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A Multi-Use Headset that empowers you to track your vitals and to record, archive, or share them with your doctor in real-time.
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What if there was a tool that put your health in your own hands? What if there was a simple way to stay on top of your condition? What if you could engage with your doctor on a more frequent basis?  Technology is helping us personalize so many things, but our health still seems so far out of our hands much of the time...

For the first time, InstaMD is building a comprehensive system that allows you to take charge of your own health. You can do more to help your doctor track and measure your condition. InstaMD's Multi-Use Headset is the first tool in its line of vital signs tools available for purchase.

Your doctor isn’t by your side everyday, and he or she can’t remain in touch with your health the way you can.  With InstaMD, you can easily record, store, and track vital information from your living room.

Our first device is a Multi-Use Headset that works with any existing stethoscope to record amplified, high-quality sound. Attach any stethoscope to the headset to easily record heart, lung, or GI sounds that are uploaded directly to our web or mobile app.

InstaMD offers a free vital tracker web and mobile app designed specifically for patients to take charge of their own health. Simply record your heart, lung, or GI sounds and the app automatically archives your clips for you to be played or shared on demand.

In addition to the Multi-Use Headset, InstaMD is also introducing its free eVisit Platform web and mobile app. The platform is video enabled!

eVisit affords patients the ability to connect with a physician virtually with the added benefit of integrating the InstaMD Multi-Use Headset recordings and other dynamic virtual visit capabilities, such as: single-click video conferencing, screen share, exam scheduling, etc.

It’s Affordable.

InstaMD provides a cost-effective means to track and to share real-time or archived vitals information. Expensive and complicated digital stethoscopes are a thing of the past as the InstaMD Multi-Use Headset was priced with you in mind.  When we created InstaMD, we wanted to help patients take an active role in their health; in order to do so we made sure that our headset is priced reasonably so that you or your parents or your grandparents can get one.

All of our Indiegogo packages are at stellar pricing! For example, our $111 package has a retail value of $199. That's an $88 discount. We want to provide the best value for all of our Indiegogo Contributors.

It’s Convenient.

Our mission at InstaMD is to not only to facilitate, but also to improve the virtual visit experience for patients and for healthcare providers alike. Patients can track and share their vitals from any location via their laptop or mobile device. Doctors can connect with patients for a simple check-up or to listen in on vitals without needing to schedule a full office visit.  Hours spent commuting to a doctor’s office and waiting to be seen are now yours again.  Enjoy the convenience you have earned by supporting InstaMD.

The App is Simple to Use

It works on desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones, so InstaMD can go anywhere with you.

How can InstaMD improve my health care regimen?

No matter what heart, lung, or related health condition you may have, our system will improve your ability to remain on top of your condition. If you have to have frequent doctor visits just for your physician to “take a listen,” this solution might allow you to cut those visits in half. Even life with a chronic health condition can be easily simplified when simple checks can be done virtually.

If you have a condition that could benefit from much more frequent and shorter visits, InstaMD connects you with minimal effort and arms you with much more information at your and your doctor’s fingertips.

Maybe you’re assessing your condition over time in order to gather more information for yourself and for your physician. InstaMD allows you to track trends and to share those trends with your doctor at a later date. You’re empowered to take care of your heath.

I’m a physician. Why is InstaMD a product I should invest in for my practice?

If you’re a physician, I’m sure one of your prime concerns is how to continuously give your patients awesome care. Aside from making your patients’ lives easier and providing them with a way to better track their own health trends, InstaMD is also a valuable tool for you.

You’ll be able to immediately upload vitals into a patient’s health record and perform shorter and more frequent remote check-ups (eVisit Platform includes a payment capability for patients to pay you for an online visit). With growing technology usage in medicine, it’s important to have a system that easily integrates with everything else you have going on. Not to mention, the multi-purpose headset adapts to any existing stethoscope. You won’t have to purchase specific equipment to use with this device.

We all wish our patients took better care of themselves - that would mean easier and shorter doctor visits, less bad news, and more happy, healthy patients. InstaMD is a way to help patients do just that. Help empower your patients to be more in touch with their own health and more conscious of what’s going on with their condition.

The Future of InstaMD

There’s been a lot of talk about healthcare on a global scale. Isn’t this exactly what we’re striving for? Low-cost, convenient, and uncomplicated access to healthcare. Our mission is to play our part in this initiative, and to deliver a great product to deserving patients who want to take care of themselves in a better and smarter way.

By becoming a contributor for InstaMD, you’ll not only be taking better care of yourself and your health, but you’ll also be helping us bring a new product to life and a new way to access healthcare. We want to see InstaMD empower communities to make them healthier and happier.

We're not stopping with the headset - we're on our way to creating products that adapt other medical instruments. By backing this campaign, you'll help us expand our line and make remote and personal healthcare tracking tools available for patients everywhere.

