In just one bite, West Nile infected entire family.

In one bite, a mosquito infected Jordan 14yrs old w/rare & worst West Nile. Now this family needs your help to survive.

Doctors can't help Jordan but you can help her get through this by helping her bite West Nile back, 1 Bite at a time.

1 mosquito bit this vibrant teen, infecting her with the worst strand of West Nile. West Nile Meningoencephalitis, a rare severe strand of the virus indefinitely attacks Jordan's nervous system causing her brain to inflame thus leaving her susceptible to brain damage, paralysis, coma, seizures, memory loss, loss of vision, limbs, motor skills, or even worse death.

There's no vaccine and no medicine to help this teen fight the bite. Doctors can only treat the symptoms and possibly help her recover from the damage done on her body

Jordan can't do this without you. She needs you to help her bite West Nile back in order to recover from the damage done to her life as a result of only one mosquito bite.

Don't underestimate the difference you can make in Jordan's life. There's power in 1. One mosquito changed Jordan's life for the worst and you, yes you, there's only one of you and you are the 1 person who has the power to give Jordan, her younger brother and mom what they need to recover and bite West Nile back.

The 1 things she needs you to do:


  • Make a $1 donation on this site, via CHASE BANK online or at any CHASE location to account-


  • Share Jordan's video & story with 1 person; ask they also donate $1

  • Stop this virus from spreading. Protect yourself & loved ones from being infected by making  1 decision; the choice  to follow the 4D's plan (google it)

    **You're welcome to donate more but PLEASE KNOW even $1 makes difference  we're most grateful.

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