If your collar's not Ridogulous, it's just Ridiculous!

Smartest dog collar ever = Doggie 2.0

Hi Everybody!  Thanks for stopping by. 

Our Indiegogo campaign has ended.  While we may not have reached our targeted goal, we have received lots of interest from individual investors and excited collaborators.  

Long story short, we are now baking up our secret recipe and look forward to sharing its deliciousness with the world in the next 3-6 months!!

Untill then, thanks to all of our wonderful supporters for the feedback and momentum you've given us.  There is a huge revolution at bay and we could not have gotten to where we are without all your generous contributions and encouragement!


Team Ridogulous 

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Select Product Pics: 


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Special Thanks:

Marian (www.3dlance.com) for the amazing design work

Niko Belic (www.snowballcreativestudios.com) for the creative animated video



Yay, you made it to the bottom! As a bonus, here are some cute puppies!:




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