Integrating Technology for Active Lifelong Learning IT4ALL

Please help IT4ALL provide free online professional development courses on technology enhanced learning for educators around the world.

Integrating Technology is an informal volunteer network that offers free to low-cost professional development workshops for educators on how to integrate technology for active lifelong learners (IT4ALL) via Blended Learning (BL) and Blended Online Learning (BOL) courses, workshops, communities of learning, international collaborative projects, and live online events (webinars).

Dr. Nellie Deutsch, an educational technologist and social networking expert with a doctorate in educational leadership with a specialization in curriculum and  instruction founded Integrating Technology in 2006. The aim of the organization is to provide free online professional development workshops for educators around the world. The community has grown as more and more teachers find value in taking online professional workshops with an international population.
In 2009, Integrating Technology changed its name to Integrating Technology for Active Lifelong Learning or IT4ALL for short. Dariem Garces a Moodle developer and computer engineer, who had been supporting Nellie in her work with Moodle since 2005, joined the team as the organization's technology expert. Dariem manages the server and the Moodle websites for IT4ALL.
Today, IT4ALL is a huge network with followers and graduates of Moodle for Teacher (M4T) workshops. The members of IT4ALL are the ones contributing to the success of the workshops and the learning community. The workshops at IT4ALL are facilitated by educators for educators. 
IT4ALL needs your help to keep the courses free and low-cost. Please spread the word about the organization and where possible contribute in any way you can. The money we raise will go towards paying the teachers for desiging and facilitating the courses. With your generosity, we will be able to pay the tech support team for managing the server, upgrading the Moodle websites, and providing ongoing support for the courses.  
Testimonials by Educators Around the Globe

Norbert Boruett, Distant Learning Manager, FUNZOKenya a Project within IntraHealth International, Kenya

“Nellie Deutsch is an amazing person. She is enormous intellect and humanity in equal profession. Nellie is the guru in e learning.Let me support my assertion. I first met Nellie in Wikieducator and the class was big and she tutored us on the robes of wiki and we were able to post content. Her facilitation was learner centered, we did assignment and presented. Constructive feedback was offered. The live sessions were very lively and it was nice to present your material to an audience. Later Nellie introduced me to Moodle. This was very useful to me, since by then my institution was thinking of using Moodle. This training where graduates and I progressed from the beginners, intermediate, advance. The fee was very minimal. The competence that I gained was very useful- I became a consultant in Moodle in my country and not to forget the networks I made in IT4ALL, we are constantly in communication exploring e learning and leveraging on our experiences. Without IT4all the network I have could not have been possible. Later I did an administrative course in Moodle and eventually developed the capacity to host my own site- innovative moodling.org. I think Nellie has changed the World and proved that e learning works. I have never met Nellie face to face, but I know her so well, she has transferred a lot of skills to me, put succinctly, she has transformed me to be an educational technologist from a great distance.

We need to support Nellie and Dariem as they promote open source software chief among them Moodle.” August 21, 2012

J. R. Radney (PhD), Facilitator, Integrating Technology

“When I first started using MOODLE to support my face-to-face courses at Thompson Rivers University, Nellie's course "Moodle for Teachers" was recommended to me. I started in the course and moved to facilitating, so others could get the same sort of help I received. Nellie is a dedicated leader and teacher, who cares deeply about all her students. She is very capable, and she has designed several programs of study to benefit a wide range of people. I love working with her and her team of facilitators.” August 18, 2012

Steve Foerster, Community Council Member, WikiEducator

“Nellie is a fantastic force for progress when it comes to teaching educators to make better use of technology. Her pioneering work promoting effective use of learning management systems like Moodle sets her far in front of the pack. Highly recommended.” August 13, 2012

Shelly Terrell, Social Media Community Manager, The Consultants-E

“Dr. Nellie provides quality information and resources that are backed with her unique and vast experiences. In addition to her professionalism she is very helpful and personable in her training. She is continuously giving of her time to ensure those that she teaches and trains feel supported in their learning.” August 13, 2012

Tim Denny, ICT- education advisor, Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization, Regional Training Center

