A documentary on house venues and basement culture.


Going to a show with 1,000 people around you all sharing the same experience of seeing a great band can be an exhilarating and a incredible feeling on it's own. But for some, nothing can quite compare to the intimacy of being inches away from a band crammed with their instruments in the back of a basement, drowned in their own sweat and giving every bit of their energy in 5th gear for a solid 30 minutes.


Named after a direct quote from a bitter attendant of a nice house show, IT'S JUST A SHITTY HOUSE is a cinema verite documentary film that follows the horror surf band Cool Dog on their first basement tour across the country. Starting in Minneapolis, they'll travel as far as California from house to house causing the surfy ruckus that they usually do in their home town. Candid interviews of house venue owners, other bands lined up with Cool Dog on various nights, and regulars of basment shows, along with short on-the-road clips, stories of the past, and rare raw footage sharing the experience of this intimate sub-culture.



We're Zack Warpinski and Bree Melechinsky, and together we make the horror surf duo that is Cool Dog. We moved to Saint Paul, Minnesota at the same time, in fall of 2010, for college. We play together in numerous bands and play shows all across the Twin Cities. Bree lives in a locally known co-run house venue called The 108 with four other musicians, a project that Zack is also very involved in. Touring bands from all over the country stop and play shows we host for them, as well as stay the night if they need to. Many of the bands either have or are associated with house venues in their own hometowns, and many we keep in touch with, in result extending the community and bond even between cities, states, etc.


While we're budgeting this to be as cheap as possible, we do need a bit of money that's just out of our reach. We will be traveling for almost a month by car, and the slower form of travel adds up. 

Expenses for this project will go to:

  • Travel (mostly food and gas.) 
  • Better filming equipment- cameras, video cameras, interview mics, etc.
  • Car maintenance (over 5,000 miles is quite the workout for anything that's not an 18 wheeler.)

No donation is too small for this project! Definitely check out or perks over to your right and see if any tickles your fancy, but anything you can give would be absolutely helpful. 

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https://www.facebook.com/heycooldog (Cool Dog. New to the internet, give some likes!)
https://www.facebook.com/atthe108 (The 108 House)

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