In the Stream

An experimental drama in three parts.
James Westbrook
St. Louis, Missouri
United States
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What is "In the Stream"?

In the Stream is an experimental drama told in three parts, one a straight forward narrative taking place in the world of business, the other two experimental tableaux; one dreamy and ethereal, the other hellish and unrelenting. A dream project I've been putting together for a little over a year now, "In the Stream" is my attempt to really push myself as a filmmaker, playing with different styles, mediums and rhythms and attempting to combine them into one cohesive whole.

Three Parts? And Who's Involved?

That's right! Three seperate parts, each shot by a different cinematographer and crew in a completely different style then cut together into one whole exploring the way these three very different sections interact and what they say about each other. Here's a very brief summation of each section:

Part 1: Shot on 16mm by photographer Hayden Molinarolo, Part 1 is a spatial exploration of the beautiful Shawnee Forest in Southern Illinois and the power of natural beauty.

Part 2: The narrative section of the film, shot by Dan Debrey and produced by H. Patrik Coyne, Part 2 concerns five business men who most make a moral decision on whether or not to traffic in snuff filmmaking in exchange for significant profits.

Part 3: Shot by yours truly, with special effects by Coyote director Trevor Juenger (Winner of the 2013 Unreal Film Festival Best Feature Film), Part 3 is a study of a drug addict at the precipice of death as images of grotesque brutality and startling sexuality bombard him.

About Me

My name is James Westbrook, an independent filmmaker living and operating out of St. Louis, MO. I've been interested in films since the age of 15, when I realized that expressing myself through a visual medium was my true calling. Ever since I've been dedicating my life to film, studying it, watching it, and creating it. Some of my influences as a filmmaker include Andrei Tarkovsky, Federico Fellini, Claire Denis, Alain Renais, Nagisa Oshima, Stan Brakhage and Chantal Akerman.

What We Need

Thanks for asking! Here's what your donations will go to:
  • Film Processing - Part of the film was shot last summer on 16mm film. In order to take a look at our footage, we have to throw down a pretty major sum to have the film processed and digitized. Help us out!
  • Special effects - Blood and gore may help spice the film up, but it sure isn't cheap; throw us a couple bucks to make some truly nasty effects!
  • Art Direction - Unfortunately, as a student, I don't have easy access to high-profile ad agencies around St. Louis. Help us turn our crummy local offices into places of glitz and glamour!
  • Equipment - Help us go beyond the basics and really experiment with interesting dolly moves, nice lenses, and more expensive lights!
  • Food - Our cast and crew are working under hard conditions for completely free. Help at least get them some decent meals!

Other Work

Looking to view some work before plopping down your hard earned cash? Here are a couple of shorts that may catch your interest:

Not only that, but check out some work from other members of the film's crew:

Other Ways You Can Help

Tell your family, friends, and, hell, the whole internet! Spreading the word alone can make a huge difference. Anything you can do is greatly appreciated!

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    Wow, thank you! Not only will you be credited as Associate Producer in the final film, you'll also be entitled to a visit to the set anytime you'd like (travel and housing expenses are on you, though) and receive a prop which was used in the film. Don't forget all of the above perks!

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    I'm speechless! In exchange for practically funding this film on your own, you get the ultimate prop: the physical rolls of film upon which we shot the film. And of course, all of the above perks, including that Executive Producer credit!

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