iLumi - The World's Most Intelligent Light Bulbs

Bright and energy efficient LED light bulbs you control wirelessly via mobile app, powered by Bluetooth & HyperLux(TM) LED technology.

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Douglas J. Trainor said 7 days ago

Please let me know how to go about receiving a refund for my $316 payment made on Fri November 30, 2012.

Douglas J. Trainor iLumi@transborder.net or indiegogo@transborder.net
John Sinclair IV said 3 months ago


It seems that you’ve taken focus away from the first people to help back your Campaign here on Indiegogo and focused on just the Kickstarter backers. We have been waiting a long time for the lights and haven’t receive many updates. Do you have pictures of what the Jet Black lights look like when they are powered on?

Alex Jessup said 3 months ago

How long until I receive my light? This is by far the longest I have had to wait for a perk for a startup and am kinda wanting to drop my contribution after seeing other products almost the same as this, for a hell of a lot cheaper… it’s taking way too long.

Corey Egan said 6 months ago

Things are moving along! Make sure to check your e-mail’s for the latest update ilumi nation.

Larry D Jamner said 7 months ago

I wish Corey success with the iLumi project. It’s a great concept! The updates I received clearly convey Corey’s great passion for the project. His comments were, in my view, light on details & clear progress milestones. I was a contributor who responded to iLumi’s request for more funding to “get things done” when they launched a 2nd campaign on Indie that ended in Jan. Seeing the Kickstarter campaign launched to assist the project dampened my hopes we would see iLumi realized soon.