Isowalk Intelligent Mobility

An intelligent walking aid that actively assists and adapts to each user. Also becomes a smart object for wireless alerts, feedback and more!
Ron Goldberg
Caldwell, New Jersey
United States
3 Team Members

Meet Isowalk.

Isowalk is the world's first intelligent walking assistant. It replaces primitive canes with modern technology that's been designed from the ground up to adapt itself to each individual user and actively help them walk.

A breakthrough in personal mobility, Isowalk combines the best of modern ergonomics, orthopedics, biomechanics, aerospace engineering and aesthetic design. Isowalk's innovations have already been awarded two U.S. patents.

Our goal: Help millions of people walk.

We believe Isowalk is already the world's best walking assistant, even while it's still in beta.

With your help, we will tool and manufacture the first Isowalks in volume and make this revolutionary mobility aid available to the world. Contributors will be first to get one, of course -- for themselves or a loved one.

With a successful campaign, we will also deploy the digital intelligence (see below) that will make Isowalk a wireless 'smart object' for digital health and security applications.

Should we be lucky enough to exceed our goal, we'd use your generous support to make more Isowalks, of course.  But you'll also be helping accelerate our plans for specialized models for every kind of user, application and budget, including seniors, athletics, recovery, obesity and pediatrics.

 We believe that everyone who needs or wants this technology should have it. 

Real walking assistance. It's about time!

The most common walking aid is the cane, which is very likely the world's oldest technology. It actually shows up in Egyptian hieroglyphics and has barely changed for thousands of years.

In terms of ergonomics and usability (not to mention looks!), canes are an epic fail, which is why virtually everyone hates to use one. They're uncomfortable, painful, awkward -- the ultimate 'dumb' device. A cane doesn't help you walk. Its real purpose is to keep you from falling.

Isowalk (finally) applies modern principles and technologies to walking assistance.  Here's how this revolutionary device takes us beyond today's crude canes and sticks:


Isowalk and the Internet of Things

Isowalk already has native biomechanical intelligence that will be built into every model.  But the fun really starts as we begin to add digital intelligence for Isowalk Connected.

Advances in low-power wireless technologies (Bluetooth, ANT+, Z-Wave, etc.) and similar advances in touch and pressure sensitive materials open a tremendous range of smart applications for Isowalk in the Internet of Things. Possibilities include real-time and archived progress feedback, location detection, and interaction with motion sensors at home or away.

We've already identified several of the most appropriate wireless solutions that are practical for these kinds of applications.  Our team is connected to extensive leading-edge expertise in wireless technologies, as well as a world-class testing facility.

With a successful campaign, we will not only launch the first Isowalks to the market, we'll also select the winning digital platform(s) and build the initial edition of the first Isowalk Connected models. 

Who is Isowalk?

Isowalk is a bootstrapped startup, seeded by a core group of friends and family and spearheaded by me - Ron Goldberg.  I'm a 25-year consumer technologies veteran and ninja innovator and have a long history of helping to launch new technologies into the world. 

If you know me (hi!), you already know the kinds of people and organizations that I work with.  If you don't know me, a look at my LinkedIn or Facebook page gives you some background. With a bit of trawling, you can also see my profile at the Innovation Movement.

Isowalk has just been awarded its 2nd US patent!

Through my longtime work in the consumer electronics industry, I'm privileged to work closely with some of its most renowned experts in hardware, software and manufacturing. These friends and colleagues make up Isowalk's enviable collective expertise, giving their time, talent and experience because they believe deeply in this project. You can read more about them in our FAQ below.

As for the rest of our core team, they are fellow visionaries that have brought Isowalk to life with funding, sweat, time, thoughtfulness and discounted invoices.

Isowalk is a startup, but we are by no means rookies at bringing out new technologies. Far from it.

Why are we doing this?

Let's face it, no matter what shape you're in or how old you are, nobody wants to think about walking assistance. I know I didn't, until I watched my own parents struggle in their final years.

Then I started seeing the problem everywhere.  

Athletic friends hobbling with a stick. Boomer friends too self conscious to use a stick. Older people not walking enough because their stick not only doesn't help, it hurts.

You've probably never thought about it either. That is, unless -- or maybe until, because life happens -- you or someone you love wants or needs the help. Nobody thinks about any of this. Until it's needed.

When it is, all that's really available to you is a cane. Whether it's a plain one or a fancy one, a folding one or a gimmicky one, a cane is still literally as dumb as a stick.

Always uncomfortable. Usually ugly. Never actively assistive. Outside of color and other minor variations, there's virtually no difference between any of them.

