Iraq Veterans Against the War: Chicago or Bust!

Help 100 veterans gather in Chicago to heal from trauma and work to end US militarism here and abroad!

We are a Community that is Building a Movement

Iraq Veterans Against the War was founded in 2004 by 7 servicemembers who returned from a needless war of choice in Iraq and were ready to share that experience with the world.  What grew from that original 7 is a community of nearly 2000 veterans with a common experience and desire to end these wars.

Our mission is to build a service-member and veteran led movement that ends militarism by transforming ourselves, military culture and American society.

We realize that this mission is hard work, but we see ourselves getting closer each year.  Our greatest strength is the community that we provide for one another.  This community allows us to heal from war, which is the first step in personal and societal transformation.  

The most important community building tool that we have is our annual convention.

Our annual convention is a place where members from all over the country (and sometimes the world) can gather to share the stories of our history and create the stories of our future.  It is where we develop strategy and strengthen our relationships with one another and with our allies, friends, and supporters.  Without this convention, our organization could not exist.

Your gift not only allows us to plan our future, it makes it possible for our members to gather with their most valuable support system.

Honor the Warrior, Not the War

War is trauma.  As a result, our members have a high rate of disability, under employment, unemployment, and homelessness.  We try to provide travel stipends so that our members can come together regardless of their financial situation.

Your generosity makes it possible to bring our members together in Chicago for this important gathering. 

  • $75 pays for a member's registration
  • $100 pays for a bus ticket
  • $500 will help pay for a member's flight
  • $1000 will allow members with dependants to travel together and have childcare needs met

Joining you as supporters are musician Tom Morello and the Justseeds Artists' Cooperative who have generously donated gifts for you, our indiegogo donors!  But please hurry!  These gifts are limited. 

You are not alone.

"I don't know if I would be here today if it wasn't for the community I've found in IVAW."

This is something we hear from members each time we gather. Our relationships with one another are often what keep us strong. Helping us to nurture and maintain that community will literally save lives. 22 veterans are lost each day to suicide, and our best form of prevention is reminding one another that we are not alone. 

Other Ways You Can Help

We understand that not everyone can contribute financially, and that's ok!  There are still ways that you can help.

  • Share this campaign with your contacts
  • Share it on facebook and twitter
  • Sign up for our newletter
  • Share our work with your friends, family, and colleagues
  • Do you know a veteran who has served after 9/11? Put us in contact!

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