It's a Wonderful Life - Radio Theatre

It's a Wonderful Life - the Radio Theatre Version. 20% of ticket sales go to Habitat for Humanity New York City. Help us cover production costs!

Who are we?

Hi! We're BOO-Arts Productions and we are a New York City based independent theatre company.  We are dedicated to creating art which stimulates thought and provokes discussion that deepens relationships within our community.  We have a passion for the classics and philanthropy so it is our great joy to present our annual Holiday Celebration, It's a Wonderful Life, the radio show, which allows us to do a holiday classic while also giving back.  This year we are co-producing our Holiday Celebration with Gotham Radio Theatre presenting Rudolph's Tale: A 1964 Christmas.  Both Radio Theatre shows will be performed in rep at the Arclight Theatre in New York City on December 13th-15th.  A percentage of the proceeds from both performances will be donated to Habitat for Humanity New York City.

What do we need?

Last year we donated 20% of ticket sales (before paying off production costs) to Habitat for Humanity New York City.  This year we want to do even more.  Ticket sales usually cover the expense of producing a show: theatre rental, marketing, programs, rehearsal space, etc.  With $2,500 raised through this campaign those expenses will be covered right off the bat.  We can then use our ticket sales to pay our actors and team for their work, give more money to Habitat for Humanity New York City, and start off our 2014 season with a nest egg.

What is "Radio Theatre"?

Ever wonder how they made radio broadcast performances?  What did the actors with such distinctly characterized voices actually look like?  How did they make all of those sound effects?  We invite you to come watch Radio Theatre and find out!  Join us on our recording studio sound stage to see the cast perform the 1947 Lux Radio Theatre version of It's a Wonderful Life for live broadcast.  See the magic of double (and triple and quadruple and non-conventional) casting at work, enjoy timeless commercial breaks, and watch live foley sound effects being made.

Thank you!

Thanks for supporting our work!  Radio Theatre is a lost art form and we are excited to be partnering with Gotham Radio Theatre to bring it back while presenting two holiday classics for a good cause.  We couldn't do it without your patronage and we thank you for contributing in whatever way you can.

Learn more.

For more information about BOO-Arts Productions and to see photos and cast lists of previous years' Holiday Celebrations visit www.boo-arts.com.

To learn more about Habitat for Humanity New York City visit www.habitatnyc.org. 

To see more Radio Theatre check out our co-producers for this show: Gotham Radio Theatre. www.gothamradiotheatre.com. 

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