Interviews with Queer Artists of Color

Please help me publish a book of my interviews with queer and transgender artists of color.

Short Summary

  • My name is Nia King and I am a queer, mixed-race art activist.
  • In March, I started a podcast (called We Want the Airwaves) where I interview queer and transgender artists of color about how they got where they are in their careers. The idea was to inform and inspire up-and-coming artists using art as a tool for social change.
  • Now I am working on turning the interview transcriptions into a book, e-book, and zine. Please help me make this collection of funny, heartwarming, and heart-wrenching stories available to the masses. Artists featured include poet Ryka Aoki, illustrator Julio Salgado, and burlesque performer Magnoliah Black!

What I Need & What You Get

This summer I've been working on the podcast 20-40 hours a week. I'm looking at different ways of monetizing the podcast to make it financially sustainable moving forward. In the meantime, I'm running this indiegogo campaign so I can:

  • Break even for the out-of-pocket expenses of running the podcast,
  • Pay the people that are helping me transcribe and edit the interviews, and
  • Publish a book of the interviews, so that even if I do burn out, there will be evidence of all the hard work I have done for the past six months.

In exchange for your support, there are a number of perks you can claim including:

  • an exclusive autographed hardcover edition of the book,
  • exclusive behind-the-scenes audio content,
  • and advice on how to increase your own visibility as an art activist.

The Impact

When I wrote my thesis on QTPOC (queer and trans people of color's) art activism in 2010, there were very few books about it. The librarian even suggested I might have better luck searching terms like "homosexual" and "Negro" rather than "queer" and "people of color." I'd like to change that. The purpose of this project is three-fold.

  • Archive the stories of queer and trans artists of color so they are not forgotten.
  • Make those stories available to future scholars interested in QTPOC art activism.
  • Spread the message that art is activism, and that queer and trans people of color's stories matter!

Other Ways You Can Help

  • Download the podcast here or on iTunes.
  • Leave a comment here (moral support goes a long way) or leave a nice review on iTunes.
  • Share the podcast with your friends (using the Twitter or FB buttons here).
  • After you've listened to the podcast, take this quick survey.
  • Buy the zine/e-book/print book when they come out this fall.

Thank you to everyone who has supported to podcast thus far, all the guests, listeners, donors, re-tweeters, and transcribers. I couldn’t have gotten this far without all of your support. <3

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