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Discover how one man's failure led to his greatest achievement.
Emmanuel Alfonso
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Metro Manila
4 Team Members

Why produce a film about Ignacio?

In our research, we found out that very few feature films on St. Ignatius exist. In the Ateneo de Manila University – Philippines, for example, what is shown to students is a black and white Spanish movie on St. Ignatius shot in the late 40s! Also used are short documentaries.

Despite this lack of media material, however, there is currently a surge of interest in the life of the saint and his enduring legacy to the Church and the world – owing in large part, perhaps, to the ascent to the papacy of the first Jesuit Pope, the endearing Pope Francis.  More to the point, in his bestselling book, HEROIC LEADERSHIP, Chris Lowney writes that if one talks about successful global corporations, surely one should not miss out on the Society of Jesus which has existed for centuries and has long served the world via its network of schools, parishes and social centers.

The secret of that enduring Company, he says, is the spirit of its founder, St. Ignatius of Loyola. Certainly, the world, especially our youth deserves to rediscover the life of this saint and be inspired by his example. Thus, our dream of putting his story on the big screen slowly took shape.

In 2011, we put together a team of writers and consultants to craft the first set of sequence treatments for the movie.  But it wasn't easy! It took us a couple of years and many attempts to finally come up with a solid treatment. And now, after three long years, we are finally ready to go on to the next stage.

What is our vision for Ignacio?

'IGNACIO' is a full-length feature film about St. Ignatius of Loyola, founder of the Society of Jesus.  It is an incisive and thrilling look at his life as told by a young priest who was once assigned to defend him before the Spanish Inquisition. We meet the real man behind the legend, following his transformation from a brash, impulsive youth obsessed with women and sword-fighting; to the masterful, charismatic leader of an order that would change the face of Christendom.

In his lifelong quest to become the heroic Knight of his fantasies, Ignacio stares death in the face again and again, finding himself imprisoned for murder; having his leg shattered by a cannonball in battle; driven to near suicide by his inner demons; and finally finding his life in the hands of the Inquisition. Through it all, he would come to see the hand of God working in his life, shaping the self-obsessed sinner into the loyal and passionate soldier-saint.

The film also shows how Ignacio wove the trials, errors, and lessons of his eventful life into the fabric of his masterpiece, the Spiritual Exercises. Combining clarity of thought with Ignacio's own love of fantasy and imagination, the Exercises form a rigorous method of making one's life decisions, and have guided and influenced countless seekers throughout history. 


In order to stay true to the story of Ignacio, the film will be shot entirely in Spain, with some scenes filmed in the actual places where certain events in Ignacio’s life took place, namely: Montserrat in Barcelona,  Manresa, Pamplona,  and Loyola, birthplace of St. Ignatius.

We are confident that we can competently execute this project. We have done numerous high quality media projects  recognized by various award-giving bodies. 

Who We Are

Jesuit Communications Foundation,  Inc. (JesCom)  produces audiovisual materials for evangelization and education. Part of JesCom's mission is to use media – from the visual, to the musical – in the most effective manner possible, in order to empower the Church in proclaiming the Gospel and its values to the modern world. JesCom is currently headed by Fr. Emmanuel Alfonso, SJ, who is also the Executive Producer of IGNACIO.  You can read more about JesCom here

The Team

JesCom has put together an outstanding team to work on bringing IGNACIO to the big screen. All passionate and devoted to their craft, each team member is committed to strive for MAGIS-- to do more, to be better, to aim for excellence-- all for the greater glory of God.


Pauline Mangilog-Saltarin, JesCom's Creative Director, and Ernestine Tamana, JesCom's Production Manager, are the designated Producers of IGNACIO. Together, Ernestine and Pauline have worked on more than fifty projects ranging from documentaries, talk shows,  and music videos to audio visual presentations and public service ads.  Their TV productions have been recognized by award-giving bodies both in the Philippines and abroad, including the Telly Awards, the International Festival of Audiovisual de Barcelona, Japan Prize,  Catholic Mass Media Awards and most recently, Poland’s XXIX International Catholic Film and Multimedia Festival.  


Paolo Dy is an Asian freelance film director based in Manila.  He has directed over a hundred commercials in the region, including spots for Procter & Gamble, Colgate-Palmolive, SC Johnson, and Kraft Foods,  among many others.  His work has aired in Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Korea, Australia, and the United States. His directorial work for Ayala Corporation has won yearly consecutive Anvil Awards, Gold Quill Awards of Excellence and finalist citations at the New York Festivals. 

