In Baby Chloe's Memory

Baby Chloe born five months ago in Kenya with a hole in her heart's chambers, passed away on Christmas morning. Donations to a heart charity in her memory!


My name is Nyasha Tirivayi and I live in the Netherlands. More than two weeks ago I received a medical appeal from a colleague in Kenya about Baby Chloe who needed immediate life saving heart surgery. As a mother of 2 , the youngest being 11 months old, I was indeed touched by Baby Chloe's condition. She had a severe case of  ventricular septal defect i.e. there were no chambers in her heart. This condition results in the mixing of oxygenated blood and deoxygenated blood in the heart. We set up this campaign to help her get life saving surgery before she reached six months in January. Sadly Chloe passed away on Christmas morning.  Apparently she succumbed to the complications of her condition, as she had low oxygen saturation and was convulsing repeatedly. 

Nancy, myself and Nyasha have been thinking about the way forward. We decided that its best to remit all donations to children's heart charities so we can help other  babies and children like Chloe. To this end we have identified Open Hearts for Kids in the Netherlands (http://www.openheartsforkids.nl/index2.php) and Take Heart Association project in Kenya (http://www.thapkenya.org/) as the charities we can send our donations do.

We are sad Chloe is no longer is with us. Yet, we take heart in that there are people like you in this world who care! 

You can help by contributing and getting word out about children with congenital heart disease . 


Nyasha Tirivayi, Cheng Boon Ong and Nancy Nafula



Team on This Campaign: