INNATE: A Bboy documentary

Bboys, often called breakdancers, will express themselves freely in different environments to capture the dance in its true essence.


When you see them on TV, the street, or your computer monitor, you might pause for a second to watch.  B-boys.  They twist, they twirl, they spin, they contort, all to the tune of a beat.  Chances are you'll be entertained or even awed by the flow of movement.  You see them move, but you don't really know who these people are or exactly where they've come from.    

In INNATE, you will see who some of them are.  Why do they do this?  How did they know they wanted to do this?  What is it like to practice?  What is it like to be in the business of b-boying?    

We will follow the lives of these b-boys from Long Beach, CA to Philadelphia, PA.  We take you into the worlds of b-boys aspiring to work in the movie industry, those who have "made it", those who see it as an art, and even those who may see it as a religion.  You will see what bboying has been, where it is going, and where b-boys, scholars, and others hope it will be in the future. 

We invite viewers to "move" as the "b-boys move."  Enjoy our clips, each a story of their own. 

Most importantly, make an investment in our project!!!!


NEWS ARTICLE:  Long Beach Post Article


bboy Saewl

bboy Milky

bboy Milky

bboy Zeshen



  • Milky (Southern California) From Texas to Florida and now California, Milky became one of the greatest power movers in the nation. 
  • Saewl (Southern California) Taking the scene by storm, Saewl is rapidly become one of the best bboys in the nation. 
  • YNOT (Pennsylvania) One of the best, if not the best, toprocker in the world today. Hey why not?
  • Zeshen (Texas) One of the most original bboys in the game today, Zeshen brings new flavor to the dance, which presumably has done everything already.

Just the beginning more bboys and girls will be added…..



With your donations, we will be able to fund and finish the documentary to its highest level. Your donations will go directly towards funding the documentary's filming, music rights, hiring a graphic designer to design the documentary and create motion graphics, and for pressing the documentary into DVDs. In order to go through with the documentary, We need to raise $5000. As a thank you for your support and donations, there are several "packages" available along the right column of this website. 



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