Ivory Shadows

A little boy, longing for his dead mother, learns to tickle the ivory with lessons from a dead piano teacher.
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Ivory Shadows

A School of Visual Arts (SVA) Thesis Film, Written and Directed by Murad Peret, 

a senior film student.




Ivory Shadows is a supernatural thriller that revolves around the tragedy of a father and son. Alex, a loving father and college professor, struggles to move on after the tragic accidental loss of his wife, a beloved mother and piano teacher. Miles, his son, is a care-free young boy, longing for his mother, until a mysterious womanly presence befriends him in their new home.

Our Crew

  • Murad Peret (Writer & Director) - Murad Peret is a senior Writer, Director, and Editor at the School of Visual Arts, in N.Y. Murad was the Artistic Director and Choreographer of The Narts Dance Ensemble at the age of 19, directing two theatrical shows over 3 years. He left his dance life to pursue an education in film at SVA. Having a love for the horror genre, Murad's third-year film, Whispers, premiered at the School of Visual Arts Theater in April 2013, and was an official selection to the Mile High Horror Film Festival in Denver, CO. 
  • Lisa Sadek (Producer & Production Manager) - Lisa is a very accomplished undergraduate Communications major who worked for News 12 New Jersey as a research analyst for the 2012 Presidential Election. She then went to work on an internship with Live With Kelly and Michael for ABC. Lisa currently works as an editor for Panasonic.
  • Ramazan Nanayev (Producer) is a film director, producer, screenwriter, editor and model. In order to focus on his real passion, filmmaking, Ramazan dropped out of school and shortly after he co-produced and co-directed his first short film called “The Red Dream” which was presented at Stanford University and Berkley California as part of the McNair Scholars Fellowship Program. His second short film, “Lloro” won the Award of Merit from the Best Shorts Competition and was part of numerous festivals including the Hoboken International Film Festival and the NYC International Film Festival where its male lead, Eliud Kauffman, was nominated for Best Actor in the Leading Role in the Short Film Category.

    In 2013 he teamed up with Katia Sherman, co-founder and president of Major Model Management, to co-produce a short romantic comedy called “Love Bug” (starring Willy Monfret) which he also co-wrote and directed. He also co-produced and directed mystical romance film “Choice Flow,” to be released in late 2013. In the last 3 years Nanayev wrote, produced and directed over a dozen short films and currently is in the early stages of pre-production of his first feature film, a sports drama called “The Machine.”

  • Zachary Halberd (Director of Photography) - Originally from Texas, Zachary traveled extensively with the US Air Force through the Middle East, East Asia, as well as Europe working in communications. Zachary now works as a cinematographer shooting narrative in NYC and Los Angeles, as well as documentary with various networks including BBC, Discovery, History Channel, NBC Sports, CBS, ITV, Spike TV and Channel 4, shooting wildlife and adventure programming, television pilots, and video journalism. Click his name to be taken to his site!
  • Timur Catto (Composer) - Timur began pursuing a career in music by studying under Dores Frerichs, a graduate of the Julliard School of Music. He then went on to study piano at the Manhattan School of Music graduating with a BFA. Currently he works as the Lead Composer for Gear Studios of New Jersey. Timur also works composing film scores, concerts, and symphonies. In his spare time, he is a private piano teacher.
  • Kimberly Griffin (Assistant Director) - Kimberly has a BFA in Communications from William Paterson University which she attended on a full scholarship for her talents. There, she not only participated in the theater department but also ran the TV division until graduation. She currently co-directs the theater program at Hawthorne High School, one of the most highly regarded programs in all of Northern New Jersey.
  • Sasha Arislanouk (Special FX Make-up/Graphic Designer) - Sasha is a young and talented make-up artist who does Special FX make-up designs outside of school. An amazing concept artist, she has conceptualized every character side by side with Murad on each one of his films. Her graphics can be seen in the sketches below and make-up designs in Murad's last film Whispers. She brings out the darkness within and puts ideas to the drawing board!
  • Shan Kadkoy (Production Stills) - Shan is a highly regarded and extremely talented photographer. He was DP on our pitch video and has been our still photographer since our last film. He works as a professional photographer daily and his work speaks for itself. Click on his name and take a look at his extensive portfolio.
  • Simaza Ishak (Hair and Makeup) - Simaza is a NJ based freelance makeup artist that specializes in beauty makeup. The face is her canvas and beauty is her passion. Simaza works on weddings and special events, such as professional dance performances. Since then she has branched off into film, taking special care of each actor on screen. Simaza has worked with Murad since his theater days and has since then worked with him on film.

