intelliPaper USB Drive - Smart, Disposable, Wireless

The coolest USB drive ever: It's smart, wireless, disposable — and made out of plain old paper.

 In the News...

To our supporters and email followers:

It’s time for an update, and what an update we have for you this time. Obviously our fundraising goal here on Indiegogo was not met; but we still have three pieces of big exciting news to share with you, and our supporters will still receive rewards (more on that in a minute).

Our team, particularly Mark and Josh, have worked really hard on making media contacts and getting intelliPaper out there. Their hard work has been successful—we’ve had dozens of articles in outlets like Discovery.com (the Discovery Channel’s website), Ubergizmo.com, TheNextWeb.com and a bunch more.

We’ve also made contact with specific reporters and shipped sample packs to Mashable.com, the Wall Street Journal, Forbes.com, ABC news, and USA Today. We were able to make contact with people there because of the media exposure we’ve had so far. So thanks, reporters! And a big public thank-you to Mark and Josh. Joan, our executive assistant and bookkeeper, hardly has time to figure out whether she’s coming or going because the phone is ringing off the hook these days.

Not only has our media exposure started to reach critical mass, but we’re in the middle of another big developments too! We recently inked an agreement with a U.S. distributor. That takes some of the logistical work off of Andrew so he can focus more on developing cool new intelliPaper products. If you're in the promotional space, you'll want to visit the intelliPaper store online and get in touch with one of our awesome sales reps.

Notwithstanding the fact we did not meet our funding goal, we are still planning to release consumer-oriented product (DataNotes™) mid next year. We’re pretty excited about where we are going and about the awesome feedback we got from the public as part of this project.

Your Rewards!
We noticed that by far most of the interest people have expressed in intelliPaper products has been centered on DataNotes™, not on the greeting cards as we’d originally thought would be the case. Hindsight is 20/20, but current data is even better. Given our new strategic direction and its financial demands, we need to substitute DataNotes™ for the greeting card rewards.

We think you’ll be pretty excited about what you can do with DataNotes™. Once you receive them, don’t forget to write us and let us know what you think about them. At this point we plan on maintaining the delivery schedule as explained in the project. Your feedback is really important. Seriously. Important. So thanks in advance for letting us know how things go.

If you ordered greeting cards, and don't want DataNotes™ instead, we'll gladly refund your contribution. Just let us know. We will be contacting each contributor individually after the holidays so stay tuned.


Paper USB - A New Frontier

intelliPaper® opens doors that have never been open before. Our patented process embeds a small silicon chip inside ordinary paper and turns it into a USB drive. These drives are inexpensive and environmentally friendly. intelliPaper USB drives are transforming printed materials.

Our Patented Technology Uses a Small Silicon Chip

Our patented technology uses a small silicon chip


All the functions of a standard USB drive at a fraction of the cost and size

All the functions of a standard USB drive -- in paper


The Perks

We are offering three exciting applications of this paper USB technology:

  • Greeting Cards

  • Disposable USB Drives

  • Blank USB Paper

Greeting Cards, Disposable USB Drives, Blank USB Paper


Perk #1: Greeting Cards

A greeting card with a built-in removable USB drive. It looks like a standard greeting card, but you can add your own digital media files.



The USB portion of each card will include an original, multimedia e-card-like experience. You will be able to customize this with your design, plus add your own pictures and multimedia content.



Each card's design with be finalized with input from our supporters. We want to make sure these are cards people will love.


Higher Funding = More Card Options

The number of greeting card options available for supporters will depend on the final funding level of the project. At each milestone we’ll add two more card options to choose from.

 Rewards Increase

 At each milestone, we’ll add two more options


Wireless Greeting Card Option

You can receive wireless-enabled greeting cards for just $25 more per box. These wireless cards will work with any near field-enabled device (many smart phones and tablet computers have this function built in).

Wireless Greeting Card Option

Use wirelessly with any near field-enabled device


Special Rush Valentine’s Cards

Order the Valentine’s Day perk to receive two intelliPaper® Valentine’s cards by February 14! You’ll also be able to get any other box of nine cards at the standard delivery date.

Valentine's Day Greeting Cards

Valentine’s perk will arrive in time for the big day! 


Perk #2: Disposable USB Drives (aka DataNotes™)

DataNotes™ are the sticky notes of the future. Write on it, staple it to a document, hole-punch it, or hand it off to someone, without worrying about the cost. This 3x3 card is great for sharing!

DataNotes™ are the sticky notes of the future!

DataNotes™ are the sticky notes of the future!


Perk #3: Blank USB Paper

This is for the creative genius in you. Cut it, fold it, color it, print it…  Want to make your own business cards? Wedding invitations? Recipe cards? Photo cards? Indulge your imagination. These are 3x5 blank cards (except for the instructions near the USB contacts in the corner). Comes with custom labels that can be used with any inkjet or laser printer.

Blank USB Paper

Be creative! Cut it, fold it, color it, print it… 


Looks Like Regular Paper

No bumps or lumps here. intelliPaper® looks and feels like regular paper. Proprietary intelliPaper cardstock is half a millimeter thick (like 146-lb. cover stock).

No bumps or lumps…just the look and feel of regular paper

No bumps or lumps...looks & feels like regular paper


Where We Stand Now

intelliPaper® currently burns customer-directed information onto business products as part of manufacturing, and ships them to marketing customers in large quantities only. Indiegogo support will help us bring this same technology to average people for personal use at a low cost—technology that has never been available on a small scale before.

intelliPaper® USB drive strip at edge of paper, with instructions

USB drive strip at edge of paper, with instructions


Standard reader/writer device used to add content

Standard reader/writer device used to add content


Tough Questions We've Been Asked

We’ve been asked a lot of good questions over the past five years. Many of these have helped fine-tune and sharpen our vision for this exciting technology. You can see some of these questions and our answers here.


Perks at a Glance

Perks Chart


We Need Your Support

We are excited about this project. We believe intelliPaper® will transform the face of print materials in the coming years. Hundreds of industries will be enhanced as digital and printed media can be joined together with our patented technology. Get in on the ground floor today. Thank you for your support!

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