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Indie Game Story is a game about building your own amazing game studio, create your own indie games, freelancing to pay the bills and having loads of fun!
Tommy Bergeron
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WE DID IT!!! A huge thank you to everyone who helped us spread the word and donated. We really appreciate it a whole lot and we are looking for the future with excitement because of your generosity. Now let's get serious and create a kick-ass game!

Please follow the game's development on the devblog!

Looking to start your own studio?

Indie Game Story is all about choices. You start alone with very little money and a crappy computer. You must start freelancing to be able to pay for the bills, and once you ready you can start to fill your office with awesome stuff, hire more employees to help you, manage them, make difficult choices to stay on the track against other competitors (which on phase 2 is against the whole world). Shortly put, it's about optimizing revenue, having a blast while unlocking exciting new objects, new offices to rent and also developing your own indie games! 



Feb 27: New video update! Go check it out!

Feb 24: UPDATED PERK! For the rest of the campaign, the 25$ perk gives you your name in the game + TWO copies of the game on release! Make it quick only a few days left!

Feb 23: We will be live streaming with Handyman Studios tonight at 7PM! Don't miss this chance to see IGS gameplay!

Feb 21: We have new awesome forums! Published a new article about latest alpha progress, about our new community manager, a new IRC channel and more good stuff!

Feb 16: Alpha 1 has been released! And there's an awesome limited time offer! Check this out!

Feb 11: New development update is live on the blog! Also added a brand new screenshot featuring some new furniture! Go check them out in the gallery!

Feb 7: New article on development blog! and also a new article on Indie Sniffer!

Feb 6: New article on Indie Statik!

Feb 5: New article on Indius! New images are now up! Go check them out in the gallery!


What makes IGS different from other games of the genre?

I've got this question quite a few times, so I'm going to make sure everybody understands why this game exists.

Update! I just posted on IGS' blog about the whole GameDev* question. Please take a minute and check it out: http://indiegamestory.org/post/42284774718/this-needs-clarification

This game is not a simple game where you watch your screen while your projects get done. You have to interact with the game. Your employees have needs. Think about a mix between Theme Hospital, Rollercoaster Tycoon, Prison Architect and The Sims.

You have to actually move your employees around to get stuff done. Move someone to their desk to make him/her work on a project, if tired you have to make sure your employee rests a little, why not buy him something to eat or simply move him/her to the living room to watch tv?

Each employees have needs and if you want them to perform optimally you have to take care of them. There will also be different offices (which you can visit and and rent) with different permanent bonuses, and you will even be able to enhance your current office by buying vendor machines, coffee pots, couches and more! 

There is also have random events throughout the game. Employees can get sick, lowering the productivity. Also be sure you have installed an anti-virus and a firewall on your network because you can also get hacked or get viruses which will turn your computers into useless piece of hardware.

But don't worry, the goal here isn't about complicating things but about having fun with a non-linear gameplay providing many hours of replayability with its online features and its monthly content updates.


How can I learn more about the project?

There's a very active development blog at www.indiegamestory.org. I post weekly development updates, and also many other related articles such as my vision for future features, etc. I'm also trying to get a little community around the game on our forums.


Why does the game need funding?

As you may have noticed, the game has a very basic artstyle at the moment. This is because I draw it all by myself, and I'm way better at programming than drawing hehe!

Old Artstyle

Now I'm right in the middle of development and I need an artist (already found one) to help me finish the game visually which I can't afford by myself at the moment since I'm freelancing development projects to pay for the bills and also for the game development.

So my choices were:

1) Keep the very basic looking arts and waste many days of work to draw everything by myself. Which would make the game unappealing, would give me less time to polish it and did I tell you that it would be ugly?

2) Get enough funds to pay for an artist which would fast forward the game development and get it released in the next months because arts would be made by a profesionnal so I'd have plenty of time to develop and polish the game. It would also look awesome!

The money may serve to get some better music for the game too.

I also would love to buy the Steam Greenlight license now so I could be sure of being able to push it there soon enough.


Who makes this awesome game?

My name is Tommy Bergeron. I'm 24 years old and I've been a web, mobile and software developer for the last 8 years of my life. About two years ago I started playing with game engines just for fun and I totally fell in love with making games and haven't stopped since then.

Since the beginning of this project I never skipped one day, I really want this to work because I consider my ideas and I really believe that once the game's development finished: this game is really going to be awesome! (Even I can't wait to play it!)

Getting it done is the hardest part. It’s easy to get an idea, it’s easy to build a prototype, it’s easy to start development and it’s also easy to draw basic arts. But it’s harder to type thousands of lines of code, draw hundreds of sprites and animations and stay connected with the community all the way up to release.

I love to think about the day my game will be on Steam, I love to dream about people reviewing it, receiving plenty of emails from people, etc. I always think about the people, how happy I will make them if my game is good and fun.

That is why I need you, a bit of your time and your help.


A Final Note

I just really wanted to tell THANK YOU to anyone who gives any amount of money, who takes the time to share the campaign or simply likes it. Trust me, you're making a young man very happy to finally pursue his dreams.


Questions? Suggestions?

Do not hesitate to write me an email, post on the forums or simply comment on the blog at any moment! I swear I'm going to take the time to read and respond accordingly!

You can also follow IGS' twitter, I also have one.

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    Gets you on the "thank you" section of game's credits and also adds your name on the betas access list for all future beta releases!

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    You always want to try more indie games, don't you? Gets you on the top priority list for all future betas AND alphas + everything from the first tier.

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    This will get you all of the above plus the FULL GAME on release and everything from the lower tiers.

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    Awesomely Fanatic!

    Update! For the rest of the campaign, get TWO copies of Indie Game Story + your own name in the game + a strategy/artwork digital book of IGS!

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    Estimated delivery: September 2013
  • $50USD

    Not only do you want your own indie game studio, but you want yourself in it don't you? Here's your chance! You'll get all of the above, plus your own name as an employee in the game. (plus everything from the lower tiers)

    5 out of 25 claimed
    Estimated delivery: September 2013
  • $100USD

    You will get everything, even your own character but this time we're going to draw it based on your own picture! So you are really going to be in the game physically! (plus everything from the lower tiers)

    5 out of 10 claimed
    Estimated delivery: September 2013
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