iHAT: Detecting Hemorrhage is Saving Lives

Non invasive monitoring tool to detect hemorrhage in pre-hospital setting. With your help we will build 3 prototypes of this patented device to use it on field!
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Detecting Hemorrhage is Saving Lives

We have been making medical research on how to detect non overt or hidden hemorrhage in patients undergoing trauma (blunt, gunshot wound..). We have patented a new index of hemorrhage (iHAT: indexed Heart to Arm Time) calculated as the time it takes for a pulse wave to travel from the heart to the peripheral arteries (ie. in a finger) divided by the instantaneous heart rate. It takes only an electrocardiograph and a pulse oxygen saturimeter.

 Simplifying: the less blood you have, the longer it takes for the pulse wave to travel to peripheral arteries. It is (almost) as simple as that. 

 We have already published a paper on Acta Anaesthesiologica Scandinavica (august 2013) on our index that demonstrates its usefulness in pre-hospital setting to detect hemorrhage.

Up to now iHAT has been calculated using a monitor and a personal computer. This keeps us from being able to use it 'on the field' and to perform prospective studies of its usefulness. We will, WITH YOUR HELP, make at least 3 prototypes to be used in multicenter trials.

  • Who we are
My name is Marco Vettorello, 40 years old.

I have earned a medical degree and am specialist in anesthesiology and intensive care, and have earned a master degree in electronic engineering. I am the team leader of 5 medical researchers actually working in Niguarda Cà Granda Hospital in Milano, Italy; "Alessandro Manzoni" hospital in Lecco, Italy and St. Elizabeth Medical Center in Boston, Massachussets.

Here you can find a list of my papers indexed on Medline:

  • What we already did
       iHAT index has been patented in the US while European patent is still pending.

    A Paper on Acta Anasthesiologica Scandinavica (august 2013) has been published on the usefulness of iHAT in prehospital setting in detecting hemorrhage with high sensitivity and specificity.
    2 position papers on iHAT during 1) simulation of hemorrhage in an animal model and 2) simulation of hemorrhage in healthy volunteers are under review.

  • What we want to do with Your help:
Without your help we won't be able to take the project to the next step: making portable prototypes that will allow us to demonstrate how iHAT can be clinically used on the field for:

in out of hospital setting:

  1.  fast triage of hemorrhagic patients 
  2. monitoring of fluid resuscitation response 

in inhospital setting: 

  1. monitoring evolution of hemorrhage both during first ER evaluation and during surgical intervention 
  2. to reduce the need of blood transfusions and blood trasfusion complications

in military field missions

  1. fast triage on battlefield  
in third-world scenarios:

  1. providing a low cost tool to decide wether to surgically stop bleeding or not

We do believe that this portable non invasive low cost tool could change the way we deal with hemorrhage. This could be a decision-making tool to decide wether to transfuse or not, wether to operate or not.

What We Need & What You Get

  • We need 30.000$ that will be used as follows:
  1. Projecting, builiding and testing the electronic circuits of 3 iHAT reader portable prototypes
  2. Projecting, building and testing integrated ECG and PPG sensors for the prototypes
  3. Projecting and building iHAT reader prototypes shockproof and waterproof cases
  4. Realizing and managing (protocol writing, centers enrollment, patient enrollment, statistic analysis and paper writing and publishing) a multicenter trial with the aim of testing iHAT as a decision making tool in the management of hemorrhage after trauma.

  • You have the unique opportunity of being part of a medical research project that we do think will have repercussions on how to manage hemorrhage and on how to spare blood for unecessary transfusions. You will be thanked on our site and if you are part of the medical industry you'll be able to participate in the project actively. 

  • If we don't reach the entire goal to fund the project, the project won't start at all and you won't be charged of course. This is, we believe, a proof of our professionalism.
  • The results of iHAT project will be published periodically on the blog on our website (www.detecthemorrhage.com) so that you can track what your donations have been used for.

The Impact

With you contribution we will be only one step away from building iHAT readers that you will find in:

  • Each first-aid ambulance as a screening tool for hemorrhage (just as a glucometer does for hypoglycemia or a peripheral oxygen saturimeter for dyspnea). Ambulance personnel could then decide to transport a patient to a first level hospital if hemorrhage is present for example.
  • Each emergency room and operating room to track hemorrhage evolution and response to treatment
  • On military field to decide wether to carry the wounded to the nearest hospital or not.

Other Ways You Can Help

if you can't contribute please share the word! Please do so! We believe this could really make the difference.

Thank you for your attention. Detecting hemorrhage is Saving Lives.

On behalf of the iHAT Project Team.


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    Hospitals that want to participate in a multicenter trial can help us donating and will automatically be involved in our next mulitcenter trial to and will be the first to try the prototypes.

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    This is for producers of medical technologies that might want to collaborate with us. Please contact us and you'll become part of the project. Your company will be listed as sponsor of the project on our website and Your company name will appear as acknowledgement on any future paper published.

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