“Dr Nellie represents the current potential of what we should all consider the real meaning of organized education by leading a world-wide movement on open online learning potentials. She has inspired me and so many others the world over to give more, do more and be more. IT4all is to me the embodiment of true innovation in cross border education and all other projects of similar nature would do very well to learn from Nellie and IT4all. Sincerely Dr. John T. Denny Southeast Asia” August 11, 2012

Gene Loeb, Director, Founder, Center for Technology and Mental Health

“Dr Deutsch is providing pioneer work in the access to learning in new ways with technology. As the rapidly changing field of information access and learning affects more and more individuals, Dr. Deutsch is a major factor in enabling learning and teaching on an international basis. She enables persons to use new technology and how to use it to learn and to teach others. She is a pioneer and is making major contributions to learning access.” August 12, 2012

Judith Behrens, Mentor/Teacher, IT4ALL

“Dr. Nellie Deutsch has been an welcomed aspiration for me for the past 19 months. I stumbled on to her IT4ALL site in January, 2011. I am a graduate of her Moodle classes(Decemeber, 2012) and in January 2012 I was given the honor of being assigned a new role of Mentor and Teacher for the Moodle classes she offers at IT4ALL. Nellie has given of her time, research, and talent for many years. She has supported many online learners for FREE, including myself. I have nothing but high regards for this wonderful lady. It is because of her that I have the skills in Moodle that I have now. Nellie gave me the courage to join her team and present at her online CO12 conference. She has been getting ready to sponsor a MOOC, more FREE online learning sessions given by the people she has trained over the last 5-7 years. We need more people like her. She has been blessed with a great gift and she shares it FREELY with whoever asks her to. Please support Nellie Deutsch and the IT4ALL courses so that they remain for FREE for as long as Nellie is around or even longer! Long live IT4ALL. ;) Respectfully submitted, Judith Behrens” August 13, 2012

Harry Lord, Title V Web 2.0 Technology Director, East Los Angeles College (ELAC)

 “Dr. Nellie Deutsch is someone that I have been following for the past 4+ years as a leader and innovator in offering online training for faculty and students. My position as Technology Director for several grant programs at East Los Angeles College requires me to assist faculty in applying technology in their classes, and to manage a Moodle site where our faculty can web-enhance their face-to-face classes. As I researched 'best practices' I found that I was continuously running into Nellie, IT4ALL and WizIQ. I highly applaud and complement her for what she has done for our faculty and students; and the best recommendation I can give is that of our instructors that note a rise in student success following her examples and tenets.” August 12, 2012

Khalil Zakari, Regional Specialist Coordinator, Ministry of National Education of Morocco

“I am Khalil Zakari, a teacher trainer/educator/supervisor from the Kingdom of Morocco. I have known Dr. Nellie Deutsch for no less than four years. We have been working collaboratively on a number of educational platforms with the aim of serving English language education and teacher life-long learning. Nellie is a fervent educationist who is investing so much time and effort to help teachers and teacher trainers keep abreast of the on-going develpments that are continuously occuring in world languages teaching. For this, I owe her much admiration and respect. Khalil Founder Ed-Links-Morocco ed-links-morocco.ning.com/” August 12, 2012

Anne Thorp PhD, Owner, AT Learning Designs,

“Dr. Nellie Deutsch is a tireless advocate for continuing education for all. Her programs lead all levels of learners to great success. I fully recommend and endorse all of Dr. Nellie Deutsch's programs and efforts. Go Nellie!” August 13, 2012

Dr. Dale H Eberwein EDD/ET, Founder and CEO, FPeLearning Systems

“It pleases me to provide this recommendation for Dr. Deutsch. Dr. Deutsch has exceptional blended-learning skill-sets that span not only her career but have evolved critical to alignment with elearning platforms. Her candor and demeanor are always welcome and she proved an exceptional colleague at every venture undertaken mutually. Her energy and professionalism bespeak a depth of commitment that is lacking in many professional colleagues and associations I have encounter in education, business, and industry. I give Dr. Deutsch my humble recommendation on any task, level of engagement, and professional concern. Respectfully Submitted Dr. Dale H. Eberwein Ed.D/ET” August 11, 2012

