iVlog.TV is a community centered live social broadcasting site dedicated to giving you the entertainment and control that you really want.
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iVlog.TV is an up and coming, community-centered,
Live Social Broadcasting Platform.
Using our innovative features, you can broadcast live to your fans and friends alike.  We welcome you to our fully immersive social experience of nearly 1200 community members.

Have you been frustrated with the lack of control of your previous broadcasting experiences?

Have you ever wanted a platform that listens to your needs, where users have a say in what happens, and you have complete control over your own private page?

iVlog.TV is new, fresh, and accessible to everyone with a computer.  Some of the features you can enjoy as a standard “Broadcaster” include broadcasting and viewing for free.  Using your “Social Feed”, your friends and viewers are able to comment and get involved in conversations through instant replies.  Receive up to date notifications on your “News Feed” and see who has subscribed, added you as a friend, or even started a show, displayed for you in every room you visit.  Post your own text, links, and widgets, such as your latest YouTube videos, on your “Wall”.

Enjoy watching and broadcasting with wide screen video and high quality audio or broadcast using our high quality “Audio Only Radio Show”.  While broadcasting, you can easily change your show status without stopping your stream or restarting the show.  Switch from a “Public” show to a “No Guest” show so only people who signed into iVlog.TV will be able to view your broadcast.  Assign people in your chat to be “Operators”, providing them with the ability to kick unwanted chatters from your page for you.  Not only can you kick someone from your page, you also have the option of banning their username permanently.  If you don’t necessarily want to remove them from your room, you can “Hush” them, making all of their chat posts invisible to all other chatters.  You have the option to change who can chat in your room, from just “Operators” to “Friends”, “No Guests” or simply allow everyone.

And as a standard “Broadcaster”, you get all of this for free.
As a “Pro Broadcaster”, however, you get access to the full functionality of the site.  You get all of the benefits of being a standard “Broadcaster”, plus many more enhanced features.  This means you get to control how you broadcast, who you broadcast to, and how your audience interacts with you.

Your video & audio stream quality is much higher than that of a standard “Broadcaster”.  Not only can you do a “Public” or “No Guest” show, but you can also have a “Friends Only”, “Subscribers and Friends Only”, or even our unique “V.I.P.” show, where you can individually select who can view your live stream, which can all be changed mid-broadcast.

Our “Pro Broadcaster” features also extend into the chat room.  You have the option of not only kicking or banning a user from your page, but you can also ban any of their associated accounts or even ban their IP address.  To enable you to focus purely on your broadcast, we have an exclusive feature that allows you to assign one of your trusted chatters the title of “Super Operator”.  This provides them with full control of your chat, so that they can hush, kick, ban, assign “Operator” privileges and change the status of the chat all while you are busy with your show.

“Pro Broadcaster” accounts don’t just cater to broadcasters; they also support the needs of viewers.  As a viewer with a pro account, you can have fun with creating custom emoticons using our in-built emoticon designer, which you can then save, use, and trade with other pro users.  Along with our standard preset font colors, you can customize your very own color for the ultimate in personalization.  Enjoy watching uninterrupted ad-free video and join our "Development Community", where you can post, view and vote on the latest suggestions, so that we can cater even more for your needs.

You decide what to display on your page with the ability to switch on and off your “Social Feed” and your “Wall”.  You can hide your “Friends” and “Subscribers” or even remove unwanted “Subscribers” from your list.  You choose if you want the opportunity to be the featured show on our front page by turning on or off the ability for your viewers to suggest your page to our staff.

All of these features and many more, coming soon, including co-hosting!  We have a huge list of suggestions from our community, which we will be going through with the "Development Community" to enhance iVlog.TV further.  All of this, and for a limited time, exclusively through this fundraiser, your donation will save you nearly 15% off the cost of a “Pro Broadcaster” account following launch.

For your contribution, we have also come up with some other awesome perks as our way of expressing just how grateful we are.  These include receiving a special video with our thanks, your name displayed proudly on our “iVlog.TV Contributor’s Page”, an opportunity to explore new, pre-release features and provide your feedback as a “Beta Tester”, some very cool merchandise for you to show off in your shows and more.

All of your contributions will help us reach our stage one goal of $14,000, which will cover the costs of launching iVlog.TV.

What is a Live Social Broadcasting Platform?

From the comfort of your own home, you can meet people from all corners of the earth and show the world your life.  Our platform puts YOU in the driver’s seat of a social environment where you can get to know and interact with people whom you likely would have never met.  Based on feedback from our “Development Community”, we can further develop a platform that caters to the needs of broadcasters and viewers alike.  With iVlog.TV, broadcasting exists on a more interactive social platform, allowing broadcasters to get directly involved with their ever-growing crowd of fans.  Our primary focus in creating iVlog.TV is our community.

Your individual space becomes your own to use as you wish, without unnecessary restriction.  You have complete freedom to interact with your audience as you demonstrate your skills, hold workshops, or entertain your fans with your life story.  Within the amazing community of iVlog.TV, you will never run out of opportunities to gain a following of new friends, fans, and admirers.

The iVlog.TV community is already rich with artists and contributors in all fields.  Our shows encourage debate, education, and fun.  iVlog.TV also will be the home to a variety of charity shows, which have raised tens of thousands of dollars on previous platforms. You have the ability to converse directly from your own page with other community members who share your interests.

