iTherm, smart armband thermometer for kids

iTherm, an armband for measuring and monitoring human temperature with a smartphone, even when you and your child are sleeping. It includes an alerts system.
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I’m Marcos Oliva, founder of the iTherm project, an armband for measuring and monitoring human temperature with a smartphone.

I came up with the idea of making this armband a few years ago when my first child, Miquel, was born. The winter brought all kinds of colds and fevers and the pediatrician simply said: “Make sure that he doesn’t get high temperatures by giving him antipyretics every 8 hours and if in two days he hasn’t recovered, bring him back”.

That night my wife and I got organized so we could check every two hours if the fever was rising. The next day, all of us, were very tired. This was only the first time. With our second baby, Julia, the sleepless nights doubled, and now we are expecting our third child, Lluc. I’m sure many families have the same problems:

  •  Waking up again and again when there is no need most of the time.
  •  Waking up the child when what he really needs is to rest without interruption.
  •  Being worried because of the possibility of high temperatures.

iTherm hopes to be the solution to all these problems. Fitting the armband to your child’s arm will allow you to monitor his temperature through your smartphonemaking easy for you to know if he has fever or not without needing to wake him up.

Besides this, with iTherm you can also program alarms on your smartphone, so it alerts you when the temperature reaches a certain threshold. All the data is registered to help the pediatrician with the diagnosis and treatment.

As an app developer for smartphones, I decided to develop iTherm to help my kids and all families with the same issues. When the new low energy bluetooth 4.0 appeared and with the help of Josep, an electrical engineer with more than 30 years of experience, we were able to design the whole integrated control circuit.

Later, three people joined our team. Joan-Enric, our Business Angel; Antonio, an entrepreneur and expert business developer in the pharmaceutical industry; and Matias, who helped us with the armband mechanics.

Thanks to the whole team, today we have a working prototype and more nights of rest.

We hope that this crowd-funding campaign will help us to rise more funds in order to obtain the necessary certifications, cover the manufacturing costs and most of all, to improve our children’s health.


  • Size: 0.1in (H) x 1.5in (W) x 8.5in (L)
  • Battery: CR2032 3v  Duration: 12-18 month 
  • Bluetooth LE 4.0
  • LCD: none
  • Compatibility: iOS & Android 

Who We Are

We are parents who want to help other parents. We are Marcos and Antonio, from Barcelona (Spain) and Boston (USA), with more than 10 years of experience in healthcare, entrepreneurship and the development of websites and apps. Joan-Enric, our business angel, has been instrumental through his support and network to get to this stage. We truly believe in using biosensors to help parents in their daily life and iTherm is our first step.

Use of Funds

At this stage, we have developed, built and tested prototypes of the armband with the temperature sensor. We have also developed the app that allowed us to use the armband and tested. The use of the funds will allow us to start manufacturing and scale up -to reach reasonable costs.

We envision a future where every parent will have an iTherm to take care of his or her child when sick. We want to start by shipping 1,000 armbands that will help 1,000 families!


What’s iTherm for?

iTherm is an armband with a temperature sensor attached that will allow you to monitor a kid’s temperature. The iTherm app in your smartphone or tablet and a bluetooth 4.0 communication with the armband will do the rest.

How does iTherm work?

You will only have to place the iTherm armband in your kid’s arm and connect to the app in your smartphone or tablet. Also through the app you will be able to:

  • Read your kid’s temperature
  • Set a threshold to get notified if the temperature raises above that number
  • Display the evolution of the temperature
  • Remind you of the medication schedule

    How does iTherm help me as a parent/family member?

Every thermometer in the market -even the most modern ones- require you to actively place them in your child to check the temperature. You have to remember. You have to be awake, you probably even have the wake up your kid. iTherm is more convenient, you do not need need any of this. Be awake when you have to be, wake up your kid only when it is necessary. In addition, by monitoring the temperature instead of measuring it from time to you will be able to detect earlier the increases in your kid’s fever -and act faster.

Is there a warranty?

The iTherm’s armband battery will last between 12 and 18 months. We offer you a 12 months warranty -except for those countries where we might be legally required to offer a longer warranty period. During the 12 month period we will send you a new iTherm for free if yours stops working. We are however not responsible for damage done to the product -including but not limited to armband material, circuit boards and/or the battery.

Is there a return policy?

You can return your iTherm armband “no questions asked” during the first 30 days. If you are not satisfied or you think we are not delivering as promised we will be happy to take your iTherm armband back and refund you the full amount. Returns after those 30 days will not be available.

What age group is iTherm for?

iTherm is intended for children between 1 and 8 years. You can however use it as long as it fits the child's arm.

When will iTherm be available?

First orders will start to be shipped in the early Fall 2014.

Will the iTherm be available internationally?

Yes, the iTherm armband will be available since launch worldwide. Shippings out of Europe, USA and Canada will have an extra cost of $10.

Is iTherm considered a medical device?

iTherm's team is working to understand how current/future features and capabilities determine whether it is classified as a medical device or not. In any case, iTherm will fully comply with regulations in the different territories and obtain regulatory approval from their authorities..

What age group is it for?

iTherm is intended for children between 1 and 8 years. You can however use it as long as it fits the child's arm.

Will the iTherm be available internationally?

Yes, the iTherm armband will be available since launch worldwide. Shippings out of Europe, USA and Canada will have an extra cost of $10.

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