Rachid Karroo, Head of Sales & Marketing, Secure Services (Mauritius) Ltd

“I met Dr. Nellie some years back when I was attending the IT4ALL courses. I must say it was indeed a privilege to meet her. Apart from being the course facilitator and initiator, I was impressed by her devotion, compassion in the e-Learning field. Dr. Nellie is very knowledgeable and open-minded. It is without hesitation that I recommend her.” August 12, 2012

Nkurunziza Janvier, Lecturer, City of Glasgow College

“I have known Dr Nellie for about two years now and it's a pleasure to write this short recommendation. As a Moodle learner, I have taken four Moodle courses that Dr Nellie has brilliantly facilitated, from Moodle orientation to Moodle Advanced.I have found her extremely hard working,inspirational and I have always wondered how on earth she can manage all the courses on IR4ALL websites.There is always something new. As far as Open Educational Resources(OER) are concerned, I think Dr Nellie is model that other people in the developped world should emulate so as to make OERs as accessible as possible to the rest of the developing world. It's a great pleasure to recommend you Dr Nellie, keep up a good work. Janvier Nkurunziza” August 11, 2012

John Graves, Founder and CEO, SlideSpeech

“Dr. Nellie Deutsch is a pioneer and I recommend IT4ALL as a resource for educators globally.” August 16, 2012

Inge de Waard, Digital learning and media expert, Institute of Tropical Medicine Antwerp

“Dr. Nellie Deutsch is an inspiring educational activist. She manages to single handedly set up educational initiatives that make a difference. One of these wonderful initiatives is IT4ALL, giving the opportunity to less financially strong teachers and trainers to get up to speed or keep up to date with the latest technologies in education. Her passion to get people included in global technology enhanced learning is remarkable. It is amazing how she keeps on going, motivates people and finds the energy to boost a variety of online communities. All the while she keeps collaboration, networking and respect central to any communication and project. She is a true human being, trying to lift all of us to a higher, more respectful society.” August 16, 2012

J. R. Radney, Facilitator, Integrating Technology

“Dr Nellie represents the current potential of what we should all consider the real meaning of organized education by leading a world-wide movement on open online learning potentials. She has inspired me and so many others the world over to give more, do more and be more. IT4all is to me the embodiment of true innovation in cross border education and all other projects of similar nature would do very well to learn from Nellie and IT4all. Sincerely Dr. John T. Denny Southeast Asia” August 11, 2012

Love Nellie! She helped rekindle my passion for education almost three years ago with one of the first WizIQ lectures I saw, and she's still doing it, day by day by Nancy L Zingrone

Great learning experience. I have taken online courses, but most of the time they were asynchronous, so live interactions with presenters/facilitators was not possible. I liked that I was acknowledged as a participant by Farida Begum

“Having known and worked with Nellie Deutsch for over 2 years I can honestly say she is a dedicated and professional educator and leader. She exhibits her major passion for learning in myriad ways and shares her expertise with all who are willing to accept. She is well organized and enjoys the challenge of working with individuals, who are creative and energetic. She exhibits excellent collaboration skills and the patience to work with multiple changes and challenges. She strives to bring understanding and encouragement with her work, both personally and professionally. I enthusiastically recommend Dr. Nellie Deutsch as a highly motivated and dedicated leader in the field of learning/education. She empowers others to join her passion for learning and to share their knowledge and understanding with others. I am confident of her continued success and know she will continue to be a catalyst and asset for those she encounters.”  carol yeager, Mentor, Lecturer, Course Developer, SUNY Empire State College, Center for Distance Learning worked with Dr. Nellie at Integrating Technology

David Bowman, CTO, DBOWMAN 

“Nellie is a perfect example of a powerhouse of the most important kind in this 21st Century. She wholeheartedly believes in using her fertile mind and incredible witty intellect to create order out of chaos daily. Nellie goes to great lengths to show everyone she meets online and in person that hard work and a modicum of luck always pays off. Nellie is passionate about teaching, reaching out to include new ideas and will inevitably accomplish each of her goals well ahead of schedule. Nellie has acted flawlessly as a magnet to include not deny others, by interacting extremely well as a moderator online and as a natural born leader in person. She acts in concert as a team player dovetailing precisely with both her mentors and her peers, Nellie is one of those very rare teachers and devoted mothers who naturally inspires and leads others both young and old alike as they begin grasping the nuances of life. She consistently aims to build consensus in that Nellie’s extraordinary abilities show up in everything she touches. Her key role is perhaps to lead a new evolving approach to an online free global education system which teaches us all how best to communicate instinctively with people of all walks of life in a very down to earth and practical manner. Her collaborative leadership role is therefore second to none, guiding those of us who are still striving to build venture partnerships as part of the very best Web 3.0 business models of social networking,” 

