A ground breaking swimming monitor mounted on your goggles that tracks, stores, and displays instant feedback of your heart rate to reach your training goals.
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Instabeat is a ground breaking heads-up display that monitors your heart rate, calories, laps and turns during your swim. 

'a breakthrough in the swimming world' WSJ   WIRED UK   Huffington Post   TED   Quantified Self

Instabeat Head Shot

Real-time tracking is crucial to achieve your training and fitness goals, but at the same time it shouldn't disturb your head and arm motion during your swim. Instabeat's sleek design reduces friction in the water.

It fits on any pair of swimming goggles

Goggles #1testGoggles 3

 Instabeat is designed to fit on your favorite pair of goggles.

It reads your heart rate from the temporal artery, getting rid of the (oh, so annoying) chest belt!

Instabeat HR Sensor

 The sensor automatically turns on when the device is placed on your head.

It projects a color on your lenses in real-time to know how close you are from your target zone

LEDs color code

Each color has three levels to indicate whether you are in the beginning, middle or upper limit of the zone.

Instabeat is the must have for every single swimmer:

It also measures your calories, number of laps and flip turns and syncs with your personal dashboard to track your progress over time. 


This first version syncs to the dashboard through your USB port.


  • Hydrodynamic
  • Minimal Friction
  • Waterproof
  • Sleek
  • Easy to use (no ON/OFF buttons)
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Real-time accurate Heart Rate feedback


  • Size: 14 mm L x 5.3 mm W x 5.2 mm H
  • Weight: 30g
  • Heart Rate Accuracy: 97%
  • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery: 8 hours


We love swimming and we think it's time to revolutionize the way we swim!

Swimming is one of the only two complete sports, that lenghtens your muscles, tones your body 12 times more and makes you burn 5 times more calories than running for the same effort!

We are done trying to adapt technologies for bikers and runners to the water, it's time we did things OUR way! 


Whether you are a professional swimmer or just looking to get fit, Instabeat will help you reach your goal.



We were the first prize winners of the MIT Enterprise Forum Pan Arab Business Plan Competition (2012) and the third prize winner of the Stars of Science competition organized by Qatar Foundation (2010).


We are one of the hottest startups in the Pan Arab region!

Where we are now:

Over the past year and half, we have developed 7 different versions of the prototype, and after extensive testing, we are finally happy with the current design and have a prototype that is ready to be manufactured. 

And now, we need you so we can:

  • Convert our prototype to production-ready models
  • Get all the regulatory approvals
  • Place our first production orders with our manufacturing partners



$139 Early Birds

$189 Suited Up

$199 Your Own Unique Instabeat

$249 For Two

$489 For Four

$1,189 Team Love

$10,999 World Love

 Instabeat Swimming Suit FrontSwimming Suit Back

The swimming suits are designed in collaboration with Marcella M Fashion Design House. They are available in white with a pink zipper, and come in 3 sizes, S, M and L.


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What is Instabeat?

Instabeat is the first modular, all-in-one training monitor adapted to the intricate biomechanics of swimming.

How does it work

Why do I need to monitor my heart-rate during swimming?

Measuring your heart-rate during your exercise is the optimal way of assessing how effective your workout is. It is a direct indication of whether your body is responding to your training and reaching your target, and a tool for you to decide whether you should maintain the same effort, push harder or take it easy.

How does the technology work?

Instabeat has developed a (patent-pending) optical sensor that can accurately read the heart rate from the temporal artery.

Temporal artery

The mechanical casing is designed to be flat so that:

The sensor is always positioned over the temple area on any head, allowing it to constantly read the heart rate from any head frame.

The device stays in place despite the constant motion.

Instabeat has multiple embedded motion sensors, that in addition to calculating the calories, flip turns and breathing pattern, act as a filter to reduce the noise created by the motion of the head, ensuring the accuracy of the heart rate reading.

What parameters can I monitor with Instabeat?

You will be able to monitor your heart-rate in real-time all throughout your training. Instabeat will turn on automatically as soon as it detects a heart rate and will only turn off once it is off your head.

On the dashboard, you will be able to see any other heart-rate feature such as your average or maximum heart rate, but also:

  • Laps

  • Flip Turns

  • Breathing Pattern

What about shipping charges?

Shipping costs are included in the price. For customs duty - please check the policy in your country. 

How is Instabeat different from what's available in the market?

Instabeat is the first heads-up display that is designed to be perfectly adapted to the complicated mechanics of swimming. Instabeat’s differentiation lies in the combination of belt-free, non- intrusive heart rate measurement with real-time visual feedback 

Lap and stroke counting devices are essential, however they only refect on your exercise and not on your body's response to that exercise. Real-time feedback of your heart rate will allow you to make better training decisions, understand your body better and optimize your swim.

Competition Table

Does Instabeat work on any head size and any goggle frame?

Instabeat is designed so that it fits all head sizes and goggle frames.

Will Instabeat's optical light sensor work in the sun? On bright days? In open water?

We have tested our sensor in all of these different conditions and have succedeed in making it work anywhere at anytime.

Will Instabeat work with a swimming cap?

At Instabeat, we like swimming with our cap under our goggles- and that works perfectly fine. But if you like wearing yours above, that works too, just make sure you put it over the clip.

Will Instabeat sync with my Android or iPhone?

For this first version, Instabeat syncs with your dashboard through the USB port; the data is stored and then synced across all your devices. However, if we hit the 100K mark, we will add the bluetooth edtion perk, and you will be able to sync your device directly to your phone! Help us get there faster! 

Can I upgrade my Perk at a later stage?

Who is the team behind Instabeat

Instabeat is a sports technology startup based in Lebanon, founded in 2011 by Hind Hobeika out of a need for a heart rate monitoring device for her swimming practices. Find out more on

More Questions?

Ask us here in the comments thread or email us:

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    For every Instabeat you purchase from this section at retail price, we will donate one monitor to one of the AWL athletes. AWL's mission is to train swimmers with intellectual disabilities to compete on the national and international levels.

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