Into Focus - Short Film

Into Focus follows Shawn a photography student who leaves New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

The Backstory

Hi, everyone. My name is Marvin Yves. Thank you for stopping by, and I invite you to further support my directorial debut by reading about our film project.

Into Focus follows Shawn, a photography student who leaves New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Embarking on an ambitious project that brings her face to face with some of New York City's interesting men, she meets a man who inspires her to battle her demons. The film stars (actress/model) Mojeh Schaniel, (professional football player) Sinorice Moss, (recording artist) Jesse Boykins III, (photographer/filmmaker) Marvin Yves, and (actress/model) Jessyka Dennis.

This project was inspired by the personal experiences of some of those close to me, and created with the generous energies of other friends. In 2006, I bumpped into someone I'd know since elementary school. I inquired why was she back in town after moving to New Orleans years prior. She told me the story of how she was displaced because of the then-recent and tragic flood caused by Hurricane Katrina. Years later, when planning my first film project, I knew I needed the focus to be something that spoke from the heart. Drawing from my friend's experience, my own travels to New Orleans, and the life trials of some of those nearest to me, Into Focus was born.

The production of this film was funded from our own pockets. Everyone involved donated their time, talents and skill sets to make this project something that we could all be proud of. We believe that this film is important enough to empower others to get involved with what we're doing and take a vested interest in seeing it to its completion.

Budget Breakdown

Our goal of $3,000 is for production, post-production and to finance the next period of website development for digital distribution. Previously incurred expenses include: equipment rentals, transportation costs, actor/crew expenses and software. We've set $3,000 as our goal, but any funds we raise will be greatly appreciated and put to good use. Many thanks to all who can support financially. 

Other Ways You Can Help

We completely understand if contributing money to our film is beyond your means at this time. In that case, the best thing you can do for us, of course, is to help spread the word! Re-tweets, likes, reblogs, pins, etc. Please hit the "share" button, and we can't thank you enough for your help!

Please visit our website (www.intofocusfilm.com) for updates and like our Facebook page

-The cast and crew of Into Focus


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