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End battery anxiety permanently. We miniaturized our revolutionary generator so that it will charge your electronic devices as you move.
Joe Shepard
Deltona, Florida
United States
1 Team Member

NOTICE: Thickness is the main concern for people.  The production units will be light and 1/4" thick.

We developed a revolutionary electrical generator design.  We had an example of the design tested by Advanced Energy on the North Carolina State University campus – a U.S. Department of Energy Test Site.  In other words, what they say is incontrovertible.  The generator was extraordinarily easy to turn, made tremendous power, and had an exceptionally high efficiency (how much effort it took to turn it versus how much power you got out) at low RPM – 92.3%. 

Here’s the link to their final report – http://www.ftcinnovations.com/FTCReport.pdf

As we have been successfully building generators of all sizes for over 7 years, it was easy for us to take that exceptional design and miniaturized it.  One great thing about that design is that no matter which way you turn the generator shaft it always produces the same polarity.  In other words, the red lead is always positive and the black lead is always negative.  That gave us an idea.

Years ago some wrist watches were ‘self-winding’.  By just walking around, you wound your mechanical watch.  That ‘self-winding’ was accomplished by using a half-circle weight connected to a shaft.  The weight always tried to stay level with gravity.  The wearer’s movement caused the weight to be shifted.  The weight would react by swinging back one way or another. Through some gears, that swinging motion wound the watch.

From our patent filing -

We took that same principle, but instead of tying the weight to gears we connected it to the shaft of our miniaturized generator.  Moving the device caused the weight to swing the generator’s rotor back and forth.  This movement created electrical current because the magnets on the rotor are swept past stationary coils of wire.  We take that electrical potential and convert it into charging voltage.

This only works because the proven power, efficiency, and ease of turning inherit in our revolutionary generator.  Again – we have been tested by the highest rated independent 3rd parties so you can be confident in our assertions.  Ordinary generators cannot do what our highly efficient generator has proven it can do.

How does the user benefit?  The patent pending iMoveCharger™ cuts the cord -- so to speak.  If you drop this little device in your pocket or purse, your motion will cause the generator to charge its internal battery.  You can simply connect your device to the iMoveCharger™ and never be without power again. It’s light, rugged, and water resistant.  You can select charging voltages from 3.3 vdc to 15 vdc and all voltages in between.  We’ll even supply multiple adapters so that virtually every known device can be charged.

Whether you are walking, running, riding your bike, or just reaching for something; the iMoveCharger™ will be converting that motion into power you will be able to use.  Think about it.  Every move you make means more battery life.  Just walking down the hall adds power to your battery.  Shift your weight in your chair – more power.  If you move at all, you’ll have more power.  Our revolutionary generator makes this all possible.  The heart of the iMoveCharger™, the generator, is a proven thing and it will take battery anxiety out of your life forever.  Never lose that important call again.  Using our technology, you will always stay connected to your world.

We have all the pieces in place to make the iMoveCharger™ in quantity quickly if we are able to reach our financial goal.  The manufacturer has been identified.  The suppliers of the parts are ready to deliver.  Obviously, the design has been proven.  The only thing we are waiting on is the people willing to help us fund our project.

The projected retail price of these units will be $80 and we expect to sell a lot of these at that price.  To get the process started, however, we are going to offer the first 1,000 for only $50.  You also get a two year replacement warranty if the unit should ever fail.  We use the finest magnets, the most advanced circuitry, the best bearings, and the strongest materials in order to give you the best product possible.   A product that will last for years and give you exceptional value.


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$25,000 USD goal
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This campaign ended on June 11, 2014
Select a Perk
  • $50USD
    Early Bird Perk

    You get one of the first iMoveCharger™ units off the assembly line and our sincere thanks. This will be a savings of $30 off the retail price.

    72 out of 1000 claimed
    Estimated delivery: August 2014
  • $85USD
    Double iMoveCharger™

    We'll send you two iMoveCharger™ complete units. This is a huge savings of almost 50% off the suggested retail. All the 'Double iMoveCharger™' orders will be filled first.

    50 claimed
    Estimated delivery: August 2014
  • $1,000USD
    Big Supporter Perk

    We will send you 25 iMoveCharger™ units via FedEx the first day they out of the factory.

    0 claimed
    Estimated delivery: August 2014
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