Independent Musician Mike Block needs help with medical bills

All I want is my 9 front teeth
Mike Block
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The Money

The taxi cab's health insurance company has repeatedly denied claims from multiple medical providers, and I have almost $70,000 of medical bills that I am responsible for.   I'm asking for YOUR help to get me part of the way there.  I'm asking for $17,000.   


I'm using this as an opportunity to make Art (yes, i used a Capital "A" ...).   There are two album projects that are resulting from your gifts in this fundraising campaign.   

1) The "Tooth" album (title TBD):  I'm currently recording all of the good songs I wrote since the accident.   The whole point is to record these songs BEFORE I get my teeth back, forming a creative "yearbook", of sorts, capturing this unique time in my life.  Songs include "I'm Standing", "Concert Teeth",  "Parking Lot Song", "Can't Go Home", and "Learning to Walk".

2) the "Disaster" album (title TBD):  I've written a number of songs inspired by this accident, and the resulting experiences (see titles above ..), and they tend to shed a positive light on the situation.  Now that I'm close to full recovery, I want to expand my bubble and create some music inspired by YOUR disaster story, or other transformational journey!

The Story

On Saturday, April 4, 2009, at 10:45 pm, I was hit by a NYC taxi while attempting to cross West End Ave at W 85th Street.  The main injuries included a broken jaw, broken rib, I lost 9 teeth, as well as the bone they were supposed to be in.  All in all, it was the luckiest night of my life.  

Although I have vague memory flashes of lying on the street, I didn't fully regain consciousness until they were in the middle of surgery.  I woke up in time to experience them pulling out a few last damaged teeth that they said were "hanging on by a thread" ....  I overheard my doctor saying this was the worst oral injury he had ever seen, at which point I asked him if I would ever sing again (I don't know why this was the question i NEEDED to ask ...!), and the doctor said "I don't know."  

My girlfriend at the time arrived at the hospital and was able to call my family, although she declined my request to take a picture of me in that initial state.   After the multi-hour surgery, I was rolled to a semi-private room.  During this journey through the hallways, I saw multiple people pass and look down at me, only to immediately look away in horror.   When I got to my room, my girlfriend also declined my request for a mirror, thinking that it was best that I didn't see what I looked like.   All I knew about the extent of the damage was that it felt like my face had been ripped in half, and the reactions I was getting from other people were NOT comforting ... 

I went to sleep that night with a feeling that is difficult to describe with words.   The worst thing that could possibly happen, just DID.   And I was still alive.   And "it" was ok.    I mentally gave up on many aspirations and dreams that night as I layed in the hospital bed, but I have never felt more content, and at peace, in my entire life.      

It wasn't until the end of the next day I was able to see a mirror, at which point I instantly realized, "well THIS isn't so bad!!".   And that was when "real" life started to creep back in.  I found myself thinking about the "future" again, and about all the things I "needed" to do.   But I'm still thankful for the 12 most peaceful hours I've ever had, before I looked in that mirror, when there was nothing left to do but breathe.   And since I looked in that mirror, everything else I've been through, like the recurring setbacks with the doctors and the insurance companies, has seemed like good news.  

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  • $1USD
    Every dollar helps.

    Every dollar helps.

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  • $10USD
    Thank you!

    I will write you a personal “Thank You!” letter and mail it to you.

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  • $25USD
    "Tooth" Album

    I will write you a personal “Thank You!” letter and mail it to you, along with a signed copy of my upcoming “Tooth” Album (see "MUSIC" description to bottom left)!

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  • $50USD

    Above, plus I will mail you signed copies of my previous three albums. Two feature the MIKE BLOCK BAND (original songs and compositions with cello, vocals, electric guitar and bass, and drums), and one features the TRIBOROUGH TRIO (acoustic arrangements with cello, guitar, and bass).

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  • $100USD

    The above, plus you will receive a special recipe book of my favorite Liquid Diet meals that I have perfected during the recovery time and subsequent oral surgeries (Blender not included).  This will be accompanied by an important “How-to” video on the art of flossing (for those of you who prefer to chew).

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  • $250USD

    I can't think of one for this level!!! Can you think of one? I retain the right to veto, if necessary ... :)

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  • $300USD

    Above, plus I will give you a private music lesson (in-person or via Skype).  If you are not a cellist, I can offer an improvisational lesson, or a tune-learning/stylistic lesson from a particular genre of your interest, or even a compositional lesson.  We could even have a collaborative co-writing session, and I’ll let you keep the copyright :)

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  • $400USD

    Do you have a hands-down favorite song, or even an instrumental tune, that you would LOVE to hear played on cello?? Pick a piece of music, and I will arrange it for cello/voice, record a solo version of it and email you the exclusive MP3, as well as post a video of myself performing it on YouTube, with a verbal dedication to YOU.

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  • $750USD

     I will write a song based off of a transformational story from YOUR life.   I’m particularly interested in “Disaster” stories, but any transformational journey of yours (or a friend/family member) would be great to write about!    I will record a solo version of it and email you the exclusive MP3, as well as post a video of myself performing it on YouTube, for you to share with friends/family. With enough backers, I will release a full album of these songs.

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  • $1,100USD

    I will give you 3 music lessons, as described above, plus provide you a full scholarship to attend the Mike Block String Camp in Vero Beach, Florida! The lessons/scholarship can be spread across multiple recipients, if you wish!  Perfect for families :)

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  • $1,500USD

     I will provide a private performance for your friends and family at a location of your choosing, on a mutually agreeable evening.  I will handle travel expenses if you live close to NYC, or if you can wait until I’m in your region next!

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