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What have you done with the time you had and what will you do with the time you have left?
Rosanna Scarcella
2 Team Members


The Story

Time and how each of us spends it is critical. At some point in our lives we all need to start making critical choices and planning ahead whether we like it or not. Beth is in her early 40's and racing against her biological clock. Ange is 27 and already has two children of her own. Paul is in his early 30's, angry and doesn't even know why and Ross, 60, woke up one morning and vowed never again to waste a single moment of his life.

Beth faces the past, present and future with some regret and much apprehension. Time is running out. If she wants to live a more substantial life then she needs to put herself and her ideals on the line, reconsider her targets and jump; which is what Ange did at a very young age. Paul kicks on everyday trying to push through a wall of resistance that he doesn't quite understand until he reads something his father (Ross) has written. While Ross has started to do what he had prevented himself from doing for too long...live.

'In Autumn' is a story about adults growing up. About learning how to create our own destinies so that we're not at the mercy of time nor to the demands of others that bear no significance on who we are and how we wish to live our lives.

The Impact


'In Autumn' is a short film drama written by Burak Oguz Saguner and Rosanna Scarcella based on Stefanie Borges' short screenplay 'Gold Fish Bowl.' Rosanna will direct, Burak is the cinematographer and this is our third film collaboration. We’re a strong collaborative unit who share a similar artistic vision and relentless commitment to our craft. We have to tell this story - the subject matter effects each and every one of us and there's no getting away from it. So here we are.

'In Autumn' is set and filmed in Melbourne, Australia, where we both live. We have a terrific cast working on the project which we’re really excited about. Our collaboration will also include > Production: crew, equipment rental, 3 fully catered meals per day for all our cast and crew - cooked and prepared by us - locations for filming, costumes and props, as well as parking permits so our film folk don’t have the hassle of moving their cars every hour or getting multiple fines! Post-production: editor, sound designer and music copyright.


As it stands we have no money. We really want to be able to pay EVERYONE who has given his or her loyalty, expertise and time - and most probably turned down a paid gig! Filmmaking is a labour of love but the satisfaction of being able to finally actually pay someone for that labour is wonderful and well deserved. And so we would like to include you all in our collaboration and ask for your help in funding this film project and become part of its community.



We will commence shooting the film in March 2012 for 7 days and Burak will shoot on a Canon 5D Mark II and use a set of prime lenses. Once the editing, colour grading and sound design has been completed and our film is ready to go, we will hit the international film festival market. A film we creatively collaborated on together; 'The First Concert' written & directed by Stefanie Borges; was accepted and screened at: official selection 2009 Istanbul International Short Film Festival, 2009 New York International Independent Film &Video Festival, 2010 Toronto WildSound Film Festival and 2010 Frankfurt LUCAS International Children's Film Festival.



With your support in making this film we hope to give courage to those of us who find ourselves stuck and fear we lack the strength to overcome it. Reassure any of us who feel that we have failed in life and cannot see our own worth and to salute those of us who are inherently happy with who we are and the choices we’ve made.  To us!


For more information on our film, who we are and what we're on about please visit our website


Other Ways You Can Help

You can also follow us on Facebook & twitter






Please help us by posting this to your Facebook, Twitter profiles and LinkedIn network, and by emailing it to your contact list. Please spread the word!!!!

Many thanks to you all from the 'In Autumn' team


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$15,000 USD goal
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This campaign ended on May 8, 2012
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  • $10USD
    Thank you credit on website

    Plus a lot of love from our hearts x

    12 claimed
  • $25USD
    Thank you credit on website

    Plus > 1 tix to preview & signed postcard.

    16 out of 50 claimed
  • $50USD
    Thank you credit on website

    Plus > 2 tix to preview & film poster

    11 out of 25 claimed
  • $100USD
    Special Thanks film-credit

    Plus > 2 tix to preview, signed postcard, DVD and credit listed on our website.

    20 out of 35 claimed
  • $500USD
    Associate Producer film-credit

    Plus > 2 tix to preview, film poster, DVD and credit listed on our website.

    1 out of 5 claimed
  • $1,500USD
    Executive Producer film-credit

    Plus > 2 tix to preview, dinner with cast & creatives, film poster, 2 x stills prints, DVD and credit listed on our website.

    0 out of 5 claimed
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