I want to make a positive difference in Nicaragua & globally

I want to make a positive dent on this thing they call the world. Under30Experiences trip to Nicaragua is my stepping stone.
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Here's the deal: I'm dying to get out in the world and make a difference. I want to gain a larger perspective on the world, but I haven't seen much of it. In order to really succeed in a global environment, I need to understand the world. 

I want to hit up Nicaragua with some of the most inspiring, highly motivated individuals, to connect and collaborate on ways to better this place. I want to learn about microfinance from one of the most poverty stricken countries and immerse myself in a life of dream building.

Why Nicaragua?

Because in Nicaragua, nearly 3 million people (about half its population) live in poverty and earn just $2 to $3 a day. I want to see how "micro-loans are changing the lives of people in poverty and allowing them to build real businesses at the grassroots level." http://matadornetwork.com/community/Mattwilson2/travel-for-good-nicaraguas-growing-economy/

^^Spot on article by Matt Wilson on "Travel for Good"

What is Under30Experiences?

They're an awesome company that provides travel experiences for ambitious young adults. http://under30experiences.com/

They bring amazing people together. Their values and mission can be expressed from a quote by one of their Founders, Matt Wilson, 

"What I do know is that I want to inspire and lead people, be creative, build something that makes impact on the world, and have a positive influence on the people I come into contact with."

My dreams are aligned with Matt's. I want to connect with him and make a positive difference in Nicaragua and globally.

How you benefit?

If you ever had an idea or wanted to do something new, see a new place, make a difference in your own life or someone else's, I'll help you do that. I'm always happy to help a friend whether its startup or philanthropic related.

How I benefit?

Under30Experiences trip to Nicaragua is going to propel me to succeed in making a difference in the world. It will place me in the proper environment for self-growth, connect me with others looking to make a difference, and teach me about the challenges poverty stricken people are faced with.

Expected Costs:

The cost of the trip is $1200. It is $997 for a limited time. I walked away from my 9-5 a short while ago because it wasn't meeting my satisfaction. I didn't feel like I was making a difference. I get fulfillment from helping out others and I have set myself on a new life path to do such. 

By pledging you're investing in me and I'll be personally grateful. Every $1 counts, you aren't charged until I reach the funding goal of $997. If I don't reach it, you're never charged, I'll thank you for your pledge and try again next year.

A little about me

My goal in life is to build my dreams by helping others build theirs. I want to travel and make a positive dent on the world. I love people and I love bringing out the best in them. I want to inspire, innovate and make a difference. I want to lift people up. I want to surround myself with other aspiring and highly motivated young helpers & innovators that can heighten my evolution and growth as a person and together collaborate on ways to better this place.

Over the last year I worked to build Squirr3l, a mobile social network, now in beta, found at Squirr3l.com . It allows users to keep tabs on their friends and share what they are up to. There's no liking, commenting, or sharing. It's a way to "stay connected w/out connecting". Not everyone has the time to bury themselves in a rabbit hole of social networks for days. I've worked to allow people to stay connected with those they care about fast and easily. It's a stress-free way of socializing and it makes status-updating fun! I see Squirr3l as my break into the tech scene and a stepping stone to a serial entrepreneurial future entwined with a life of service, people coaching, and dream building.

If you can't pledge, even a tweet or a like on my Facebook page goes a long way. I'd love to connect and hear about your story. Feel free to hit me up at kdiamond33(at)gmail.com or on twitter @kevinjdiamond

W/ gratuity,

Kevin J. Diamond

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    Daily email from my trip, w/ pictures and lessons learned from Nicaragua

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    Sneak Peak of Nica

    Personal post card thank you note + Daily email from my trip, w/ pictures and lessons learned from Nicaragua

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    A Touch of the Beach

    All the above + Copy of my personal journal from the trip + Sea shell from San Juan Del Sur

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    A Piece of the Journey

    All the above + Authentic souvenir, handmade by Nicaraguan Microloan recipients + A bottle of sand from San Juan Del Sur

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    A New Identity

    All the above + A personalized logo/brand identity custom designed, for you. Making awesome logos is my forte! When you're ready to make the break and start a biz or just want a kicka$$ identity for that online rep, this $400 value is all yours :)

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    Design Your Life

    All the above + 3 hrs of Design Consulting, 1 hr of Social Media consulting, and framed photo from my trip delivered to anywhere in the United States

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    Lifting You Up

    All the above + A 2 hr coaching call and follow up email(s) helping you or a friend get off their feet and get out of that "stuck" place in your life. Idea incubation, self understanding, and dream surfacing to help build you

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    Estimated delivery: March 2014
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