lingerie Masquerade Fashion Show on Dec 31, 2014).

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