Joy Zhao, Facilitator, Manukau Institute of Technology 

“Nellie helped me setting up an online session and worked as my guest speaker and also the moderator for the online session. She is very well organised in preparing for it, and also a very experienced facilitator / moderator handleing with all the attendants skillfully. She is an amazing person and always keen to help. Nellie is an awesome team worker. It’s a great pleasure working with Nellie ;-) Thanks Nellie ^_*” 

Chris Babowal, Owner, Babowal & Associates, Inc. 

“Nellie is working with me on various projects. She is well organized and well connected. I especially appreciated her on-line course and teaching knowledge.” 

Ramesh C. Sharma, Director, Distance Education, Institute of Distance and Continuing Education, University of Guyana, Georgetown, Guyana

“Nellie is an expert in use of technology in learning, especially online learning tools and Wikieducator. She is an experienced online facilitator for wikieducator, curriculum and learning designer. She is a teacher of English as a foreign language. Using Wikieducator, Moodle and IT4ALL as a platform for teachers’ training is her specialty. I have worked with her for Wikieducator online workshops and found her very supportive, knowledgeable and ready to help the participants. She motivates and encourages people to learn and try new skills in the Wikieducator workshops. Her wiki skills are praiseworthy. It is great to work with her and I look forward to more such opportunities in future.” 

Prince Obiri-Mainoo, Executive Director, National Africa Foundation

“I have known Nellie Deutsch since the last year or two as a facilitator at the online Moodle courses and as a leading proponent of the OER free software application and also as a member of the WikiEducator Online program. As a doctoral candidate at the University of phoenix in Arizona, Nellie always find time to organize and facilitate in several online training courses such as the technology integrating training courses for educators around the world in an on ongoing basis. Nellie also has her own training program at Ning where she advances the cause of teachers and other educators. At Wizig.com where I provide online courses, Nellie has been a regular participant offering and facilitating courses for several hundreds of people from around the world. As a result of her involvement in all these online programs, Nellie is seen as an effective team player among several colleagues from South America across to India, Canada and Europe. Nellie is also quick with her responses to email and very reliable to deal with. It just takes minutes for her to respond to emails. That side of Nellie is very much appreciated and makes her a dependable online colleague who could be trusted. These are just a few of the many fine attributes that can be said about Nellie Deutsch. I highly recommend her. Prince M. Obiri-Mainoo Executive Director National Africa Foundation Also African Language Teacher African Language Program Harvard University"

Dr. Ludmila Smirnova, facilitator of “Moodle for Teachers” Workshop, Integrating Technology for Active Life-long Learning 

“It gives me a great pleasure to endorse Nellie. I have known Nellie Deutsch for more than 4 years. I have never met her in person but feel like I have known her for ages. That’s how Nellie makes everybody feel when you interact with her. I consider Nellie a GURU of an online learning and teaching. She is THE expert of Virtual Education and a MASTER of effective course design and virtual sessions moderation. Nellie has left her educational digital prints in every social and professional network possible. She is a great motivator, designer and a constructivist facilitator of virtual teaching/learning environment. I wonder what Web 2.0 tool or LMS or emergent technology she hasn’t tried yet! With her personal example Nelie promotes Life-Long Learning for All!” 

Dr. Ramesh C. Sharma, Director, Distance Education, Institute of Distance and Continuing Education, University of Guyana, Georgetown, Guyana 

“Nellie is an expert in use of technology in learning, especially online learning tools. She is an experienced online facilitator, curriculum and learning designer. She is a teacher of English as a foreign language. Using Moodle as a platform for teachers’ training is her specialty.” 