25th Annual Dusty Film Festival

Our Cast


David Arkema (Alex Dayus)

David Arkema grew up in Massachusetts. He sang and studied classical piano and trumpet and at the age of 12 played "Winthrop Peru" in a town production of The Music Man. In high school he discovered a love of Shakespeare and jazz improvisation and taught himself guitar. He went on to study math (minor) and science (premed) at Hamilton College where he graduated magna cum laude with honors in Theatre. After two years studying acting, writing and directing at L'Ecole Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq in Paris, France, David joined with colleagues there, forming an ensemble-based company, with whom he created and performed in six original plays, including THE DEATH OF LITTLE IBSEN, and FABRIK which was nominated for a Drama Desk Award. He recently played "Gabriel" in a site-specific play about Hurricane Sandy, LOST & FOUND at Westbeth Arts Center NYC. Recent regional roles include "Max" in LEND ME A TENOR (Cape May Stage, NJ) and "Jerry" in DON'T TALK TO THE ACTORS (Penguin Rep, NY). David loves to cook and eat and play music in Brooklyn where he lives.  www.davidarkema.com


Chase Anderson (Miles Dayus)

Chase is a young actor from West Virginia. He began acting earlier this year and has been blessed with several exciting opportunities. He's had roles in three feature films (Gabriel, Croaker, and Produce), several short films, and commercial work. He has also done print work and theatre. Chase's enjoyment in front of the camera has landed him in NYC, Pittsburgh, Cleveland and Louisville, KY. Chase's upcoming work includes the short film White Shadows and Cynthia Wilson's Battered But Not Broken stage play. In his free time, Chase enjoys reading, playing soccer and, drawing.

Aprella Barule (Ilsa Ward)

Aprella attended the University of Alaska in Anchorage, and worked four consecutive years outside of the USA as the “Broken Doll” in the touring, musical theatre, performance group The Crumpets. These are a few of the events that have given Aprella versatility along with a wealth of life experiences to bring to every role she plays:

  • She stars opposite Neil Patrick Harris in National Lampoon’s “Dracula’s Daughters Vs. The Space Brains” short film and has been seen recently as a lead in “Celebrity Ghost Stories”, “Family Secrets” and “The Haunting”
  • Aprella has also appeared in countless comic books, video games, and paintings produced by todays top fine artists. Both top international gallery artist David Stoupakis and Lori Earley have been quoted naming Aprella “their muse to paint”.
  • Aprella is a proud acting student of acting coach Anthony Abeson and Academy Award nominated Chazz Palminteri. 

Jason Grimste (Erik Ward)

Jason Grimste is an artist living in Bushwick, Brooklyn for over ten years. Three years with the Subjective Theatre Company provided him with weekly workshops for improv, writing, and acting, as well as roles in three off-broadway plays.  He has also held starring and supporting roles in numerous independent films, pilots, and shorts.  He has directed several music videos and is currently directing and producing a web comedy series #METALSHOWTIME.  One of his screenplays is slated for production in the Fall of 2014.  His visual art has shown at Low Brow Artique, Think! Gallery, Asterisk Art Space, Space on White, and 5PTZ Queens.  His band Deathrow Tull, a mix between OutKast and The White Stripes, has toured nationally, playing CMJ twice as well as SXSW.

Concept Designs

(By Sasha Arislanouk)






Play With Us

We’re very passionate about the success of this production and we’d love for you to be a part of it. It’s no surprise, as college students, our resources are limited. We’re driven to assemble the best crew to bring this story to life but we can’t do that without you. Like every production, there are expenses; expenses that you may not realize and every penny we raise will be put towards the success of this movie. Every dollar counts, no donation is too small. Because we’ll be shooting in Northwest NJ, we’ll be needing some extra accommodations for our cast and crew from out-of-state. 

Here's SOME specifics on our expenses:

  • Accommodations - We'll be shooting in Northwest New Jersey which means our cast and crew will need transportation from the city and rooms during principal photography. Hotels for an entire cast and crew is extremely costly. Having the cast and crew local to the set is extremely time saving. Transporting them everyday will require more crew, van rentals, and extensive gas.
  • Location Permits - We have some locations that will require permits. We're fortunate enough to have location insurance provided by SVA but that doesn't cover the expense of the permit itself. One of our locations involves filming in an indoor pool which requires on set Life Guards and facility managers, all of which will cost money for their time and labor. Each charge is hourly and as we all know, filmmaking is no quick and easy task and these scenes are extremely crucial. The same also goes for a lake that we'll be shooting on.
  • Meals - I know that sounds like a broken record for every film but I have to say it; a well fed cast and crew is a happy cast and crew. Meals daily is very costly for students.
  • Make-up and Costume- Well I wish make-up, costumes, airbrush, and prosthetics were all free but, of course thats not the case. In order for our makeup team to make the biggest impact on our characters they need the proper supplies.
  • Rental Van - How will we move all that lovely equipment? SVA supplies us with enough equipment to bring our stories to life but, that doesn't include transporting it from the city to location. We'll be needing to rent a truck to transport and store all that fancy gear.
  • Equipment Insurance - This is very crucial, we will need to buy insurance, which costs $300, to cover all that equipment. Better to be safe than sorry. Paying $300 is better than having to pay thousands for a broken piece of equipment.

As we said, we are students. This campaign is to elevate and enhance the potential of this production. We're ready to do whatever is necessary to do the best we can. With the proper tools and funds, we can accomplish wonders. Our goal is just the beginning and we're not stopping there. Lets take this campaign to the next level!

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Recent Work


One of the posters from Murad's last film, Whispers.

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