In January 2004, Paolo won First Place on MTV Asia’s THE PITCH screenwriting competition in Singapore, with his screenplay ‘The Oracle.’ In 2010 his film Creative License won first place in the US National 24-Hour Filmracing Competition. Paolo’s first short film ‘MIKO’ won First Place in the Bogen Imaging Short Film Competition in New York, while his second short film ‘QWERTY’ was a finalist in Spike Lee's Babelgum Online Film Festival, and it also screened at the 2008 Asian Hot Shots Festival in Berlin. Both films have been screened at the Cinemanila International Film Festival.

IGNACIO is Paolo's feature film directorial debut. You can watch Paolo's show reel here.


Ian Victoriano works in various media, including film and video, short fiction, and painting. His recent works include scripts for KATIPUNAN, a television series on the 1896 Philippine revolution produced by GMA News and Public Affairs, and Mikhail Red’s REKORDER, a Cinemalaya production. He was the scriptwriter of the Raymond Red feature films BAYANI (1992) and SAKAY (1993). He has also worked extensively for children’s educational television, in shows produced by the ABS-CBN Foundation such as SINE’SKWELA, HIRAYA MANAWARI, and BAYANI.

For IGNACIO, Ian collaborates with Paolo in coming up with an intelligent and powerful script that will best tell Ignacio's story. Also part of our script committee are Jesuit consultants Fr. Jerry Martinson, SJ,  Fr. Rene Javellana, SJ, Fr. Karel San Juan, SJ, Fr. Tony de Castro, SJ, and Fr. Louis Catalan, SJ.


Master cinematographer Lauro Rene "Larry" Manda is now on board as our Director of Photography, bringing with him more than twenty years of experience in shooting award-winning films, commercials and music videos. His most recent film, Norte, The End of History, has been screened at the Un Certain Regard section at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival,  as well as the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival,  2013 New York Film Festival, and the Masters section of the 2013 San Diego Asian Film Festival. Much of the critical acclaim of "Norte" is credited to Larry:

"...there are long stretches of "Norte" that are absolutely spellbinding to watch, aided in no small part from the excellent performances from the cast and the often stunning cinematography from Lauro Rene Manda." -source

For his work in "Norte", Larry has won Best Cinematography at the 2014 Gawad Urian Awards. 


We are lucky to have Fr. Rene Javellana, SJ on our team as Art Director.  Fr. Rene  is a writer, liturgical artist and art historian. He is currently the Art Management Coordinator of the Ateneo de Manila's College of Fine Arts.  His expertise in art history, particularly in 15th and 16th century Spanish art, will be an invaluable contribution to this film.


Fritz Silorio is an award-winning Production Designer whose outstanding work on the film "Boy Golden" earned him the Best Production Design Award at the 2014 Filipino Academy of Movie Arts and Sciences (FAMAS) Awards, Star Awards and Gawad Tanglaw Awards. Fritz also won the Best Production Design Award  at the 2012 Film Academy of the Philippines (FAP) Awards for the film "Manila Kingpin: The Asiong Salonga Story".

Funding Requirements

In order to produce a top quality film, we need US$675,000. This provides especially for the three weeks that we will be shooting the film in Europe, bringing in 15 production crew members from the Philippines and hiring an international cast. 

Pre-Production (i.e. location hunting, script development, permits, air fare, etc.)




Production (i.e. costume, props, set design, location fees, logistical fees, onsite rentals, talent fees, etc.)


Post-Production (i.e. editing, color correction, original musical scoring, etc.)




While we are relying on some donors to help us with the film’s production, the full production cost amounting to US$675,000 is too big for our small foundation to shoulder. So we are turning to the generosity of worldwide supporters to help defray the cost. 

For this campaign, we will be raising the amount of  Php6,100,000.00 or about US$140,000.00. This is 20% of the total production cost and  will partly cover  the cost of Production and the full cost of Post-Production. 

If you have been touched, moved or inspired by Ignatian Spirituality,  we appeal to your generosity.  We have put together several packages consisting of irresistable perks all yours for the taking.


1. When and how will you get the perks?

All digital perks will be sent as soon as we have produced them. Perks that need to be shipped will be sent as soon as they're commercially available (which will be sometime in August 2015).  Backers within the SEA region will be asked to add $15 for shipping fee.  Fees for shipping outside of SEA will be subject to the current shipping rate. 

