Iphone Game: Quantum Bladerunner

Taking Iphones Games To A New Level: The 1980's. I Love Retro and Simple Fun Games. Get 3 Iphone Games and Tons Of Rewards When You Pledge!

Hey its Jason Cohen here from indie games company Quantum Games.

Ive got many passions, having a beer in the pub, having a curry and I just love to play games on my pc and online. But a passion i have is creating retro style games like i remember from the 80’s and putting my spin on them.

My first iphone game is 80% complete and I plan to have it in the app store rough and ready in less than 2 weeks.

Here is  the beta build Video...


What We Need & What You Get

I also plan to release a minimum of 3 games this year with your support.

Now ive found an amazing designer and an amazing developer, and believe me it didnt happen easily. I had to go through several designers and developers to find my current dream team of Julian the designer and Sayantan the developer. Thanks guys and your doing a great job.

Ive also spent a ton of money learning in the last 6 months about the iphone/android apps business and my passion of making app games. Thanks Chad Mureta and Trey Smith and Amish Singal.

Ive always been entreprenerial since i was in my teens, and have a massive passion for sharing what I learn whatever im doing.....

So for this kickstarter im going to document everything I do, from making the app, to marketing the app, everything.

Im looking to raise at least $10,000 to make a minimum of 3 iphone apps, and if the funds are there to create for android and other platforms I will also create these. And If things go great with this kickstarter promotion and in app purchases inside the game I plan to produce even more games.

So my offer for Indie GoGo is to offer you a minimum of 3 games and if i produce more all the ones I produce to the end of 2012 are your free.

BUT I want to offer you lots of incentives for increasing your pledge to another level so please take a look at the pledges im offering and grab them before there gone.

Team on This Campaign: