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Hi! This campaign has run it's course and i am eternally grateful to those who were reached and able to contribute toward my fundraising goal. 

Thank You Thank You Thank You 

One of the greatest blessings of this experience was to reach some clarity on what I have to offer the world right now. I've posted my offering of personalized poems - 'soul re-minders' - to my web and much of what can be read on this Indie campaign page is there as well, please see Mother Lode

many thanks and much love, megan


I have just completed an almost 20-year healing journey that began with diagnosis of melanoma skin cancer when I was 19 years old... at least that is when I devoted my life to healing and began rolling with the changes that healing from childhood incest commands... I am in major transition now to a creative life as a change artist (healer), writer, and compassion activist with an eye on world peace. 

I have a few projects in the works, including the writing of an epic tale of original severance and Transcending the Veil, a book that chronicles my spiritual journey from shame to rapture along with the life story of ‘the big stump’ of Calaveras Big Trees State Park. I also have a good bit of poetry coming through and am focused on growing partnerships on Extinction Witness, a creative spiritual regeneration project I seeded in January 2012. Read more on my projects below.

The writing of Transcending the Veil: A Journey through the Heart of Nature offers closure and larger purpose to the completion of my healing journey. With the writing, I share the bounty of all I have learned.

The seeding of Extinction Witness marked my absolute devotion to personal integrity, which for me means heeding my intuition. Since that turning point, I have once again utterly transformed my life. This time, I have fully aligned with my soul and restored Spirit to my being. 

During the 9 month 'home stretch' of my healing process, all I could do was maintain the basics for myself and my 3.5 year old son, for whom I was the single primary caregiver at the time. I let go of all work obligations other than my creative projects. I truly could not focus on anything other than the love and creative inspiration flowing through. I am relieved and thrilled to be through the healing process and readied for a life of service directed toward restoring beauty to Earth.

While I thrive in solitude (I am a writer and dreamer after all), there is good reason why practitioners seek refuge in community. Spiritual and psychological regeneration is precarious even for those who prepare for and actively seek heart opening and community provides essential encouragement and nourishment. I would not be here but for those who were present with me from afar and am eternally grateful for them. You can read a reflection on my 9 month process at Elephant Journal

Right now, I am in major transition that includes manifesting steady income and a move from rural Montana in the interest of being with creative/collaborative friends. I seek refuge in a community of kindred spirits because a supportive and encouraging environment nourishes the home fire which can otherwise exhaust itself. 

I am radically simplifying my life. I am selling and giving away all in material that I do not use and appreciate regularly. I just sold my rig, so I am no longer burdened with purchasing gasoline for solo use and that has me feeling light as a feather!

For the first that I can recall, I am happy, excited and fully invested in the present. My happiness is very much grounded as an abiding faith in humanity and felt experience of life’s longing for itself - a power beyond words. My excitement extends to all far into the future. So, I am in celebration mode while rather brilliantly starting from scratch!

This Indiegogo campaign is invitation for you to help ease me into an essentially creative and ecstatic life of service that naturally comes hand in hand with a wide open heart.

I am eternally grateful for your support by way of money, cheers, project collaboration, and shares of this campaign through your social networks!

If you wish, please also read on for some detail on me, how your pledge will be spent, the projects I have going, and your reward options.

Love, thank you so much!!!



I am a mother, change artist, and compassion activist.

As an un-ordained spiritual teacher and healer, I am reseeding right relationship with birth and death, and confirming The Golden Rule as a spiritual truth rooted in natural law. 

I began identifying myself as water on fire in 2011, having been re-ignited to activism by footage of water catching fire as a result of horizontal hydraulic fracturing (also known as ‘fracking’) in the film Gasland. I did not realize the full weight of my brand until the first half of 2013, during which I experienced what can only be described as a spiritually regenerative and purifying love like wildfire. Read about my resonance with sequoia on my web

My activist roots are in the Zero Cut and Earth First! movements. As founder and director at Extinction Witness, I am out to create spiritual regeneration projects essential for the regeneration of Earth’s cultural and biological diversity. The project represents the fullness of my healing path, including my formal education in human anatomy and physiology, psychology, environmental biology, physics, chemistry, toxicology, and ecology. Extinction Witness stems most immediately from my activist roots and my graduate study, which explored the human emotional and spiritual response to genocide and the present mass extinction of species.


Someone trusted once told me that high aspirations are supported. I believe him. My vision is deep and wide, and my needs are simple and pure. I have enough love and joy to feed the world and I am ecstatic because I am ready to share!

I believe the goal I have set for this campaign will realistically carry me through for two months while I am in transition.

All monies received through this Indiegogo campaign will go solely to supporting me with food, shelter, moving expenses and the basics I need to stay connected with the world while I am in transition to paid work, during which time I will also be intensely focused on completing my manuscript.

I have Transcending the Veil fully outlined with the introduction and most of the first chapter complete. I can finish the manuscript in 7 weeks. See TV Table of Contents.


The Epic Tale of Original Severance is in total gestation with all magic and mystery :-)

Transcending the Veil: A Journey through the Heart of Nature messages spiritual and ecological regeneration through the power of divine love. The book, a compilation of prose and poetry reflects much of what I have learned along the journey of personal healing from embodying shame to embodying radical joy and Soul-Spirit driven creativity.

Because my heart goes to the whole world, Transcending the Veil weds my journey with that of humanity and Earth as we heal from the era of human insecurity. 

Poems can be read at Wail Dance Blog.

Extinction Witness: Running on the premise that the present mass extinction of species is driven by how humans relate with themselves and all others, Extinction Witness creates and curates memorials for spiritual regeneration. Extinction Witness serves in the realms of Spirit and human emotion, also known as energy. Love’s healthy/appropriate emotional response to loss is weeping.

I’ve been pouring everything I have into Extinction Witness for the past year and a half. The project is now ripe for organizational and creative partners. So strategic partnership building is my current focus with this project. You can read more on Extinction Witness and our first regeneration project, Virgin: Restoring Big Trees and Whole Women, on my web.

Here is a short introduction to Extinction Witness and 'Wildfire a love story', the first finished piece of Virgin.


I offer many ‘rewards’ in exchange for your support, among them all my infinite and eternal gratitude!!! Thank you so much!

in case you are wondering on the pledge amounts i've listed with the rewards,

i have switched the numbers from the common zeros not to scam you, but because we do not have to count by 5's and 10's and i enjoy summing up numbers within numbers and indeed there is magic in that and this old world is ever ready for some good old-fashioned charming... 

photo © 2013 Jack Gescheidt, fine art print for you at $261 pledge level

My favorites of the rewards are the option for us to be in touch by way of a handwritten note from me to you, which comes with any pledge level AND the opportunity starting at the $27 pledge level for me to write and send you a poem inspired by a comment, story, and/or memory of yours.

Depending on the story you share that inspires the poem and whether or not you grant permission, your poem may just wind up in Transcending the Veil or the collection of poems and sketches I offer at the $99 pledge level.

Poems… I love distilling love to the core...

Here is a sample of my poetry:

your nose

If you should meet the deepest ocean,

kiss the endless sky,

touch the full moon,


will you be convinced?

Will you see yourself bowing before you?


Will you stand in place pondering your nose?

You who desire flight, yet do not see land.

You who desire truth, yet do not listen to water.

You who desire love, yet do not feel fire.

What can be known

that has not been revealed always

and just past the tip of your nose?

-  Megan Hollingsworth, August 2013


When you choose to back a creative project/person, you become an essential element in the creative process. 

Your pledge is both vital financial support and a huge “YES!” to the project/person.

Here’s how it works…

Step 1: Be excited to see me reach my funding goal and safely land in community and the creative compassion-infused work that I aspire to.

Step 2: Choose a pledge amount that works for you and, if you wish, choose the Pledge Reward you desire to receive! Minimum pledge is $9 and you can choose any amount from there.

Step 3: Choose a payment method and make your pledge.

Step 4: Let your friends know about this unreasonably joyful woman who is ever grateful for help and encouragement! Facebook, Twitter, blog or email any and all you think may be inspired to help me ease through this grand transition.

Step 5: Check in on this campaign progress. I will post updates, including new poems, book content and the raw logistics of my transition.

infinite gratitude

mountains of love & joy

thank you! 


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    homemade note of gratitude

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    your poem

    receive a post of gratitude from me along with a poem inspired by a story/dream/experience you share with me. please nothing creepy or offensive. and if you are not inspired to share something, i will gladly send your pick of mine handwritten instead :-)

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    book of poems & sketches

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    'Commencement' Fine Art Print

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    Robert Bateman print

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    Peace Prize!

    receive everything at the $99 gift level plus endless conversation with me on anything related to myth, birth and death, healing, change, creating and collaborating on world peace :-) all i have to offer is yours and you can call on me anytime!

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