What do your contributions go towards?

Each and every cent we raise will be going towards the costs of running a premium Live Social Broadcasting Site.

Our stage one goal of $14,000:

- Covers the bare minimum needed to launch the site

- Secures licensing and software

- Purchases bandwidth

- Covers general running costs & hardware (i.e.; maintenance and development fees, etc.)

- Ensures we allow enough to cover transaction and processing fees (i.e.; PayPal, IndieGoGo, Credit Cards, Perks, etc.)

The partnership we have created requires that we purchase our enterprise software licenses upfront and secure a minimum amount of bandwidth for at least three months.

For your donation, we have developed some amazing perks, which we are really excited to share with you.  Apply these perks to any of your iVlog.TV accounts or the iVlog.TV account of a friend.



You MUST e-mail us at support@ivlog.tv using the same e-mail address you use for your IndieGoGo contribution with the iVlog.TV Username you would like the perk applied to.

And the features don’t stop at launch!

Based on feedback from our “Development Community”, we will be expanding features after our launch to serve you even more.  Every cent we receive over our initial goal of $14,000 will go towards covering future costs of running the site, so that we can continue to provide a fantastic quality service for you, our community.

Meet the iVlog.TV team

Hi!  Thanks for getting to know us!

I am Steve, the founder of iVlog.TV, simply known as “cr3am”, an online username I have been using for nearly two decades.  I began programming and designing for fun as a child and it evolved into a hobby and eventually my own business.  Some of the projects I have designed before iVlog.TV include animated and interactive flash banners, scripting and coding interactive websites, and games.  I prefer to create from scratch, so that I can custom code everything to achieve the level of quality and uniqueness I demand.

I met “Fema”, on a now non-existent broadcasting site in 2010.  Being a therapist by trade, people are her passion.  We pride ourselves on our communication and accessibility.  Fema creates the bridge between the community and iVlog.TV, managing the public relations side of things and providing the buffer for any technical jargon, ensuring that everyone has the ability to access the full functions of iVlog.TV.  This isn’t just about building a premier platform; this is about supporting and encouraging our community.

Behind the scenes at iVlog.TV, I have brought together many other important team members, a majority of whom have come from a background in live broadcasting.

Our community and moderation manager has been heavily involved in the community in the past and is very excited to get to know new broadcasters. 

Our server manager has an extensive background in server management, specifically providing banking sector and ISP infrastructure for several decades.  He has the important job of looking after our server logs and watching the day-to-day running of server hardware and software.  His expertise takes care of the things that no one sees, but are essential to the running of iVlog.TV. 

Finally, our video cluster management team provides iVlog.TV with 24/7 support and are dedicated to just our video streaming.  They look after iVlog.TV’s Tier One CDN (Content Delivery Network) and video servers.

As iVlog.TV expands, our team will grow with us to continue to support your needs.

Why are we so passionate about building iVlog.TV?

When I started live broadcasting in 2007, I was never expecting to meet all of the incredible people I have.  Many close friendships were formed on a former broadcasting site, including people who I went on to be friends with in person as well.  Relationships were formed within the broadcasting site’s community, including my relationship with Fema, which began while watching other friend’s broadcast.  Many people who met through the same website actually got married and did a live broadcast of their wedding!

However, the website that supported our diverse and entertaining community sadly closed, leaving many people feeling abandoned and without a familiar place to call home.  Thousands of people lost touch with each other overnight.  Many of us who were able to keep up with each other have had to resort to using Facebook, a platform that is completely different than what we were used to.

Our community is divided across the internet.  Fans are struggling to find and support their favorite broadcasts.  Friends have lost touch with each other and drifted apart.  iVlog.TV is making it our mission to bring everyone back together, encourage new friendships, relationships and personalized support.

Personally, I have missed having a platform where I feel like my needs are met and I can be comfortable to do my broadcast how I want.  I am, after all, a broadcaster myself.  During my time on broadcasting sites, people have told me about their frustrations and need for a platform that they can use and enjoy, with features that optimize their user experience.  We have taken it upon ourselves to step up and listen.  In fact, one of the first pages we opened on iVlog.TV was the suggestion page, to ensure that all of the needs of our community are listened to.

Our years of previous experience have shown us the problems that broadcasting sites can have, and we are giving our community the tools to control their broadcasts how they want, bringing an altogether much more pleasurable experience to broadcasting.

How can you get involved?

Receive some awesome perks for your donation!

Your donation helps bring the community together and ensures a long and exciting, successful future of iVlog.TV!  Each and every penny you donate goes towards providing a home and future for the community of iVlog.TV.

Spread the word!

We understand that not everyone is able to contribute at this time, but you can still help!  We need your help getting the word out – both about this fundraiser and about iVlog.TV itself.  Share us using the sharing tools provided by IndieGoGo and post our links on your social media!

Join our amazing community!

Come meet the incredible group of people who have already joined the iVlog.TV community.  Get to know people from all around the world, from the comfort of your own home.  Come find out what over 1000 people already know!

You tell us!!!

Do you want to be more involved with iVlog.TV?  We are always looking to involve our community in unique ways.  Write to us at community (at) iVlog.TV and let us know how you can help!

Live Social Broadcasting isn’t just about having a place to broadcast; it’s about having the right place to broadcast.

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