Mbarek Akaddar, EFL Teacher and ICT Teacher Trainer, GENIE Programme in Morocco 

“Nellie is a professional educator who cares very much to share her experiences in a smooth and friendly way .Her commitment and hard work made her gain a respectable position in different e-learning groups and communities such as Webheads .She has proved to be one of the prominent pioneers of educational media and an expert in educational web 2.0 tools .She is always there to help , share and transmit what she knows to others .” 

Dr. Phil Bartle, Founder, Community Empowerment Collective 

“Nellie is first and foremost an educator, and this is not only a job or even a profession, but a vocation. She is knowledgeable, supportive, skilled, dependable, organized, and thorough. She is both a self started and can work independently and can work very well with a team. She understands and practices team teaching. I have learned from her and shared with her, both to good results. I would be happy to be her colleague, student or collaborator at any time.” 

Bernadette Rego, Graduate Student, University of British Columbia 

“Nellie’s ongoing commitment towards and passion for blended learning has made it possible for educators across the globe to dialogue within various online communities. Nellie has facilitated several online classes both for educators as well as English Language learners. In her work with colleagues, she has demonstrated ability of putting research into practice, connecting various education theories with classroom experiences. She has written articles on education topics, including project-based learning and webquests. She currently is an administrator and facilitator of the online community site Integrating Technology For All (IT4ALL) at http://integrating-technology.com/ It is a pleasure to collaborate with and learn from Nellie.” 

Jeanine Jenkins, Entrepreneur/Educator

“Nellie Deutsch is an amazing facilitator and manager over the Moodle for Teachers. She hosts outstanding sessions that allows educators to learn and utilize the necessary skills in learning various technical tools. While being new to Moodle platform, Nellie has provided very resourceful resources that have increased my knowledge and understanding to using such an amazing platform as Moodle. She is a great example of an awesome team player and leader within the Moodle for Teachers. I highly recommend Moodle for Teachers course for all levels. It does not matter if you are a beginner to advance if you are willing to learn, be proactive, and have an open mind with technology Moodle for Teachers is a great course to get involved in. Nellie Deutsch is always willing to help and assist anyone who wants learn and receive knowledge with technology. Moodle for Teachers is a course worth investing time in!” 

Chris Babowal, President/CEO, Babowal & Associates, Inc. 

“Nellie is an asset to any project. She has a vast knowledge of internet programs and can provide resources in many areas. She is fun to work with and always very positive.” 

Barbara Lindsey, Director, Multimedia Language Center, University of Connecticut 

“I’ve had the pleasure and honor of working with and most importantly, learning from Nellie in several venues—on the Blended Learning Ning she created several years ago and which now has over 750 members as well as during several online professional development workshops such as her “All About Web 2.0″ WizIQ online session held last April 2008. Nellie has an incredible set of skills and talents: she models lifelong learning in all of her undertakings, she expertly facilitates group discussions whether large or small, she recognizes and nurtures talent and selflessly mentors and promotes others, she passionately supports educational and social justice issues and she is a caring, engaging, warm and extremely competent teacher and researcher. She is an exemplary teacher and I recommend her highly.” 

Buthaina Al Othman, EFL/ESP Instructor, the Language Center of Kuwait University 

“I have known, Nellie through the Community of Practice online, Webheads in Action since 2005. Nellie is popular for her wonderful work online; she has a number of networks where learners can meet, interact, collaborate, work, and learn, together. Nellie is an expert, especially in using wikis and ning as effective social network environments. She is a dedicated Webhead, hard worker, professional, and supporter to lifelong learning.” 

Gladys Gahona C.

“First of all, Nellie is a very warm and generous person, always ready to give a hand and listen to anyone asking for advice. She is a devoted, passionate and experienced English teacher, continually seeking innovative internet resources for the purpose of improving the high quality of of instruction and learning. Nellie is a gifted online facilitator. I’m impressed by her ICT learning capabilities. I can attest to the efficient way she deals with ICT issues in overcoming difficulties and learning from everything, good or bad. Regardless of whether things are going or not, she always finds things she can take advantage of. I consider her a lovely mentor; she always has a clever answer for all kinds of questions. She makes things clear with just a few words, encouraging people to have a positive attitude, accepting mistakes as an opportunity to learn from as assertive individuals and independent thinkers. She has helped me develop self-confidence learning the English language by exposing me to the necessary challenges I need to overcome such as my natural fears of speaking English. I wish to express my gratitude to an exceptional human being.” 

