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If you could try on any clothes from anywhere in the world, which clothes would you choose?
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If you could try on any clothes from anywhere in the world, which clothes would you choose?

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Clothes are dynamic flexible objects with a personality photos cannot bring out. They are individual choices and their personality needs to match our own.

When buying clothes online we still have to use technology developed for paper; photo. The digital media have possibilities web stores have not begun to use. Because of this, most people still have an aversion to buying clothes online.

Large dominant brands are selling us dreams. They dress up photo models and celebrities in tailor-made versions of their clothes, then Photoshop them until they are almost not recognizable. These pictures create a dream and illusion they sell us through media.

How many of us have bought into this illusion only to find out we do not fit in the dream when the clothes arrives. Because of all the hassles of returning clothes, we end up putting them in the back of the closet, only getting rid of them when enough time has passed for our guilty conscience to let it happen.

This is not only bad for the environment, it is also putting a serious brake on online shopping and therefore our choices of stores and brands.

The real power over what we buy are still with us; you and me.
This is under the assumption we have any real choices in clothes we can try on. Often this is not really the case as only a few dominating chains are available and within easy reach.


The vision behind our project is to make the clothes universally available and bring out the full potential of the digital media. We are allowing you as a customer to try on clothes and to create whole outfits independent of brand and location. 



Some surveys regarding online shopping

 The Online Fit Problem has three parts:

  1. It is clearly impossible for online shoppers physically to try on clothes before they buy.
  2. There is widespread inconsistency among retailers and brands in terms of size names, conventions and standards.  This makes online clothes shopping a challenge for six out of ten shoppers (Mintel, Fashion Online, March 2012).
  3. The size of an item provides no information about the fit of that item.  There is no way to know how it will look on any individual person.

There are two direct consequences and one indirect consequence of the Online Fit Problem:

  • Buyer hesitation: buyers either never add the item to his/her basket, or fail to check out.  This happens because they are not confident about their choice.  The result for retailers is: low conversion rates.
  • High levels of garment returns: a customer who finds that a garment does not fit in the desired way will simply return the garment to the retailer.  Sometimes this is for an exchange, but usually for a refund.  The result for retailers is: high rates of costly garment returns.
  • Brand damage: returning a garment because it doesn’t fit is disappointing to any customer, even for speculative purchases.  Any brand that disappoints its customers risks brand damage, however smooth its returns process.

What is the scale of the Online Fit Problem?

The size of the US online apparel market alone is over $40 billion – yet garment return rates average 25% for online apparel sales of which around 70% is for reasons of fit.  Measured even in this simple way, the value of garments returned because of the Online Fit Problem is $7 billion per year in the USA alone.

PwC Multi channel shopping survey

A key to growing business in this multichannel world is, unarguably, the use of digital technology. The billions of smartphones, tablets and other digital devices in circulation are fuelling multichannel growth and innovation. By 2015, US retail e-commerce sales are expected to reach $279billion. It is evident for retailers and brands that digital channel excellence is no longer an option, but an imperative for success.


Our history, so far

My wife is a very skilled clothing designer and we have been selling and marketing her clothes for years

After participating at Oslo Fashion week, several tradeshows in Paris and
even on some TV shows, we found it too expensive, too inefficient and too time consuming.


Press coverage




Italian sites:

Italians love clothes and Things related to clothes .

Bulgarian newspapers:

Our concept, explained

(screenshots from prototypes)

When you browse clothes through the ItsMeSee system, you can start the same way as you would do in any other clothing store: you browse clothes. The major difference is the ease and smoothness you can do this. There are no rows of photos, but hanging clothes you can flip through like you would in a store. You can even scroll the clothes on a mannequin to create outfits.


On the next level (if you want to spend some more time setting up) you can enter some basic sizing on the different parts of the body, like for pants, shirt or jacket. This takes only a few seconds. Now you will automatically get only the sizes you have set up, and you can see how things look.

If you want to set up even further, you can enter more measures and get a more accurate mannequin with your exact sizes. This will take perhaps 5-10 minutes.

