iStick Playtime, from Dew Motion

The world's first ultra performance smart watch for iPhone and Android specially made for sports and fitness.

The world's first ultra performance smart watch for iPhone and Android.

The iStick Playtime will be like no other in terms of letting you communicate with your friends, listen to your music, and track your performance on the run, no matter the conditions!

Super thin, lightweight, waterproof, with flexible e-ink display, joystick control, microphone and speaker; we have developed the ultimate smart watch.

But we want to make it cooler than that.  There are still some decisions to be made such as the colors it will come in, the design of our pro-edition, and the iStick Playtime app that will make it a must on the hill, on the mountain, or where ever your passion will take you.

Contribute to one of our great packages and become part of the design decisions, updated features, and promotions that will make this campaign truly exciting.

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Recent Reviews

“...from the river to the slopes! Weather-proof, waterproof, and lightweight so you can take it on all your adventures.” -Blueridge Outdoors Magazine

"The first [Smart Watch] with a unique form factor designed specifically to withstand the rigors of extreme sports...The consuming public will be MORE than satisfied with the iStick Playtime!" -Smart Watch News

“It seems like everything has been thought of with this watch and I love that." -Wasabi Mountain

“The world’s first flexible, thin¬film electronics smart watch, built to endure all of life’s conditions indoors, outdoors, or underwater.” - Phones Review

"When it comes to outdoors and action sport, smartphones become a problem to use. With the Stick Playtime the problem may just be resolved." - Damn Geeky

"It's like a smarter version of various iPhone-cradling sport armbands and takes the weight of the phone off your arm." - Gizmag

"Proof that heavy-hitters (Apple, Samsung, etc...) no longer get to dictate when new technology hits the market.". -Trendhunter


Ready to Play!

More than a watch, the iStick Playtime syncs to your smart phone directly via Bluetooth. The iStick controls your smart phone’s functions and displays its vital information right onto the iStick’s display.

What it Does

The iStick Playtime instantly answers your calls, controls your music, messages, and sports stats without ever having to reach for your phone or slowing down to activate a function.  You can also activate Siri/Android voice command to undertake a number of audio-tasks or start your Dew Motion App, by simply stating: “Start my run”,for example.


See all of your stats without scrolling

The flexible e-ink display allows us to position the screen around the wrist rather than straight on top of it. This results in a bigger screen size and right view angle so that you can easily see your time, messages, and sports stats even in full sunlight. It also uses 50% less energy than common LCD screens.


Siri and Android Voice Command

With its embedded microphone and speaker, answer calls on the mountain, initiate Siri to command your music, listen to or reply to a text message by simply activating your iStick Playtime.



Take it into cold, snow, water and rain.  The iStick Playtime is good to operate down to 15 degrees F (-10 C) and is waterproof.  So take it in the snow, down rapids, or anywhere else your passions will take you.

iStick moves at the speed you do

Through its innovative joystick controller, you can quickly activate all of your phone’s functions at full speed, even with a glove on. Don’t let your phone slow you down.

Wear it how you choose.

Skiing, snowboarding, running, biking, cycling, kayaking, swimming, kite surfing, hiking, motor biking and the list goes on and on. Wear in on your wrist, on your arm, on top of your jacket, or on your handle bars.

Tech Specs

  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0
  • Charge: Rechargeable lithium ion battery, 7 days continuous operation on a single charge.
  • Display: E-ink™ display, scratch-resistant, flexible.
  • Voice/Sound: Embedded microphone and speaker for hands free operation.
  • Control: Joystick controller for music control, call reception, Siri, iStick apps media.
  • Weather proof: 15 F or -10 C
  • Waterproof: To be announced, expected 3 feet.
  • Compatibility: iPhone 4, 4S, 5, Android (early 2014 starting with galaxy)
  • Audio connection: iStick hands free mode or in combination with standard headphones or Bluetooth headset.


  • Start My App: specific voice command control for iStick apps control
  • Screen data display: time, phone message alert, text message alert, Bluetooth activation, battery level, song title, phone number id (Android only), sports statistics (4 level stats id) changing depending on sports apps used.
  • Voice command: full Siri voice command and Android voice command
  • Joystick control: receive calls, control music ( volume adjustment, song change, stop and play), Siri activation, iStick app center activation.


Warrranty: One year limited warranty 


Meet iStick Dev Team

Frederic Blouin, Founder and CEO, Dew Motion Inc.

“I feel that the iStick Playtime is the extension of my passions. The greatest reward so far has been to see how people really love our products and how eager they are to help out. This is how you can grow a company while having both feet on the ground. Keeping it real all the way." 

Holder of an M.A. in International Public Administration from the University of Geneva, Switzerland, Frederic has more than 20 years of experience as CEO and founder of technology start-ups within industrial and consumer product sectors.

Mike Turner, founding partner and investor in Dew Motion.

Mike was one of the instrumental early collaborators of Mark Thatcher, founder of Teva Sandals. Mike was responsible for the early sales of Teva products into large outdoor retail chains, such as EMS, LL Beans, Dicks Sports and others. He remained exclusive East Coast Agent for Teva for more than 20 years. Mike assists the company with valuable expertise in the development of its sales’ network within the U.S. outdoor market. 

Yannick Le Devahat, Syscard Innovations

Syscard specializes in the development of specialty thin film electronic
boards for integration into smart cards and mobile electronic devices. As founder of Syscard Innovations, Yannick's expertise and product procurement knowledge in Asia makes him a great associate in the product procurement process for the current project. 

François Lortie, Lortie Product development group

François has gained its reputation working for some of the successful Canadian outdoor brands including; Louis Garneau, Chlorophyle, De Vinci, Boreal Design and others. François provides our company with product development services specially in regards to thermo binding and laser cutting assembly of the product.


Why Indiegogo?

After a year of development, we are proud to announce that the iStick Playtime is ready to move into its production and accreditation phase.  We have all the suppliers lined up and ready to run!  

indiegogo allows us to engage with our early adopters at this critical phase of our project.  Making sure that we are designing what our core users want from the iStick Playtime and making them part of the decision making process.  This is why we need your help. To build the ultimate smart watch for sports and fitness!


Where will the funds go?

We need $250,000 to get the product from its current prototype state to its commercial state.  The costs include software programming, apps development, product certifications, licenses and minimum product inventory.  Since the electronics we are using are new to the market, there are high minimum levels required from our part suppliers. All of these factors make the first batch of products very costly to produce.  This is why we need your help.


What are the risks and challenges associated with the project?

While our company has successfully brought to market a first generation of iStick armbands for iPhone using flexible electronic components with less than 3% product return rate over three years, every new project contains a number of risks and challenges:


There exists no product on the market using the prescribed flexible electronic components within a textile material. We are the first to pioneer in this direction which does represent the challenge of working in uncharted territory.  This is what makes this exciting and why we need your help!


Indiegogo customer should be aware that there exists a gap between a prototype version of a product and a production unit. While we have undergone a thorough engineering feasibility regarding the production of the unit, there may be some unforeseen elements that may affect its development.  If these should arise, we will communicate with you.

In manufacturing our product, we are relying on a number of suppliers for parts and final assembly.  Delays in the delivery of a part or defects attributed to a part can delay the estimated delivery date of the product.

Also, there are a number of certifications and licenses which we must obtain to have the product ready for retail.  While we have dealt with Apple licenses and other certifications for our other products, there are always uncertainties as to the time frames associated with obtaining final accreditations from these authorities.

Understanding these risks is an important part of making your decision on this Project. We will do our best to promptly answer to any of your concerns.



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