John Philip Green, CTO, LearnHub 

“Nellie is a fantastic connector; very highly regarded in the global e-learning community. She has one of the top authorities on LearnHub. I appreciate her friendship and look forward to doing a lot more together.” 

Peter Rawsthorne, Learning Systems Architect and Council Member, WikiEducator

“Nellie is a tireless facilitator. I am always amazed at the efforts she puts into all of her work and the attention to detail she provides. Her approach to using emerging technologies to enhance and deepen learning is exemplary. I will never forget how she could draw the learner into the material in how she interacted using streamed video.” 

Dr. Norm Friesen, Canada Research Chair in E-Learning Practices, Thompson Rivers University 

“Nellie did a great job working with my class of MEd students, teaching them how to create open educational resources using Wiki-Educator. Everyone in my class learned a great deal during the training session (held remotely using Elluminate). I’ve also been working with Nellie on her dissertation. I’ve been advising her in an informal capacity, helping her to think through her research problem and the specific way she will be addressing it. This, too, has been a good experience; with Nellie being a quick study and a careful thinker. Finally, Nellie remotely hosed a conference presentation for me for the event Connecting Online for Instruction and Learning (CO09). She did a great job as a host and a discussion facilitator.” May 10, 2009

Khalil Zakari, Administrator, Ed-Links-Morocco 

“Nellie is a devoted educationist who spares no effort to create, communicate and contribute.” 

Patricia Schlicht

“Nellie brought her creative and innovative expertise being an experienced online facilitator on WikiEducator to educators around the world, teaching basic wiki editing skills in our large online community. Her fresh approaches by using integrated technologies to enrich the student’s learning experiences were fully embraced and changed the way, courses were taught. Nellie is definite an asset to our community.” June 29, 2009

Dr. Doris Molero, Educator

“Nellie is a great educator. She’s really good at connecting people and inspiring them to go beyond what they think they can go. She’s really generous and an excellent model. She can integrate tools to her classes in the most productive way.” 

Mark Cruthers, Education Consultant, Member of Wiziq board of Advisors, authorGEN Technologies 

“Nellie has become a leader in the emerging online eLearning community. She has over the years worked to advance this community and industry to use the latest technology with best practices. I highly recommend Nellie and her work.”

Anne Thorp PhD, Owner, AT Learning Designs, LLC 

“Nellie is a forward thinking, well educated, course designer, facilitator, and trainer. Her professional attitude and knowledge shows through everything she does. Her willingness to offer professional development at no cost worldwide is not only well accepted and attended, but also propels others forward in the field of education technology.” 

Rita Zeinstejer, Advanced Courses and Multimedia Coordinator, Asociacion Rosarina de Cultura Inglesa 

“I’ve known Nelly Deutsch for several years now as a partner sharing project work with colleagues from different countries and as an Online Facilitator in different online environments, and she has always proved an organized, efficient, extremely competent member of our EFL Teachers Community. She has an excellent rapport with people of all ages and her communication skills, both written and verbal, are excellent.” 

Maru del Campo, Owner, MMV Centro Multidisciplinario de Asesoria Integral 

“Nellie is an honest hard worker professional who meets deadlines and keeps her commitments as stated. Her skills as online facilitator are awesome, she connects to participants in a friendly and kind way that helps them to open, ask, participate and give their opinion. I hope this helps to promote her career.” 

Vikrama Dhiman, Product Manager – Wiziq.com, authorGEN Technologies 

“Nellie is a fantastic teacher and a teacher par excellence online. She has a way to connect with the audience and use the web to enhance the experience of connecting and collaborating online.” 

Anne Fox, Member, Webheads in Action 

“Nellie was an inspiring and caring moderator ready to help the many newcomers with a supportive message. She helped to keep the momentum in the session going and had some excellent ideas for stimulating debate and interaction throughout the session. Within the moderator group she was very democratic and respectful of other people’s opinions.” 

Nicola Avery, eLearning Adviser, University of Surrey 

“I have known Nellie for two years – she is a truly dedicated, passionate, honest, teacher with seemingly limitless amounts of knowledge, energy, enthusiasm in every interaction we have had. I have found her advice invaluable at all times, she is a wonderful listener and completely easy to communicate with at all times, she has great integrity.” 

