Iphone Game: Quantum Bladerunner

Taking Iphones Games To A New Level: The 1980's. I Love Retro and Simple Fun Games. Get 3 Iphone Games and Tons Of Rewards When You Pledge!
Jason Cohen
United Kingdom
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Hey its Jason Cohen here from indie games company Quantum Games.

Ive got many passions, having a beer in the pub, having a curry and I just love to play games on my pc and online. But a passion i have is creating retro style games like i remember from the 80’s and putting my spin on them.

My first iphone game is 80% complete and I plan to have it in the app store rough and ready in less than 2 weeks.

Here is  the beta build Video...


What We Need & What You Get

I also plan to release a minimum of 3 games this year with your support.

Now ive found an amazing designer and an amazing developer, and believe me it didnt happen easily. I had to go through several designers and developers to find my current dream team of Julian the designer and Sayantan the developer. Thanks guys and your doing a great job.

Ive also spent a ton of money learning in the last 6 months about the iphone/android apps business and my passion of making app games. Thanks Chad Mureta and Trey Smith and Amish Singal.

Ive always been entreprenerial since i was in my teens, and have a massive passion for sharing what I learn whatever im doing.....

So for this kickstarter im going to document everything I do, from making the app, to marketing the app, everything.

Im looking to raise at least $10,000 to make a minimum of 3 iphone apps, and if the funds are there to create for android and other platforms I will also create these. And If things go great with this kickstarter promotion and in app purchases inside the game I plan to produce even more games.

So my offer for Indie GoGo is to offer you a minimum of 3 games and if i produce more all the ones I produce to the end of 2012 are your free.

BUT I want to offer you lots of incentives for increasing your pledge to another level so please take a look at the pledges im offering and grab them before there gone.

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  • $10USD

    3 Finished iphone games by the end of 2012, the first game by end of July and 2 other games by December 2012. You get the equivilant of $50 in coins for this game and for the other 2 games when ready. That is $150 in coin value. Exclusive access to the video series where I show you my research strategies and marketing strategies to promote iphone games, and a thank you phone call for backing this project.

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    Estimated delivery: July 2012
  • $25USD

    HD download of the documentary series with exclusive extras, Unlimited email access to founder of Quantum Games Jason Cohen until end of 2012 to ask questions on the game development, research and marketing and all previous reward tiers

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    Estimated delivery: August 2012
  • $60USD

    PDF version of the Quantum Bladerunner Book (filled with 20+ full color pages of concept art, original photos, developer bios, excerpts from the game’s script, quantum secrets, and more!), and 2 additional titles when released by end of 2012 at the latest, and a 1 hour webinar where i answer group questions and share my iphone game research and marketing strategies, all previous reward tiers!

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    Estimated delivery: August 2012
  • $100USD

    Special edition DVD of the 3 games being researched and marketed documentary, Quantum Bladerunner T-Shirt, special thanks in the game credits, a 30 minute one to one telephone consultation with Jason Cohen to discuss the games themselves, game research, development, marketing or anything you like and all previous reward tiers.

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    Estimated delivery: August 2012
  • $250USD

    Quantum Bladerunner Poster autographed by Jason Cohen, and a 90 minute consultation with Jason Cohen to discuss the games themselves, game research or development and marketing or anything you like, and previous reward tiers.

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    Estimated delivery: September 2012
  • $500USD

    Lunch with Jason Cohen a tour of the Quantum Games offices, and a virtual chat with the progammers and designers of the games, and all previous reward tiers. THERE ARE MORE REWARDS but we can't post them here because they're too big!

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    Estimated delivery: October 2012
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