It's Almost my Birthday on Dec. 10 and I Need Spine Surgery Again on Dec. 17

The funding goal has been met, but donations can still be made until midnight on the 10th (my birthday!) and would be greatly appreciated! Thank you all.


(So, that photo is an MRI from before my first surgery. The herniation is now two to three times the size as it was then.)


What's Going On

You may already know that I've been struggling with a spine disorder since the summer. I have a disc herniation that has caused pain, decreased leg function, and serious nerve damage. When the injury first occured, I tried oral steroids, two epidural steroid injections, physical therapy, and finally, surgery.

The surgery was successful for about a month, until the disc reherniated. It was nothing I did wrong; that's just a risk associated with the surgery. But now the reherniation is at least two or three times the size as it was before - this means its covering a much larger area of my spine, and causing much more blockage of nerve movement.

I was just told that I don't have any options other than another surgery. If I don't have the surgery, I will likely permanently cripple myself and continue to cause nerve damage that I will have to live with for the rest of my life.

What I Need

So, as a 22 (nearly 23) year old, out of college for less than a year, and almost entirely on my own, I can't afford my own costs of living or the costs to take care of this medical issue. I've been barely able to work part-time hours, and nearly all of my money has gone towards appointments and prescriptions. I can't afford my rent or car or even food as it is, and this surgery is going to add a whole lot more debt, as well as the recovery time in which I won't be able to work. Additionally, my insurance is going to run out less than two weeks after the surgery, so all costs (medications, physical therapy, follow up appointments) will be greatly increased.

What Your Help Will Do For Me

If you can help me, even if it's just a few cents, it will go towards my ability to beat this damn thing, recover, and come out on the other side. I want more than anything to get past this speedbump and move forward with my life, but I am both literally and figuratively crippled by what's going on right now.

Other Ways You Can Help

If you can't contribute, feel free to pass this along to others, if you know anyone who might be feeling generous and want to help.

I'd also be grateful for any advice or resources anyone may have to offer.

Compassion - Give me your love and support; this is very painful and terrifying, and I could use some hugs.

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