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Training and research center to educate rural communities on sustainable vegetable production methods.

Short Summary

This project will take place in the Republic of Botswana in Southern Africa. Essentially, it is a response to a national call by the country's president to those who have the means  or resources, to help alleviate poverty. Volunteers, originating from Botswana, India, USA, and a host of other people have elected to contribute their spare time to respond to the call.
The country has a very hot and arid climate. These climatic conditions make it difficult for the masses to produce basic crops like vegetables (which they cannot afford to buy) . We believe that we can begin the process of changing the mindset of how to be self-reliant in vegetable production, given that these conditions will only get worse over time as predicted by meteorologists.To this end, we plan to introduce the concept of aquaponics (a soil-less, pesticide-and-fertilizer-free vegetable production method that uses up to 90% less water)
The funds raised through this endeavor will be used to set up a robust national training and research facility to be run by a local institution. The institution will work in conjuction with relevant government agencies to provide project management and implementation expertise as we roll out this concept to the general public.
This project is by no means a small undertaking and will require in excess of $75 000. To meet the target, preliminary talks with other international donors have occurred and hold promise. But it is of critical importance that we raise as much as we can to demonstrate commitment to these organizations. It is for this reason that your contribution will be greatly appreciated as it will set a platform for further funding.
In a world where some have it all and take it for granted, others go to bed craving it all. Imagine the joy it would bring if you could change that for just one soul. Your kind contribution will go a long way and we thank you wholeheartedly.

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