Jagdeep Singh Pannu, Director of Internet Marketing, authorGEN Technologies 

“If it has anything to do with education online, Nellie is around. I sometimes wonder about Nellie’s omnipresence and how she manages it. I hope to achieve the same level of networking proficiency someday. Nellie is one of the most hard working persons I have ever come across. She is also a great teacher and her online classes are very engaging. My best wishes shall always be with Nellie.” 

Dr. Snea Thinsan, DE Coordinator, IUB 

“Nellie and I met online a few years ago. Her presence in online communities, especially in the emerging online community building sites, as a pioneer, made her stand out as a scholar highly interested in using online community building tools for language learning/teaching and professional collaboration or establishing communities of practice. I strongly believe that Nellie is very knowledgeable and highly qualified as a Moderator at the EVO09 TESOL Online Workshops. Her active presence online over the past couple years has suggested that she will be a very helpful one working to serve other colleagues who are interested in CALL and other related areas of TESOL on the web. You will not find many others who will serve you well in this capacity. Sincerely, Snea Thinsan Indiana University Bloomington” 

Gladys Ledwith, Head of English Department, Norbridge School 

“I met Nellie online almost two years ago, since then she has been an inspiration and someone I look up to. She has generated many online projects in which I have participated together with teachers in the school I work, providing tutoring and help together with great ideas to take into our classrooms . She is always ready and most willing to share her expertise and very generous with all her knowledge. Any company or school who hires her is sure to find a committed, hard working, creative professional in Nellie.” 

Rita Zeinstejer, Co-Moderator, EVO09 TESOL Online Workshops 

“I have shared different online spaces where Language Learning is their primary goal, and have been able to appreciate Nelly’s commendable work and commitment, as well as a laudable display of both computer and educational skills, which she generously shares with colleagues all around the world in different online communities.” 

David Brear, Educational Consultant, DKB Consulting 

“Nellie is totally amazing. She brings to everything she does on the Web with creativity and enthusiasm. I enjoy reading her latest creation in the Web. She has done a lot to encourage eLearning. Thanks Nellie !!” 

Susan Tsairi, Founder of Edureshet, Edureshet (colleague) worked with you

“It seems wherever I go in educational networks, Nellie is there. Her commitment and enthusiasm both promoting and practicing online education are phenomonal.” 

Barbara Bray, President/Owner, My eCoach 

“There are many people who say they understand online learning but no one has the skills and knowledge of these environments like Nellie. She is developing strategies to encourage participation and interaction among participants that is teaching me and so many others in the educational technology world. Nellie takes risks to try new approaches of collaboration and sometimes finds herself waiting for people to join her. She doesn’t give up. They eventually do and she knows how to encourage others to take over the lead. I am so impressed by her tenacity and passion for online learning.” 

Dr. Mike Keohane, Technical Leader, Cisco Systems 

“Nellie and I worked together as Doctoral students and the University of Phoenix. Nellie is a hard working, intelligent individual who thrives in a group environment.” 

Dolly Bhasin, Dolly 

Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, Creative

“Nellie is a great passionate e-learning expert. I have attended many of her sessions and workshops and am amazed at the level of detail that she goes through in each one of them. I have over the time, shared a great passion on discussing and trying new products and technologies and innovative approaches to engage the learners attention with her. I would highly recommend her for any such projects where learning is critical to the business and the team is scattered across the country or continents.” 

Randy Fisher, MA, Community-Builder, Facilitator, Strategist, WikiEducator 

“Nellie is one of those rare professionals: excellent at what she does, and a sensitive and caring human being. She is highly competent, responsive and reliable. I would not hesitate in working with, and /or hiring her ~ and I have done both. Nellie, thanks for making my job easier, and adding so much value to our WikiEducator community. Cheers, Randy aka Wikirandy” 

Maggie Verster, Deputy Director, National Department of Education (E-learning and Innovation Directorate)

“I admire Nellie for her enthusiastic dedication to assisting teachers worldwide with adoption of social media tools for teaching and learning. She selflessly give of her time to help others in coming to terms with social media.” 