2. Who will pay for your travel and accommodation expenses?

Backers who will claim the COFFEE WITH THE STARS and ALL-IN perks will have to pay for all travel and accommodation expenses when traveling to  Spain to claim their one-day pass, and to the Philippines to attend the Premiere Night.  But lunch, dinner,  and coffee will be on us!

3.  What if there are changes in the schedule?

You will be the first to know about changes in schedule.  We will keep everyone updated here on Indiegogo and on Facebook and Twitter. 

If you have any more questions, please feel free to e-mail us.

Your Generosity is Needed!

You can be generous in other ways as well. Please spread the word about our film. Let your friends, schoolmates or batchmates,  and family members know about our campaign by sharing the details below. Help us produce IGNACIO and together, let us set the world on fire! 

Twitter: @IgnacioMovie

    Need more information?  E-mail us at ignacio@jescom.ph.

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    • $5USD

      No amount is too small for a generous heart. Be part of our project, and as a token of our gratitude, a one-of-a-kind wallpaper will come your way. We’ll even throw you a shout-out on our social media accounts.. Your $5 will certainly go a long way in helping us put Ignacio’s story on film!

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    • $25USD
      Movie Postcards

      From Spain with Love. That’s right! We’re sending you e-postcard sneak peaks of IGNACIO’s shooting locations. Get to feel what it’s like to be part of the movie! We’ll also send you an Ignacio wallpaper. Plus, watch out for our shout-outs to you on social media!

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    • $50USD
      Movie Poster

      Just because you are awesome, we’ll send you an exclusive high resolution e-poster. Plus, you’ll get THREE amazing wallpapers! Also, aside from giving you an equally awesome shout-out on social media, you’ll be sent updates on the production progress via our Production Log.

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    • $100USD
      Digital OST

      For being so generous, we will send you the link to the full digital OST of the film along with a shout-out on social media. You will be able to listen to the film’s soundtrack ahead of everyone else! Of course we will throw three beautiful wallpapers and an exclusive e-poster, and we will also send you our weekly Production Log.

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    • $250USD
      Digital Photo Book

      We are giving you the ultimate sneak peak! Get a glimpse of what’s going on behind the camera as you enjoy our digital photo book. Catch exciting behind-the-scene exclusives and trivia. We’ll send you a link for downloading our digital OST as well. Plus, don’t forget we’re giving you shout-outs and production updates, too!

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    • $500USD
      Digital Movie File

      Better stock up on popcorn and soda, because you’ll be able to watch this film whenever you want! We will send you a link where you can download your very own digital copy of the film. You’ll also get a digital copy of the OST, the digital photobook, and updates of our Production Log.

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    • $1,000USD
      Ultimate Digital Package

      Other than a cool shout-out and blow-by-blow updates, you’ll also receive a thumb drive loaded with special exclusives like the wallpaper set, e-postcards, e-poster, and a copy of the behind-the-scenes digital photo book. You will also receive a letter opener in the shape of Ignacio’s sword. Lastly, you will see your name on the big screen as we thank you during the closing credits of the film.

      2 out of 100 claimed
    • $2,500USD
      T-Shirt Package

      Wear our film! For your generosity, we will send you a cool Ignacio T-shirt plus a dog tag with the design of your choice. You’ll also get all the digital goodies loaded in the flash drive; plus, see your name on the big screen as we thank you during the closing credits of the film. FOR INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING: For backers within SEA region, please add $15. . Rates may vary for shipping outside the SEA region.

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    • $5,000USD
      Coffee with the Stars

      Shout-outs, updates, a t-shirt with a dog tag that goes with it are all awesome, and they could be yours if you support us. We’ll also throw in a limited edition of St. Ignatius medallion just for you! Wait, we’re not stopping just yet. If you happen to be in Spain on our shooting days, we will give you a one-day pass on our set. Get a chance to meet the actors and the production crew, see how the film is being done, and perhaps have a cup of coffee with them during their break.

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    • $10,000USD
      All-in and more!

      For your ultimate display of support, we’ll give you EVERYTHING listed above. We will also give you a custom-made, limited edition St. Ignatius Medallion with a Certificate of Appreciation. If you happen to be in Spain during the filming, we will give you an exclusive one-day pass to the set where you’ll have a chance to meet the Ignacio cast and crew! You'll also be invited to the Premiere Night! Finally, we will credit you as “Co-producer” in the IMDB profile of the film.

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