It's 2013 and we're all still stuck with a stick. Why?  Easy -- they cost almost nothing to make and are extremely profitable for big companies that sell many millions of them around the world, year in and year out.

When not bothering to innovate is so easy and profitable, who wants to do it?

We do.

What's in it for you?

We bet you like helping people as much as we do. And by helping to launch Isowalk, you'll be helping a lot of people. Your contribution to this visionary product makes you a visionary too, and vision has its perks

We'll be offering Isowalks, of course. We'll also be offering cool stuff ranging from always-welcome T-shirts, to files you can use in a 3D printer to accessorize your Isowalk!

Contributors will be making Isowalk happen. You (or a loved one!) get one first!

Print your own individual 3D ornaments for your Isowalk!

Sport the latest in ambulation fashion!

Sip in style, and vote for the contributor's slogan!


Be inside every Isowalk Connected from now on...

One day, all canes will work like this.

Check out the perks, we hope you like them!  Contributors that help launch Isowalk can be the first owners of revolutionary technology that's sure to become collectable, and have their name, in digital ones and zeroes, inside of every connected Isowalk from now on.

We hope you'll support us here on Indiegogo and we look forward to keeping you updated!

How will we use your contribution?

We're in the home stretch of this project. Our prototypes have electrified everyone who's seen and used them. Here's how we'll use your generous contributions:
  • Final aesthetic/design tweaks
  • Refinements for optimal manufacturability
  • Tooling and molds for volume production
  • First inventory for contributors

Our team, including myself (see FAQ below). has decades of A-list experience in bringing new tech products to market. We have complete confidence in our ability to bring out Isowalk and will keep contributors closely updated on our continual progress!

We sincerely hope you'll help us bring this groundbreaking technology to the many millions of people worldwide who have been waiting for just such a thing.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for your support!  

If you like what you see, please share our campaign with your friends and networks!



What makes Isowalk so different than a cane?

Isowalk adapts to the user, instead of the user adapting to the cane. A cane keeps you from falling, while Isowalk helps you walk.

What's wrong with canes anyway?

If you've ever used one, you probably wouldn't ask. Simply put, they hurt. They focus the user's weight on some of the most fragile parts of the body. They force the hand, wrist and arm into weak, unnatural positions with poor leverage. The shoulder, back and neck try to compensate, causing associated strains.

Is Isowalk safer than a cane?

Canes are frequently quite dangerous, mostly because of unpredictable ground contact. About 47k Americans are treated in emergency rooms each year after falling from their walker or cane. Isowalk's tip has triple the ground contact area of a conventional cane tip.

What is Isowalk made of?

Mostly composite materials like carbon fiber and various urethanes that have been selected for their strength and lightweight characteristics.

How is Isowalk medically sound?

Isowalk was designed with the participation of three of the most renowned orthopedic surgeons in their field, in the largest metropolitan center in the US. Confidentiality has been requested until Isowalk is on the market.

Is Isowalk a medical device that needs FDA approval?

No. The FDA classifies this as a "Class I" (general controls) device that does not require any special pre-market approvals or regulation.

Who is Isowalk's team?

Isowalk's brain trust is made up of veterans representing numerous avenues of the technology world. Sensitivities with their day gigs prevent any direct shout outs here, but to brag a little, Isowalk's manufacturing guru has brought literally millions of home and personal tech products to market, including numerous best-sellers. Our wireless guru is one of the most eminent figures in the US smart home market. Our visual ID guru's work has won over 250 awards. Our acting CFO has 25 years of experience, etc. We are a startup with tons of experience and long success records.

What about all these smart apps?

We see Isowalk as 'wearable technology' that the user doesn't have to wear. A smart Isowalk can monitor biometric data such as cardiovascular levels; progressive data like distance and recovery; location data (did Grandpa wander off?) and more. A mobility aid is arguably the most natural and least intrusive 'node' for real-time wellness and status in digital health applications. My own professional work is deeply connected to the enabling technologies for these smart apps in the residential, institutional and commercial markets. 

How much will Isowalk cost?

We have not settled on a final list price, this will emerge as we finish our final tweaks and costings. We intend for Isowalk to be an accessible technology for everyone. While there will eventually be different Isowalk models at different price points, our first models will be premium facing. The campaign is meant to also cover our tooling expenses, which is why we appreciate your support at the $125 perk 'cost'.

Will Isowalk come in different colors?

As we grow, we will offer Isowalk in a variety of colors and styles, including on-demand customizations. Our initial cosmetics will be close in style and spirit to the beta models seen in our campaign page and gallery.