I'm Sold...So What Are My Options?

I'm Anxious! When am I Going to Get my InstaMD Package?

The Product is made - so you don't have to worry about the development process!

Manufacturing for our first mass product run will begin in July and conclude in August. 

We will ship starting in the middle of September and you, our valued contributor, will receive in October of 2014!

Product Specifics/FAQ

Is it really reliable to capture the sounds of the heart by using a mobile device or microphone directly attaching to chest?

InstaMD has developed a patent pending electro-mechanical interface that works with any existing Stethoscope in the market. InstaMD’s interface device is capable of amplifying soft volume sound up to 20 times thereby reducing noise significantly, almost 95%, to deliver clear sound over the internet via PC and smart mobile devices. InstaMD Technology is very low risk. We are mainly making existing devices internet enabled.

Is it compatible with my system?

The InstaMD Web App works on any computer with Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. Video conference is based on WebRTC technology and it seamlessly streams and records video on your computer’s browser. In addition, we also integrated 1-click screen sharing within the web app.

The InstaMD Mobile App presently works on iOS devices (Android support will be available in the future). All the web functionality is available on the mobile app.

What is WebRTC?

WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communications) enables peer-to-peer video, audio, and data communication between two web browsers. This allows for video calling, video chat, and peer-to-peer file sharing entirely in the web browser, with no plugins.

What does the API access consist of?

We will be offering JSON based API for the developer community to design breakthrough technology using stethoscope sound and combining other imaging and vital data. Developers and Integrators will have opportunity to embed ready-to-use widgets into the existing application to reduce time to market.

Product Design & Manufacturing

InstaMD product is designed and tested in California. We are in the process of negotiating Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) with a headset manufacturer.

International Shipping

Please add $15 for international shipping per item.

InstaMD supports most existing Medical Devices

Currently we are supporting any manual FDA approved stethoscope available on the market.

Our InstaMD App is currently capable of connecting to a USB-enabled Otoscope and streaming video. You can record yourself while taking vital from any device on the InstaMD App. Similar to stethoscope interface, we are working on direct integration with a Bluetooth supported blood pressure monitor, thermometer, oximeter, and weight machine. Add-ons will be released and future upgrades will be available in future.

What about the FDA?

This will require FDA clearance (510k). Final documentation preparation is in progress for FDA submission for 510k clearance.

HIPAA Compliance

InstMD employs the following technological safeguards to facilitate your compliance with HIPAA.

  • Patient/client information is transferred using 256-bit SSL encryption

  • Accounts require secure login with minimum password length enforcement

  • The production environment is protected by stand-alone firewalls with access limited to authorized personnel via encrypted channels

  • Offsite backups are made daily and stored in an encrypted state


We guarantee a 12-month warrantee on the InstaMD Headset and Remote.

Risk and Uncertainty

As is the case with any product, shipping and manufacturing delays are always a possibility. We are committed to adhering strictly to our timelines and getting these products produced on schedule.

Throughout the research and development process, we’ve experimented with many different designs in order to develop the perfect system. After an extensive process, we have created a fully-functional product, which will help expedite the production process once we reach our funding goal. Our app is fully functional and ready to be used as well.

About The InstaMD Team

InstaMD was founded by a diverse group of individuals with expertise in a variety of areas, including medicine, technology, and regulatory affairs. What we shared, and continue to share, is a passion for innovation and a genuine desire to increase access to quality healthcare. Our goal was to create a product that would not only be convenient and easy to use, but would not require the user to invest in expensive new equipment. Rather than reinvent the wheel, we devised a way to combine existing technology with simple vitals tools to produce an affordable system that anyone can use!

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    Love the InstaMD headset but want to wait to see what products our future holds? That’s okay! By pledging this amount, you’ll do your part toward helping create a healthier community and you’ll receive a private invite for a special discount for future products from our company!

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    This one’s for the developers out there. You’ll receive one InstaMD Headset along with API access and a special mobile connector, enabling you to be a part of the future development of the InstaMD software. We’ll even throw in an extra universal mobile cable and a stethoscope! *Please add $15 for international shipping

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    Like the saying goes, two is always better than one. Those who pledge this amount will receive two InstaMD Headsets, In addition, they’ll also receive two stethoscopes and two extra universal mobile cables. *Please add $20 for international shipping

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    If you’re a person who likes to help others as much as you like to help yourself, this is the package for you! Those who pledge this amount will receive five InstaMD Headsets, We’ll also include five free extra universal mobile cables and 5 stethoscopes! *Please add $25 for international shipping

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    This package is great for those in medical products distribution and home health retail. The Distributor Pack provides you with 25 Multi-Use Headsets. *Please add $40 for international shipping

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