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Help Ja'Mel complete his transition by contributing to his top surgery fund.
Ja'Mel Ware
Madison, Wisconsin
United States
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My name is Ja'Mel Ashlin. I am a 24yr old UW - Madison alumnus from Detroit, MI. I grew up in a single parent home where my mother always taught me the value of loving who I am. My mother named me both woman and man, Ashely Ja'Mel, because she knew I had two spirits. As a teenager I questioned my gender as my body became more feminine. My mother told me on her death bed "All Boys Grow Differently". It's time for this boy to become a man.

Your contribution to my camapign would assist with cost of surgery, travel, and room and board. The surgeon I would like to see is known for his work in the FTM (female to male) community - Dr. Charles Garramone in Davey, FL. 

With both of my parents deceased and a mound of student loan debt I am unable to afford this procedure on my own.

I need $10,000 to cover the cost of surgery. 

Bringing me to the PERKS! Your contribution is greatly appreciate therefore I'd like to reward your giving. My first giveaway will be an unlimited amount of personalized YOUTUBE shoutouts! The second giveaway will also be an unlimited amount - an autographed copy of my narrative "All Boys Grow Differently"! Now here is where things become SUPER exciting! I am a published writer so my third giveaway will be 20 autographed copies of Our Lives magazine featuring ME! But really none of those giveaways are as special as the last - my good friend Nick Villegas is going to create 7 custome drawings for our biggest donators! 

Now, $10,000 is a lot of money! It is the exact amount I need to have a surgeon well versed in FTM top surgery. If i do not meet this goal I will have to fundraise harder OR find another surgeon to complete the operation. Every dollar counts and every dollar will be used towards the completion of my top surgery. 

The number of visible transgender people are growing as we live in a more tolarable world. However, many trans youth never get to see the day of their transition because of finacial issues. A lot of gender queer youth don't have the opportunity to think about transition because they commit suicide. I have been extermely lucky to come from a mother who taught me that it is ok to be who I am. I am also, grateful for the support system I continue to have throughout my life. 

Your donation is helping me get one step closer to living my life to its fullest potiental. And with your help I will be able to continue to give help to LGBTQ+ youth!

Please feel free to pass this campiagn on to your friends and families and LGBTQ+ organizations in your area!

Thank you for your time and donation

Ja'Mel Ashlin W. 

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    Want a s/o for yourself or your company for supporting a LGBTQ person in need??! Well you will sure get one for your donation!

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    'All Boys Grow Differently'

    Here, have an autographed copy of my narrative 'All Boys Grow Differently'!

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    Our Lives magazine

    Here is an autographed copy of Our Lives magazine featuring yours truly!

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    Nick Villegas

    A customized drawing brought to you by Nick Villegas himself!

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