What will you do with my contribution if you don't reach your funding goal?

We will use all contributions here on Indiegogo to further Isowalk's march to general availability, regardless of sum.

What will you do if you exceed your funding goal?

We will gratefully and enthusiastically accelerate production, begin development of specialized models, start offering colors and customizations, and launch more apps for the connected models. We will also begin plans for a philanthropic arm.

When will you deliver Isowalk?

Our target date for a public debut is early January of 2014 at the annual Consumer Electronics Show. Isowalks should be ready to ship to contributors 45-60 days from that event. 

Were you always called Isowalk? 

Isowalk is a product of Kineticane, LLC, which is the original name we went by and the one you'll see when you make your contribution. 

How else can I help?

We think Isowalk is an idea that the whole world will want to know about.  If you like what you see please share our campaign through your own networks and Indiegogo's sharing tool!




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    Thank you even more! Your generosity will be felt with each step taken by every Isowalk user. You'll continue to share in our milestones and progress after the campaign is over through our newsletter, and your name will be a permanent fixture on the Isowalk web site to show the online world that you made this advance happen.

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    At this level, you will be a contributor to a special reserve of Isowalks that will be set aside for charitable donation. We plan ongoing philanthropic outreach for this remarkable technology, with our first focus being seniors and the disabled. Your suggestions for worthy recipient agencies are of course most welcome. Besides knowing that your angel contribution helped those that needed it most, you will also have a special call-out on the Isowalk website. Way to go!

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    At this level, we think of you as part of the development team. You'll be invited to participate in polls and give your thoughts and feedback on new Isowalk features and applications. And while you're participating with us, enjoy a cup of your favorite brew from an elegant ceramic Isowalk mug that sports our striking logo and the message that you helped make Isowalk real. International contributors, please add $4 to help with shipping/handling.

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    Gotta have all the collectible stuff? Your generosity gets you all of our gratitude and all of the previously described perks: the Isowalk mug and shirt, participation in polls, listing on our site, newsletter updates, the personal thank you, of course, and inclusion in a printed contributor list that will be packaged with each Isowalk model. International contributors, please add $5 to your contribution to help with shipping/handling.

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    You rock big time! In addition to all the perks mentioned so far, your name will be immortalized by being embedded in the software for our connected models. Everyone who walks with an Isowalk Connected model from now on will be walking with you -- literally. It's better than having a star named after you! International contributors, please add $5 to help with shipping/handling.

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    Ready to own one of the world's first Isowalks, or know someone that is? At this level you'll get a Special First Edition model, limited to contributors only, with identifying cosmetics that show the world your contribution made Isowalk happen. US contributors, please add $20 shipping to your contribution; $30 for international contributors.

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    In addition to an Isowalk Special First Edition and the other perks mentioned, we'll also send you a CAD file that you can edit and 3D print for your own customized ornamentation. Upcoming generations of Isowalk will be available in a variety of cosmetics, but yours will always be uniquely yours! Add designs in your own colors; you'll always know whose Isowalk is whose. US contributors, please add $20 shipping to your contribution; $30 for international contributors.

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  • $300USD

    At this level of contribution, you move up to an Isowalk Connected model. This will make you among the first in the world with this groundbreaking technology. While the initial apps will be simple, the world of app possibilities is immense. This is the cutting edge and you're on it! Please add $25 shipping to your contribution for US residents, $35 for international.

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    Estimated delivery: April 2014
  • $500USD

    Along with having one of the first Isowalk Connected models, you'll also get a developer's kit for creating applications for this important new smart object. Besides being able to create custom apps for their own specific goals, developers will be on the ground floor of a vital new avenue for the Internet of Things. We want to build a developer community; at this level you're a charter member. Please add $25 shipping to your contribution for US residents, $35 for international.

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    Estimated delivery: April 2014
  • $1,000USD

    At this level, you not only get more gratitude than we can fit here, plus both an Isowalk (March) and Isowalk Connected (April) and the other perks'll be one of us. You'll be invited as a special guest at our launch event in NYC, and will be highlighted on a printed contributor list that will be included with each Isowalk model.

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    Estimated delivery: March 2014
  • $5,000USD

    At this level, you are singularly special to us and to everyone that walks better thanks to Isowalk. In addition to receiving both an Isowalk (March) and Isowalk Connected (April) and all the rest of the perks, we will fly you to NYC from anywhere in the US for our launch event (and put you up in a hotel of course!). You'll also be invited to a special pre-launch event where benefactors can meet the team and engage in a presentation on the future of connected mobility according to Isowalk.

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    Estimated delivery: March 2014
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