IndieGO!: a proper Video Game Console

Help us to create a truly open retro, indie and NexGen- Video Game Console. uhemm. PC! The nerdy Steam for Amiga, PC and Raspberry Pi
Pascal Papara
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Time for a true revolution of gaming - INDIEGO Roots of Gaming

The INDIEGO! is a retro, indie and NexGen Video Game Console. Why rebuy your old retro games all the time...? Play your originals on the INDIEGO!

Based on our experiences we made with our work around AROS and the creation of AEROS ( We provide you a single device which can run your existing Amiga (CD32), AROS, DOS, Windows and Linux games. But not only limited to those. 

Just insert for example a CD32 CD and the INDIEGO! will check the disc, recognize the game and offer you to run it. Same for DOS, Windows and Linux and other console games. 

Due to the open character and the support for Homebrew everyone is invited to add more support for more platforms and games. 

To offer also NexGen and all the excellent Indie games available, the INDIEGO comes with a STEAM, a desura and a INDIEGO store client.

Logo concepts


We have more steam than OUYA

Because the INDIEGO! is a Steambox and it has much more under the hood.

Open means no barriers and no enforcement to register again and again and again.... spend your money where you like.

Others call themself "open" because they use a opensource OS as core... we do too.

In our case we use a system derived from Ubuntu (see for old versions)...  But for our definition this is not "open" enough.

Imagine you registered on STEAM... well stay there and enjoy your games on the INDIEGO with your own account.

You like Desura.. well than use Dersura to get your favorite games..

Check INDIEGO store as an alternative and decide which store offers the best price.

You like Onlive.. ok use it on your INDIEGO straight from your sofa.

This is freedom and not a dictated game library and prices.

And being able to run a game you bought already for PC/LINUX, Amiga and other consoles is nice too. 

INDIEGO! is a platform for digital art. 

Enjoy our Demo Scene channel - watch, enjoy, share your  favorite scene demos for nearly every homecomputer or console straight on your TV. 

Who needs a VJ ; ) 

Is it just us? Or do you like physical media too... we like to collect. 

We will be something really really "special" really won't believe it... we add a SD-card slot AND a DVD-RW driver... if the fundrising will succeed we will add a Blu-Ray drive.

Why? Because I like my classic collections and we will re-launch and publish new Indie creations for the INDIEGO. All in a limited and collectible way.. Some on SD-card, some on USB-Stick and some on CD/DVD. 

A drive/ a door allows YOU to add more Homebrew, enjoy and share music and videos with friends and family. 

red, silver or fully black

INDIEGO! Is the easiest target platform for every coder.

Code as always.. chance are very high that the INDIEGO! Will run it. 

Based on a multi-hybrid-OS the system runs a lot of stuff for different CPU-architectures.

Just code in the language you like and embedd the result in a INDIEGO! app container. 

Ask us for more details.

No special SDK needed. We help you to setup the built in SDK's for your needs or to setup your used one on your INDIEGO.

The OS

The core OS is a heavily customized Ubuntu based on our experiences with AEROS. 

The UI is called IGNAS and because design matters we will make it skinnable. 

Due to the low footprint the OS consumes normally less than 128MB RAM.

GAMES, games and even more games

The INDIEGO! will come with many preinstalled games and demos and you can start playing your favorite C64, Amiga (CD32), DOS, Linux and Windows games from day one. 

To allow you to store and collect games, the base systems comes with a 250GB HD (may be higher depending on fundraising).  

We will also support favorite Retro collections like AmigaForever, Amiga Classix, C64 Forever and others. But hey.. we support nearly everything..

Photos, music, movies and Video on demand

The INDIEGO supports a lot of media center applications like AmiMC (aka AMC in the Amiga Scene), XBMC and Plex.  

Who we are

We are a group of retro-amigans and dreamers.. the difference to pure dreamers is that we aren't just talking but we really try something. 

The idea for INDIEGO! comes from Pascal Papara member of Open Invention Network, (Distribution Mainatainer and publisher)

IGNAS the UI is done entirely by Fabio Falcucci (Scuilib, AmiMC, G.E.M.Z, Hfinder and more)

The needed changes to the AROS Kickstart replacement for CD32 are done by Jason McMullan (thank you for helping out and continous support for our beloved opensource OS) 

Our spiritual roots are -> the Opensource reimplementation of AmigaOS and the classic Amiga system.

Our partners are André Nolte for design and for the packaging. 

