International Public Art Quilt with Artists 2 Africa- Jolyn Gardner Campbell

An International Mixed Media Art Quilt of messages and stories from people all over the world, artfully transformed into unique patterns, images, and designs.

Jolyn Gardner Campbell, Visual Artist



Visual artist Jolyn Gardner Campbell from Seattle, Washington is on a specific mission to connect people all over the world through the medium of art.  The first stop on this mission will take place this October when Jolyn travels with the group, Artists to Africa, as a teacher representing her discipline of painting.  


Every square on the art quilt is handpainted using paint.  When you send me your message or story, I will artfully transform it into an image, pattern, and or design all inspired by your words.  I like to add metallic paint, jewels, beads, leather and other materials to embellish the square patch and make it pop!  My style is abstract expressionism.  I love generous amounts of color!  Just look at my award winning painting below called "Limbs on a Whim!"  This art quilt will ultimately be left in Ghana as an international gift of art!


It will take a village to make this international public art mission a reality.   

Once all of the messages are gathered together and organized by subject matter I will begin the process of capturing the emotion and tone to design a one of a kind image/layout!  

The individual pieces are then joined together in larger sections and carefully packed for shipping.  Once we reach Ghana, the sections will then be assembled to make one large piece.  Remember, the art quilt will be as big as the number of "ARTicipants!"  

So don't miss this amazing opportunity to be part of this international art quilt!  Become an "ARTicipant" today!

Mason Family Fish Fry



Get the Official IPAQ mixed media print!  This is a truly special piece with an imprint of Jolyn's actual hand.  Have a keepsake of this amazing project that is sure to be a conversation piece and ultimately a collector's item.  

Official IPAQ Hand Print

Bronze "ARTicipant" gets your message on a 5x5 quilt square artfully transformed by me for only $25 plus a postcard with the finished image!

Silver "ARTicipant" gets your message on a 5x10 quilt square artfully transformed by me for only $50 plus a postcard with the finished image!

Gold "ARTicipant" gets your message on a 10x10 quilt square artfully transformed by me for only $100 plus a postcard with the finished image!

Be a girl's best friend as a Diamond "ARTicipant" and you will get everything with the Gold "ARTicipant" perk plus a specially designed Certifiication of "ARTicipation" with your name!

It's takes a Village "ARTicipant" to make it happen!  As such, you will get everything with the Diamond "ARTicipant" perk plus a limited edition poster of the finished image! 

Let's not forget about our Heritage "ARTicipant" which gets everything with the Diamond "ARTicipant" perk plus a signed limited edition 16x20 print of the finished image!

Ultimately, it's about establishing a Legacy "ARTicipant" which gets everything with the Heritage "ARTicipant" perk plus something truly special...

The Legacy "ARTicipant" will receive a 24x24 mini art quilt featuring textiles from Ghana!!  This will be a true collector's item. 

Sample squares


ARTISTS 2 AFRICA was birthed from decades of artists discussing the prospect of organizing a group journey to Africa tailored specifically for artists and focused on art education. On October 19-30, 2013 we will embark on our second official journey to Ghana West Africa!

The artists will journey into the art villages on the outskirts of Ghana. Various artisans including painters, sculptors, and weavers will be gathered in their workshops to create and collaborate. We will fellowship with the artists and students, visit their workshops to share technique, and explore the creative process, while exchanging our creative ideas with the artisans in the region. An exhibition will be organized featuring the works of each artist. Our focus is to educate and connect through ART.


The campaign is to assist with acquiring art materials for this project and artists in Africa to use on our visit as we fellowship by creating art. We will be visiting 4 locations where ceramic, wood carving, fabric making and other artforms are taught and produced. We will introduce various art projects and will instruct several groups of artisans and other participants. Funds will assist with art supplies and materials, and small tools. We also plan to document this experience with photography and video as a future educational medium. We hope you will take advantage of this unique opportunity to assist with this project....thank you.Share.Teach.Create!

Share. Teach. Create.

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