"Illness" is the story of a 13 year old boy with a mental illness, and the ever growing fear of his parents.
Jonathan Bucari
New York
United States
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Hello Everyone!

I'm Carina Rush, and I'm the producer of "Illness," a short film written and directed by Jonathan Bucari.

“Illness” is a story about the tragic fate of Timothy, a thirteen-year-old boy with a terrible mental illness, and the ever-growing fear of his parents.

What We Need & What You Get

We need your help to complete the production of the film. Your generosity will enable us to pay for any costs associated with the making of the film (actors, music, post-production, etc.)

Once that's complete, we'll use the remaining funds to apply to film festivals all over the world. Festival applications are expensive and we want to make sure that we have the ability to apply to as many festivals as possible. Your help will ensure that the film is seen by the right people; you can be a part of making this film a success!

For starters, we're offering a range of rewards for your participation: from a free DVD to signed posters and script, and even producer credits! Check out the perks below.

Independent Filmmaking

We will shoot this film on a tiny budget, paying mostly out-of-pocket and with some help from friends and family. We are doing the film this because we believe in the power of cinema; because we believe in telling real, compelling stories. We believe that everyone can relate to this film and that we can make an impact on mental illness.

From my perspective as producer, I could not be more confident in the abilities of the people behind the camera.  We have teamed up on several projects in the past, and have a great working relationship. Our cast and crew are talented young filmmakers with impressive resumes and a great working ethic, and I am very excited to help them realize their cinematic vision on this project.

Distribution Strategy

Our primary objective is to submit the film to the International Cannes Film Festival of 2013 for the Official Short Film Competition.

All funds and prizes won through Festivals will be used for the formation of a Foundation to help the many families with children struggling with mental illness.

Thank You!

Your contributions are greatly appreciated; every little bit helps!

If you can't contribute right now, that's okay! We know what it's like out there, but please spread the word about our movie! We're very proud of it and want to make the final product the best it can possibly be.

Many thanks from me and from the whole cast and crew! Please visit our Facebook page for the full credit listing, trailer, stills, and more updates as they become available at

All our best,

Carina Rush, Producer

Jonathan Bucari, Writer/Director

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  • $10USD
    Thank you

    Receive a free digital copy of the film

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  • $20USD
    A bigger thank you!

    Receive a free DVD of the film

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  • $50USD
    Generous contributor

    Receive a free copy of the film and a poster signed by the cast

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  • $100USD
    Special Thanks

    All of the above and your name on the credits

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    Associate Producer

    Become an Associate Producer and have your name on IMDb

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    Executive Producer

    Become an Executive Producer and have your name on IMDb

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