We would also like to thank to all our partners in the small remaining AMIGA universe.. 

What we need  & What you get

The INDIEGO! will be released for sure... even if this fundraising fails. 

But if it succeeds we can enhance the final result with you! 

With your pledge, we will:

switch from self-build to a cheaper manufactured product.

Reduce the price or make the package even better (more RAM, larger HD, Blueray instead DVD are just a few examples)

Also licensing media codecs for eg.blueray playback cost money.

But even without a pledge, we are looking for help. Tell the world about us. Help us to set up a nice and friendly comunity or be our speakerman in your country. Help to find distributors.. maybe you are systemseller?

Our status, specs and how we plan to sell the INDIEGO!

The work on the INDIEGO! started a long time ago.. in the meanwhile we had 2 prototype systems.

The first one was a dual 1GHZ APU, the second one is dual 1.6GHZ APU and right now we plan the following for the final system:

4x 3.6GHZ APU





250GB 2.5" HD

6x USB 2.0



7.1 HD Audio

All this is planned to be released for SUB 349€ in case the funding fails.. Starting from 100 preorders we can manage to offer it for 329€ and if this fundraising will be succesfull we can go sub 300€. 299,90€ to be honest.

But since design, packaging and development time costs we need your help to achieve this goal. 

We also would like to get some initial funding for PR and early game development.

The first beta machines will be shipped end of march. Official release is planned for the 2nd half of 2013. First dev-kits can be shipped starting from end of march, followed by beta devices. The DEV-systems will be shipped with express shipment within europe.  

The INDIEGO! refference system will be produced and shipped buy us.

Systemseller can obtain a license to build their own INDIEGO consoles. Basically what has be done for the 3DO in the past. Feel free to ask about details. 

The direction for the packaging is set - now we need to fill it with the long feature list

The packaging will be made by

The Design of the Logo is done by Andre Noltè who made also the Ares Logo in the past ( 

Wait a minute... what about the INDIEGO! joypad?

Ha! How if not with the original controller would be the best way to play a retro game?

We support Microsofts XBOX360 for Windows Joypad, mouse and Keyboard... we won't fight the battle about "Firstperson games are played better with joypad than with Keyboard-mouse".. use your favorite input! Use your favorite device from your favorite vendor. Use a Wiimote... use a Competition Pro Joystick.. use whatever you like to use. No barriers. Your choice. Your individiuality. 

Help us to serve every gamers wishes. 

Let's build the one4all system together!

Remember! Even without a pledge you can help us:

Just speak about it, help us to gain some kudos from the gaming world. Share your thoughts.

INDIEGO! the Video Gaming Console funded on indiegogo


Freedom of choice


Q: Is this a normal PC?

A: Technically yes but the OS is especially made for a gaming console experience. Think about the first XBOX or any console to which Linux has been ported too.

Q: Ubuntu based? What is the difference to a "normal" PC runing Ubuntu with a bunch of emulators?

A: We don't use "just" Ubuntu as it is. See and for details. We are running a mixture of operating systems to have the best from both sides. Compatibility of Linux and the speed of AROS. Minus the overhead resulting from an normally bloated Linux environment. 

Q: Amiga Kickstart isn't free, how do you provide compatibility to old consoles?

A: We use AROS which is an opensource reimplentation of AmigaOS 3.1. So it is legal.During the development Jason McMullan already improved the compatibiity to run ECS/OCS/AGA and CD32 based games. AEROS is a hybrid and run anything a developer could ask for.

With one click a developer can make an .igo package of his game for one of the supported Platforms. 

Q: Is my money lost if I donate and you don't reach the target?

A: No, you will definetly get at least a discount in the same ammount you donated for So if you donate for example 50€ and we will start the to take orders for the beta devices, you will get a discount code. 

This fundraising is mainly to collect money in advance and to show potential resellers the public interest. Sure if it would be succesfull "money wise" it would prove it too. But getting Facebook followers is nice too. 

Q: Will it have parental controlls

A: Fore sure, that sure hat whe didn't thought to announce it : ) Yes of course.

It will be a multiuser system. Every person in your home will get its own account and parents can take care about software being allowed. 

Q: What about educational apps?

A: Here comes "having Ubuntu under the hood" very handy again. So yes. Most interactive CDROMs (Windows) will work out of the box. You can also use educational software for Linux and access Web-based services.  

Q: Can I still install Win8?

A:Yes you can. You can also install Operatingsystems like AROS and even those not made for X86 systems.


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