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Iranian Legend: The Iron Sheik Story - Is a feature length documentary which will show the fans the TRUE history of the legend.
Iron Sheik
1 Team Member


We have EXTENDED our campaign!



God Bless!

- #teamsheikie



We start to make a movie, documentary, about my life. How I bodyguard of Shah, how I was gold medal wrestling champion, how I was #1 WWE champion, how I was the real shooter and not like that rice krispie dick Chris Brown. But now we need the help of the fans. So if you have the heart, if you have the balls, please help support my documentary on the indiegogogo and to make the REAL film for the REAL fans about the REAL legend.

God bless!"

 -The Iron Sheik



    For the past 6 years Jian Magen and Page Magen have been following and documenting the life of their childhood hero, wrestling's number one villain, Hossein Kosrow Vaziri, better known as The Iron Sheik. Their close friendship with The Iron Sheik has given them unlimited access to film the man and the legend.


    Their documentary will chronicle The Iron Sheik’s electrifying career - from his years as a top WWF wrestler and Olympic Wrestling Champion, to his rebirth as an outlandish pop culture and social media phenomenon known for public outbursts on the Howard Stern Show, YouTube videos and a massively popular Twitter account.  Just as importantly, the film will explore his personal life, including his position as the Shah of Iran’s bodyguard, his flight  from Iran to pursue the American dream, the 2003 murder of his eldest daughter, his descent into and recovery from drugs, the mentoring and coaching of professional wrestler Iranian Lion, and his urgent need for double knee and ankle surgery brought on by his punishing years as a professional wrestler.


   This film will show everyone the real Hossein Vaziri. The good, the bad, and the Sheikie.  A man who lived the American Dream by taking on the persona of an Iranian villain. A man who won his fans admiration by being the man they loved to hate.


    This has been a dream project for twins Jian and Page Magen. The boys grew up watching their hero, not only on TV, but in their very own home. The Sheik is a childhood friend of their father, and he who would visit the boys whenever he was in Toronto. Today, the twin brothers credit the Iron Sheik as an inspiration for their success as owners of Magen Boys Entertainment (MBE), Canada’s #1 turn-key event production and entertainment company.


    “Everybody knows the professional wrestler, but few know the man behind the persona; Hossein Khosrow Ali Vaziri.  This will not just be a documentary about a wrestler, but a story about a man and his family,” says Jian.  “We’ve known the Iron Sheik for our whole lives,” continues Page. “We’ve seen his biggest triumphs, as well as some very low points.  We’ve known for a long time that this was a story that needed to be told, and have been gathering footage for several years. With over four decades entertaining his fans, there’s no time like the present to bring the Iron Sheik’s story to his fans in his own words.”


What We Need & What You Get


    The $100,000 we are trying to raise will help us cover some of the costs of production and post-production, including equipment rentals, locations, music, insurance, and legalities associated with making a film.  A portion of the funds will also go towards his much needed ankle and double knee surgery.  This won’t cover all of our costs, so hopefully we can raise even more than our goal. Everyone who makes a contribution to the campaign will receive a perk (listed on the right hand side of the page).


    We’ve created some unique rewards to thank you for pledging your support, such as; autographs, Iron Sheik paraphernalia, an invitation to an Iranian Legend screening, telephone calls and a meet and greet with The Iron Sheik, to name just a few.  In addition to supporting the campaign financially, please help by spreading the word to anyone who loves the Iron Sheik or quality documentaries. Share the IndieGoGo page with friends and family, like the Facebook page, follow The Iron Sheik updates on Twitter and re-tweet to your followers.


The Iron Sheik thanks you for your support!


*Exclusive Iranian Legend t-shirts available in sizes M-XXL


*shipping and taxes on perks not included 

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$100,000 USD goal
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This campaign ended on August 10, 2013
Select a Perk
  • $1USD

    You cheap, but Sheikie baby still loves you!

    27 claimed
  • $10USD
    Your Intelligent. Thank U.