Asif Daya, CEO, TRainersPod 

“Nellie is brilliant at what she does and is magical at things she does not know about – she learns fast!!! She is VERY DEDICATED and immerses her entire soul into the project. She is a solution seeker and is greatly apprteciated and recognized by her co-workers as an independent minded woman that has great talents. I am blessed to have her with me. She’s an ANGEL!!! Asif Daya. CEO TrainersPod.com” 

J. R. Radney, Facilitator, Integrating Technology 

“I have worked for about half a year online with Nellie. Her online WiZiQ sessions really build a vision for constructivist learning. She is a wonderful, considerate, and knowledgeable leader in education, who has built a fine team of collaborators to help teacher use Moodle in their courses. Of particular importance to me is her sensitivity to differences of culture, personal learning-style, and abilities (whether linguistic or technological). Since working with Nellie, my awareness of the philosophical background and commitments of the Moodle course management system, and education generally, have grown immensely. I look forward to continued collaboration with her in the years ahead.” 

Cristina Costa, Learning Technologies Development Officer, University of Salford 

“Nellie is an outstanding person and teacher. She has what it takes to generate genuine curiosity among learners and promote interesting learning situations. Nellie is (pro)active in her approach, supportive and passionate about her professional activities, and is therefore able to motivate the people surrounding her to enthusiastically engage in innovative learning situations. Nellie has a special gift to bring people together and involve them in pure collaborative and social learning activities, which will bring the best of them and help them achieve their goals. In all, Nellie is a brilliant communicator, a teacher at heart and a very generous individual who truly believes in the power of open communication.” 

Anne Fox, Educational Project consultant, CV2 

“Nellie’s enthusiasm and creativity in what was a very open-ended event gave the session huge momentum. She could be depended on to welcome new members rapidly and in a very warm fashion. Nellie helped to moderate some of the many discussions which were part of the event and was adept in leading online meetings so that the members of the session had regular live events which made the session much more personal.In short Nellie made a significant contribution to the success of this multimedia online event.” 

Doug Symington, Co-Moderator, EVO09 Digifolios 

“Nellie went well beyond the call of duty in her capacity as co-moderator of the EVO09 Digifolios sessions. Indeed, repeatedly over our program, Nellie picked up the slack left by her co-moderators and did the bulk of intake of some 240+ participants. Nellie also hosted a weekly conference that used WizIQ and was always a gracious and inclusive facilitator during these sessions. It is a pleasure to work with Nellie and I look forward to collaborating with her again in the future.” November 8, 2009

Ruth Vilmi, Founder and coordinator, International Writing Exchange (IWE) 

“I’ve known Nellie Deutsch online for several years. She knows a great deal about learning technologies and spends her free time learning more and helping others to learn. She is devoted to her work. I have no reservations about recommending her to any future employer in the field of educational technology.” 

Dr. Wayne Mackintosh, Wayne 
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, On Time

“Nellie has supported the WikiEducator community facilitating numerous Learning4Content workshops. She is a highly skilled and professional online facilitator who works tirelessly in sharing her knowledge beyond the call of duty.” 

Nina Lyulkun, Co-moderator of EVO sessions 2007-12, Webheads in Action 

“It’s a great pleasure to be in the group of peole who endorse this wonderful person, caring friend, professional educator and facilitator, non-stop learner and teacher. Nellie is a fantastic motivator ready to help and share her knowledge with all. I feel happy to be acquainted with her and have been learning from her so much.” 

Jeanine Jenkins, Entrepreneur/Educator, 

“Nellie Deutsch is an amazing facilitator and manager over the Moodle for Teachers. She hosts outstanding sessions that allows educators to learn and utilize the necessary skills in learning various technical tools. While being new to Moodle platform, Nellie has provided very resourceful resources that have increased my knowledge and understanding to using such an amazing platform as Moodle. She is a great example of an awesome team player and leader within the Moodle for Teachers. I highly recommend Moodle for Teachers course for all levels. It does not matter if you are a beginner to advance if you are willing to learn, be proactive, and have an open mind with technology Moodle for Teachers is a great course to get involved in. Nellie Deutsch is always willing to help and assist anyone who wants learn and receive knowledge with technology. Moodle for Teachers is a course worth investing time in!” 


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