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Kids are on smartphones, in front of a Smart TV, downloading apps, or posting to social and most parents have no clue...until now!
Craig Gross
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What is iParent.TV? If your kids are awake, they’re probably on a smartphone, in front of a smart tv, downloading apps, or posting to social networks. And most likely you have no idea what they’re doing. iParent.TV will be a yearly, subscription-based website for teaching and informing parents on all things tech, mobile, devices, websites, and apps for kids so that you WILL know.

The Problem.  Most parents don't have an inside track to tech or social media dangers, let alone how to safeguard their kids against them. 

58% of 10-12 year old kids believe they know how to hide their online activities from their parents.

46% of them said they would change their online behavior if they knew their parents were paying attention.

Introducing iParent.TV - keeping parents ahead of the tech curve. We believe we have the opportunity to help parents understand, get involved and safeguard their children in the ever-evolving tech World. iParent.TV educates parents with all the latest trends via Websites - Social Media - Apps - Devices

The idea.  It started with a group of dads who felt like their 9-year-olds knew more about tech than they did. They were right. But their idea will help change that forever for all parents. Once launched, we will have 100s of videos and product reviews that are very current, cutting edge and trending, keeping parents who subscribe ahead of the tech curve.

How it will work?  Our website will be a subscription-based site costing $49 per year for parents to access all the videos, reviews, how-tos, and live chat support. It will be the largest site on the net helping parents understand what's safe and what’s not in the world of tech. We are offering it for only $29 here on Indiegogo.

What you will get? 

Over 100 Video Reviews on all Trending Tech Devices, Gaming Systems, Smart Phones, Apps and Websites.

Check out iParent.TV for more info and the great early bird perks here on Indiegogo.

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This campaign ended on March 25, 2014
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  • $1USD
    Internet High Five

    With this pledge we’ll keep you up to date on all of the latest here at iParent.tv, with a Monthly Newsletter on our build out status. Thank you for your support. Seriously, every little bit helps.

    5 claimed
    Estimated delivery: April 2014
  • $5USD
    Our Shiny Faces

    Get a personalized Thank You Staff Picture emailed to you as a great keepsake for helping us build this platform.

    4 claimed
    Estimated delivery: April 2014
  • $29USD
    First In Line

    Early Bird - (Regularly $49) 1 Year Subscription to iParent.TV with an early release period before general public.

    127 out of 2000 claimed
    Estimated delivery: July 2014
  • $49USD
    2 For 1

    2 Year Subscription for iParent.TV (Usually $49 per year)

    19 claimed
    Estimated delivery: July 2014
  • $69USD
    Can't Beat This

    3 Year Subscription to iParent.TV with free E-book by Craig Gross called "Touchy Subjects" - Helping Parents Talk with their Kids"

    45 claimed
    Estimated delivery: July 2014
  • $99USD
    The Big Bang

    3 Year Subscription to the iParent.TV with free E-book by Craig Gross called "Touchy Subjects" PLUS - Tune into our first ever "iParent.TV Live Conference" (also downloadable) We will have Craig and his team taking questions on anything tech related, parenting related or any other questions you may have. This will be 2 hour event and will happen within 15 days of the campaign ending.

    14 claimed
    Estimated delivery: July 2014
  • $499USD

    Have a private Video Chat with our team for 60 minutes on any issue or issues you are challenged with at home. Also we will help answer any questions you personally may have about parenting and tech. PLUS A LIFETIME SUBSCRIPTION TO iParent.TV and access to the live event and E-book.

    6 out of 50 claimed
    Estimated delivery: July 2014
  • $5,000USD
    House Party

    The Ultimate iParent.TV Party. We will fly Craig and one other person from our team of experts to your house to host a Parent night. Invite up to 30 of your closest friends over and we will discuss all things tech, parenting and answer all your questions in person. All attending will receive Craig's e-book and parent workbooks. We will cover all expenses and flights but must be in the United States. Your family will receive a lifetime subscription to the iParent.tv site as well.

    3 out of 5 claimed
    Estimated delivery: July 2014
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