    You have the Iron Sheik’s undying gratitude. You will get a ‘thank you very much’ on the Iron Sheik’s Facebook page, and we will keep you updated on all news about the project.

    71 claimed
  • $15USD
    #TeamSheikie membership card

    Join the team! This perk comes with a personalized digital copy of YOUR #TeamSheikie membership card customized with your name and #TeamSheikie number. Post your membership card on the twitter or Facebook and show the people you support THE LEGEND. BE INTELLIGENT, join #TeamSheikie today! NOTE: Please specify which name you would like on the card.

    6 claimed
  • $20USD
    No Jabroni

    Special limited edition autographed picture + the gratitude, the ‘thank you’ and the updates.

    165 claimed
  • $25USD
    New Country Way

    DIGITAL DOWNLOAD OF THE IRANIAN LEGEND FILM! You will get access to a one time digital download the movie within a few days of the movie’s debut. + The #teamsheikie membership card and all our amazing updates.

    30 claimed
  • $30USD
    Old Country Way

    Exclusive Sheik T shirt + the gratitude, the ‘thank you’ and the updates.

    92 claimed
  • $30USD

    Get HUMBLED by the Twitter legend himself! Amazing! NOTE: You must send your Twitter username with your donation.

    63 claimed
  • $40USD
    Sheikie Baby COMBO

    Get the EXLUSIVE Iron Sheik T Shirt PLUS the special limited edition autographed picture!

    99 claimed
  • $60USD
    The Iranian Legend PART 2

    Get an exclusive SIGNED copy of the Iranian Legend DVD by the legend himself. This will no doubt be a collector’s item!

    64 claimed
  • $60USD
    Camel Clutch Combo

    This is AMAZING! Get the Iranian Legend DVD with ONE of the following items: Iron Sheik Twitter or Facebook shout out. OR Iron Sheik Autograph (either 8x11 or on the DVD) NOTE: IF you choose the Twitter shout out you must send your Twitter username with your donation.

    71 claimed
  • $80USD
    Make You Humble

    A copy of the Iranian Legend DVD +Special limited edition autographed picture +Tweet or Facebook mention. NOTE: You must send your Twitter username with your donation.

    48 claimed
  • $100USD
    Phone Call Combo

    The Legend himself will show his gratitude by calling to thank you, respecting your intelligence and making you humble as well as a copy of the Iranian Legend DVD.

    27 claimed
  • $150USD
    Skype Call with the LEGEND

    The Legend himself will show his gratitude by calling you via Skype to thank you, respecting your intelligence and making you humble as well as a copy of the Iranian Legend DVD. NOTE: You must send your Skype username with your donation.

    2 claimed
  • $200USD
    Colonel Mustafa

    The works!! 5 minute Skype Call + A copy of the Iranian Legend DVD + Special limited edition autographed picture + A humble you Iron Sheik TWEET NOTE: You must send your Skype username with your donation.

    8 claimed
  • $400USD
    The Nikolai Volkoff

    For the TRUE die hard-fans: Iron Sheik’s trunks signed by the legend himself. + 5 minute Skype or phone call from the legend. + A signed copy of the Iranian Legend DVD + Special limited edition autographed picture + Humble You Iron Sheik TWEET + Sheik T shirt NOTE: You must send your Skype and twitter username with your donation.

    3 claimed
  • $1,000USD

    Get EVERYTHING in the Nikolai package +Tickets to the exclusive premiere screening of this documentary in Toronto or Los Angeles. Includes event and passes to the after party! NOTE: You must send your Skype and twitter username with your donation.

    1 claimed
  • $3,500USD
    Sheikie Baby Party:

    YOU and THREE friends get to Party with the Sheik in any of these cities: Toronto, LA, New York, Atlanta. (dates TBD). + A signed copy of the Iranian Legend DVD + Special limited edition autographed picture + Customized Iron Sheik TWEET + Exclusive Iron Sheik T shirt

    0 claimed
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