On the next level you will take some pictures of yourself from different angles and the software will create a 3D silhouette of your body. This will be filled with a computer gaming figure With your shape and look. You enter some basic measures and the software will calculate the rest. This will take 15-30 min. Depending on how accurate you want this to be.


Now you can start trying on clothes. In the 3D dressing room you can set up parameters like prices, brands, colors,

When you browse your mouse over different parts of the body you get choices of clothes to try on. If you pick a jacket you will get a wheel of jackets stretching out behind you. These jackets you can scroll on in any speed you want. The current jacket on your digital body will show as an ikon next to you. If you click on this ikon you zoom into that jacket. You can now shake it, turn it around and zoom into any detail.


(all of these are just rough sketches to try out differnt solutions, not showing the quality of Our finished product )

After picking a jacket you can browse your mouse further down to get a selection of pants.

When you finish putting together outfits, you can send your mannequin into a showroom. This you can do several times. When you have created enough outfits you can go into the showroom and see how each of them look. You can also invite family or friends into the showroom to get their opinion before you buy. If you wish you can also share any outfit on facebook or other social media.


Quality of clothes and mannequins

What we have made in the video is not the quality our product will have. Up until now, we have focused on solving technical and financial challenges in our development. Everything we show now is on a rough sketch level, made only to try out solutions and Interfaces.



I have been working at several Oil/Offshore related Companies the last decade and am very familiar with engineering software used to do complex imulations.

Doing 3D modelling myself and being more than average interested in omputer gaming, I started to think: Why not use these Technologies to show our clothes to the world?


There have been several attempts to do this before but none has succeeded so far.

Some failed because the Technology at the time was not ready. Other ran into technical problems or limitations preventing them from showing the necessary quality. The biggest challenge our predecessors have run into is the 3D display through web browsers. It is fine when you only need to turn around the object, but when you need to do complicated manipulation, like opening and shaking, things has not worked out so well . Our solution is simple, but very effective. We are able to show everything in just about any quality. 



We found some very skilled and dedicated people in India, who have been helping us solving technical issues as well as doing some developing.


See my blog here:



There is no effective way to buy clothes today. You have to “walk the miles” or browse clumsy web pages. 

The clothes need to come to you and you should be able to try them on fast and effortless.

Through our concept, you can try on a hundred clothes in a minute, creating any outfits and seeing how they looks on you.

 People buy clothes online in an ever-increasing tempo. Today around 10%, but within 2020, it is estimated 20% or more. In addition, People browse clothes online before they go to the store to do the purchase. More and more clothing stores are aiming at a global marked, especially online. 

Our Project put you as a customer in the center and all the clothes
YOU want around you. Our team have spent around 6 years developing
a "simple" (the solution and work behind is not simple) and effective way to display clothes on screen. 


Here are the benefits?

Forget the highly inaccurate sizing (S, M, L) system. A few basic measures of your  body and you will see how the clothes actually fit.

In our system you scroll on clothes. It is fast, pleasant and effective. No more pictures of clothes.
Put together whole outfits, and see how they look on you.
Let the clothes come to you, no need to travel looking for exciting new clothes.

Invite friends into the showroom to get their opinion about clothes or outfits.

ItsMeSee bring you “real” clothes much closer to the real thing.

And a lot more to come!

The ItsMeSee Interactive 3D clothing Project is an ambitious Technology Project, aiming to change how clothes are being marketed and sold on the web.

We have been developing a system for showing clothes on any digital display (monitors, smart phones, pads etc) as close to the real thing as technology allows.

We have spent years (since 2008) trying out technologies, finding solutions for problems we never knew was there until we hit it.



We have a couple of working prototypes ready. What we need Money for is to expand and redesign these platforms and add features . We are also modelling up as many clothes as we have funding for. 

 When this is ready we will present the future of clothing for Our funders first. All contributers will be asked to be Our beta testers, before we release to the general Public.


Where does my money go?

Each piece of clothing requires a LOT of work to create the quality and realism we want.

There are hundreds of parameters we need to tweak to create optimal simulations.

We need to hire more people to scale up production and do some more programming.

The showroom and dressing room platforms need to have many functions implemented as we only have some very basic things ready now. We have a couple of working prototypes ready. What we need Money for is to expand these platforms and add features.

We are also modelling up as many clothes as we have funding for. 

 Even if we do not reach Our goal we should be able to create
something amazing for you to try. Perhaps not with all the features
and not as many clothes as we want. 



We are not developing new technology, only doing some adaptations and programming. Everything we use is tested solutions and we know it works. In addition, we have already made simple versions of everything and know how it will turn out. Some challenges there will be, but nothing major.


Our team

We are working closely with highly skilled people from Norway, India and The Philippines. We will also add people as we progress with our development.


Our goals

We  introduce a new standard for searching and buying clothes online. To improve old fashion and obsolete systems for digital web stores and showrooms. It is also our goal to give the consumer more saying in what clothes should be available each season.

This would of course be clothes from different designers and brands from all over the world.

 We have several additional goals, which we will get back to after some further progress.

If you are an investor or know someone who might be interested in investing in us, let us know.


Production timeline

July: preparations

August: Production clearification and planning

September: Production start

Desember: 1st  Prototype ready for beta testing (for contributers to try)

April 2015: launch of full demo showroom for the global testing and demonstration

The perks

Everyone who donates to Our Project will be kept updated about Our progress via e-mail


T-shirt and E-shirt

Not yet ready but it will be AMAZING and INCREDIBLE!!!



The Plaque will look great, this is just a sketch, what you get will be much nicer.

The ugly face will be extchanged With a much nicer Picture of you or perhaps Your pet pig or dust bunny.

You can promote your contact information, web page or a short text of Your Choice.



Get a statue of yourself

Our Graphics team will create a digital 3D statue of you from photos. It will rock the site forever. People will be in awe in the centuries to come and forever gaze upon Your glory.  


Personal mannequin

We set up a mannequin With Your basic measures and look.



Clothing designers

To you clothing designers out there: we understand what you are struggling with.

Support us and we will help bring YOUR brand out.

We can remake one or more of your designs into what will be the new format and let people all over the world try on your products.

 The most interesting clothes are not being provided by large brands, but by small innovative designers like you.


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    Thanks for your support

    Thank you for donating, we will keep you updated on our progress by e-mail.

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    T-shirt and E-shirt

    You will get an ItsMeSee t-shirt and e-shirt. The t-shirt is for Your analog body and the e-shirt for Your digital. Both will be unique and not available anywhere else.

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  • $100USD
    Founders room plaque

    In Our 3D showroom there will be a door. This door leads to The Founders Room. In this room we will put up a shiny plaque With Your name, picture and a short text of Your Choice. Size and placement of plaque will be decided by Your donation.

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  • $200USD
    Got a statue?

    Cesar, Stalin and Zeus got statues, why not you. From a few photos we make a 3D statue of you in the founders room. With a plaque of course. Forever be a testimony to Your glory and vision, helping fund us.

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    Estimated delivery: February 2015
  • $300USD
    Digital mannequin

    We set up Your first digital mannequin With all Your basic measures as well as your body shape. It will be ready for trying on clothes from the start. We will need some photos of you from different angles. And some measures.....

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    Estimated delivery: February 2015
  • $500USD
    You get a real (small) statue

    You get a plaque, a digital statue and a real (small) statue With a plaque. We will send the glorious prize for all Your friends to see, standing forever on a shelf of Your Choice at Your home. You get a t-shirt and e-shirt also.

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  • $5,000USD
    For clothing brands

    We model up one garment With exact measures, Beyond photo quality to be displayed in Our initial showroom. It will be possible to try it on together With any other garment we have ready. In addition, you get a permanent plaque in Our showroom With link to Your brand. As we get international attention for Our Project, Your brand will get the same exposure. Help us and we will help you as well.

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    Estimated delivery: February 2015
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