'Incurable Diseases' Is it a Business?

A documentary exposing the possibility of a medical field that might exist for their own financial benefit rather than a healthy society.

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"Incurable Diseases" Is it a Business? is a documentary that exposes the possibility of a medical field that might exist for the benefit of their corporate shareholders financial well being rather than promoting a healthy society.

The possible causes of "Incurable Diseases" will be defined as we raise the question, why are Cancer, Autism, HIV & AIDS termed "incurable" in the medicine world? 

The controversy surrounding GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) will be discussed leading us further into educated and healthier decisions to prevent diseases.

"Incurable Diseases" Is it a Business? will compare the highly priced FDA's approved and sometimes extreme medical procedures to treat these diseases, to alternative treatments that have cured many patients at a fraction of the cost. Reduced or no side effects are experienced with these alternative ways of healing compared to the FDA's more expensive and conveniently profitable, conventional procedures. 

Our Belief:

We believe that by sharing this knowledge with the world, there will be more healthy people living their lives to their fullest.  Money isn't everything and certainly HEALTH is the most important gift from the Universe and GOD to us.  However, in order to spread this information and reach a massive audience we need your support, we need your donations to complete this film and bring it to life.   

Please help us with anything today, $5, $10, $100, $1000 any dollar amount will make an inmense contribution to this documentary and your health and everybody elses.

We are in the filming stages of this documentary, we have 3 main stories of people seeking health and finding it with alternative methods.  All these main characters are in different parts of the world so your contribution and donations will help us with the filming, traveling, production cost, and final details to finish "Incurable Diseases" Is it a Business?

If you believe there is a way to heal ourselves with alternative methods, please support our project with your donation! 

We need your help and support to continue this project and be able to share THE HEALTH with the world! 


Our Team:

Carla Sánchez (Director and Creator):

Carla started her career as an Actress, Spokesperson, and On-Camera talent since 1999.  In the year 2001 Carla Sánchez was chosen to play the only Latina co-starring role in the second most successful Swiss films of the country’s history Ernstfall in Havanna, breaking all box office records within a week of its opening in Europe and nominated as best picture.

 After her big break in a major successful feature film everything has been escalating to principal roles in TV series, and feature films.  As of right now Carla Sánchez is focusing on her film career as an actress and a creative director of her own TV and Film Production Company COS Entertainment, thus living between Los Angeles, CA and Miami, Fl. 

Carla Sánchez is the Director and author of the documentary “Incurable Diseases” is it a Business?  Making her debut as a documentary filmmaker with this project.

Carla's Intentions:

My intention as Creator and Director of “Incurable Diseases” Is it a Business? Is to spark an awareness about our health and the conventional medical, food, beauty and governmental system in our society in the US.  I want people to realize that we can take back the control of our lives and our health by educating ourselves, by researching, by being open and aware about issues that involve our society’s system.  We want to show that by making certain changes about the way we eat, what we buy at the supermarkets, at the beauty stores directly affects our health and our families.  There is a big dilemma about GMOs, which are Genetically Modified Organisms because they have been consumed since the 90’s and, we the people, have no education on what we are consuming and feeding our families due to a lack of labeling in our foods.  Many issues are presented as well as solutions and changes we can incorporate in our everyday lives to stay healthy and to fight the business side in this country.

Andrea Maigre (Filmmaker and Executive Assistant):

Andrea was born in Guadalajara, Mexico and moved to Miami, FL at age 14. Andrea developed an interest in the entertainment industry by the time she was a sophomore in High School and continued her studies in Miami Dade College where she discovered her love for film. Thanks to the challenging projects, she was able to create a series of short films; one of them “Art is My Weapon” which was selected to show at the Miami International Film Festival Wynwood Art Branch.  Andrea is currently Maritza Guimet’s Executive Assistant at Florida Media Market and Co-Founder of Wolfpak Productions, the next generation of Miami’s Filmmakers. She is also focused on a collaboration with Executive Producers Carla Sanchez and Maritza Guimet, working on the upcoming documentary titled “Incurable Diseases, Is it A Business?” as a Unit Production Manager.

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