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Infinity IQ - get smart or enjoy trying!


UPDATE 1: Infinity IQ is now available in closed beta  https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=me.infinityiq

You can request access through our Indiegogo campaign, and enjoy Infinity IQ.

   Infinity IQ - the new approach to intelligence

  • Do you want to know how smart you are?
  • You may know your IQ but do you know how intelligent are you in domains beyond the classic IQ tests?
  • Do you want to get smarter and also to enjoy the process?
  • Do you like never-ending puzzles and brain teasers?

We need just 20.000$ to complete the Android app that will put all this at your fingertips.

Without your help we will need much more time to complete this app as we all have a full-time job that already leaves us with so little time.

The app is now available in closed beta, we intend an open beta starting January 1st, 2014.

 Where the money will go? To build such a complex application was spent already over 200 md and we estimate we will need:

  • another 300 md to complete (5 devs for 3 months) ~ 15.000$
  • Server procurement, installment and maintenance ~ 5.000$

And these figures are just the bare minimum, for most of us it's just the passion that makes us going.

 What you'll get?

  • Free access to Infinity IQ Android app (it will be available in open beta starting January 1st, 2014), normally the app will be free but with limited daily quota, but you will get:
  • Unlimited usage of all the futures of the app at a penny for the dollar (all the futures bought through Google's in-app purchase will cost much more)
  • Never-ending fun with AI-generated questions, puzzles and brain teasers

More about IIQ


  • Personalized tests and exercises (see IQ Adviser for details)
  • Intelligent tests generator (AI engine) - will provide different questions at every assessment 
  • Broad range of mental abilities tested and trained
  • History tracking and evolution graphics
  • Easy share of any of your scores with the friends (but otherwise full privacy on all your account information)
  • Specialized games for children
  • Freedom of movement with the Android app - you will not need a permanent internet connection


Main domains:

  1. Numerical abilities
  2. Memory
  3. Logic and problem solving
  4. Agility
  5. Knowledge
  6. Visual perception
  7. Verbal abilities
  8. Music and auditory processing
  9. Creativity
  10. Emotional intelligence

  IQ Adviser (IQA)

Infinity IQ app has a built-in AI monitor - IQ Adviser (IQA). IQA will analyze your scores and will provide exercises in the areas you can improve. These exercises will be 10 min daily games or tasks, along with instructions on how to better do them. You will choose when and where to do them.

It is very important for a child to develop his intelligence and abilities as early as possible and IQA will provide the necessary instructions, exercises and supervision in order to achieve this. 

 Statistics and parental supervision:

Infinity IQ will provide easy to monitor statistics for all in-app activities, from an overall look over all abilities (pie-chart) to fine-grained day-to-day progress (bar chart).

A special future of the app is the "super parent" module that will offer the possibility to browse all the statistics of a child's device from a parent's device. 

 Please help us:

Share with you friends and we promise to share the app with you - we will offer 100 codes to unlock the entire app for the most shared/retweeted/commented posts on the net (just share this campaign and we will reward your effort).

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